Xena Warrior Princess the Legend continues




Part 1

Part 2

Gabrielle awakens smelling the long for gotten aroma of food that came out of the kitchen. She sat on the edge of the bed stretches and slowly stands up. Feeling a little shaky she opens the door and starts walking down the stairs. Lilla looks up and sees Gabrielle and calls Gabrielle's name, "Gabrielle, your up?" Gabrielle stopped at the middle of the steps, Lilla gets to her and grabs her arm, "here wait, your shaking, let me help you." Gabrielle holds on to the railing with one hand and her sister with the other. "thanks, don't know why I'm so shaky."

Cyrene meets them at the bottom of the stairs and walks them to the table, "it's probably because of all you have been through,come here sit and eat," Gabrielle sat at the head of the big table with everyone there Gabrielle feeling a little at ease because she is the center of attention with out having Xena around. Cyrene grabs the big pot of chicken and puts it on the table, "here now every one eat." Just then Minya comes barging in, "I'm a to late? Gabby, your here, good I was afraid I was gonna miss you." Minya walks over to leans over to give her a big hug, "Nope, I'm here." Minya goes over and sits down by Lilla. Gabrielle grabbed a few pieces of chicken and mash potatoes, but just picks at it. The room was a little quite now with everyone eating. "Really good food Cyrene," As Autocylous tries to break up the tension,"Thank you Autocylous." Cyrene gets up and poor's ale for everyone.

Gabrielle just eats a few bites of chicken and drank her ale then poured more ale and drank it and sat back everyone starring at her which she acknowledges, " what's every one starring at?" "We never saw you drink ale like that before," Autocylous explains. "Well it's been a rough few days." she finishes the last of her ale and puts down the mug and accidently burps. Eve walks over to Gabrielle and sits down by her. "Gabrielle, how did mother die?"

Gabrielle was afraid of this moment not really wanting to tell them all on how Xena died, she bit her lower lip and sighed, "ah you don't want to know," Gabrielle replies, as she pours some more ale to drink. "Please I want to know," Eve asks, "No you don't." as Gabrielle drinks some ale. "Please?" Eve places her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder. "No. I don't think so," Gabrielle patted Eve's hand. "Gabrielle, I need to know." "Ok you want to know she died, she died a hero." she says sarcastically, as Gabrielle walked over to the fire place mantle, Eve rolled her eyes at Gabrielle and said, "That isn't what I mean." "You really want to know Eve?" "Yes, I do," Eve replies, "are you sure you really want to know?" As Gabrielle places her hand on Eve's shoulder, Eve nods and sits down on the hearth of the fireplace. Gabrielle walks around telling everyone what happened, but directing it mostly to Eve, "Remember your worst kill and multiply that 1000 to one odds like she was in, they eagle spread her tied her body up and beheaded her, that's how she died." Gabrielle places her face in her hands getting visibly up set, she looks back at Eve, "anything else you want to know?" Gabrielle went back and sat down Eve came over to her and was in tears as well, "I'm sorry Gabrielle, truly," Gabrielle stood back up and hugged her, "I'm sorry Eve, I can't shake this." Eve and Gabrielle sat back down and Eve pulled out the scroll from her pocket. Eve places the scroll in her hand, "What is this?" as Gabrielle dries off some tears, Eve places her hand in Gabrielle's hand, "mother gave this to me years ago incase something like this would happen she wanted me to give it to you." Gabrielle shakes her head, and puts it down, "I can't read this,"
Minya awkwardly comes over to Gabrielle, Minya takes her whip and gives it to Gabrielle, "here, I want you to have this and I know Xena would want you to have it too." Gabrielle places her hand on Minya's arm, " you love this whip." "I know I do but I love you more, so here."
Minya handed it to Gabrielle she leans over and gives Gabrielle a hug, "thank you." Gabrielle places the whip on the table then sipped on some water places her mug down, reluctantly picks up the scroll back up and starts to read it once reading it the activity in the room disappeared and all she could do is see Xena's hand writing and can hear her voice when reading what she wrote.

Gabrielle takes a breathe and begins to read Xena's note...."My little one, my love. my soul mate, if your having to read this know that I'm so very sorry I only hope that I died for the greater good." Gabrielle put the scroll down for a second and rubbed her face placed her face in her hands and said, "you did." she picked the scroll back up and continued to read, "When you get to the amazons you must seek out Sheba and Ykute they will tell you how to get me back. The 40,000 souls will do a trade, when you get to the amazon's, there Eve will fill you in of the rest. Sorry to be so cryptic," "So what else is knew?" Gabrielle said under her breathe, "just be careful, don't listen to Ares what ever you do. Just know that my love for you is endless and with all my heart and if things work right I will be with you soon, Xena."

Gabrielle placed the scroll down rested her elbow on the table and rests her head in her hand then took another few sips of water, and then walked over to the bar.
Autocylous was tending bar for Cyrene he offered Gabrielle a seat and she sat down grabbed the bowl of popcorn and munched down a few. "So what would you like Gabrielle?" Autocylous asks, Gabrielle gave a little smirk tossed the popcorn back, "I would like the way things were," wiping her eyes a little bit, "Wine will be fine," as she sniffles, and drinks her wine all at once, Eve walks over to Gabrielle, "mind if I join you?" " please, so you are going to the amazon village with me right?" Eve sat with a hesitant look, Gabrielle handed the scroll back to Eve, "go ahead read it." Eve opens the scroll and reads it and sighs, Eve hands back the scroll to Gabrielle, "ya guess I'm going with you."
Autocylous turned to Eve and asked what she would like to have they both looked at him then again at each other and in unisons ordered, "whiskey," Autocylous gave them both a full glass and Gabrielle downed it first and coughing after words not being use to strong drink like that." Eve downed her drink but did not even phase her. Gabrielle shook off the drink and got up from her stool. Still a little wobbly she is a little off balance. "I'm going to turn in, let's get going at first light ok?" Eve gets up too, "I'm going to turn in too, let me help you." Both of them stumbling a little bit and said good night to everyone and told them they are leaving in the morning. Eve walks Gabrielle up to her room and sets her on the edge of her bed. Gabrielle grabbed Eve's arm before leaving the room, "how in the hell are we going to contact Yakut, she's dead." Eve turns to Gabrielle, "Sheba will be able to contact her, did you get the water from the fountain?" Looking puzzled "How did you?" Gabrielle paused in mid sentence "more later for now you need to rest," As Eve places her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder. "just like your mother so cryptic about everything." Eve gives a little smile opens the door to leave and closes it behind her. Eve turns to the door places and pauses at Gabrielle's door and puts her hand on the door and gives it a little pat and turns to goes to her room.

Gabrielle sighs and then gets up and gets to the table that is by the window she takes the vase of water pours some in a cup and takes a few sips of water then pours the rest of the water in to the wash bowl, she gets her wash rag out and washes her face off and neck and her hands, dry's everything off and stands at the table starring in to the water she sighs again and begins to see Xena's face in the water.
"Xena,?" Xena's reflection getting really stronger now, "Xena," Gabrielle tried touching Xena reflection in the water but just disturbing her vision, "Gabrielle," Xena said, "Gabrielle close your eyes and just think of me, just me, like before you know," Gabrielle did just that with out any questions or hesitation, Xena with a smile says, "Gabrielle," Xena approaches her, "Xena" Gabrielle replies and opens her eyes and sees her soul mate and runs right into her arms, "Xena, by the gods," they both hug each other really tight Gabrielle looks into Xena's blue eyes Gabrielle holds Xena face in her hands and kisses her. Gabrielle then places her head on Xena's chest, and they just hold on to each other for just a few seconds. Xena closes her eyes and took in all of Gabrielle's senses, "I've missed you," Gabrielle stepped back, " Xena, can you give...?" Xena puts her hands on Gabrielle's shoulders, "Gabrielle it's not going to be easy." Gabrielle says, "is anything ever easy with us? "Gabrielle says with a smirk, Xena gets a serious look on her face which Gabrielle notices right away, "Xena what is it?" Xena clears her throat, "I'm sorry but this is going to involve Alti," The same face that was full of light now turned a little dark, hearing that name, changes everything, just a second ago is now of concern and a bit scared. "I'm afraid to ask this, {she pauses},,, how is,,,, {she pauses again,} Xena tells her, "the dead will trade me for Alti, she initiated the nations fall out," Gabrielle shaking her head in disbelief, "So how are we going to do this?" Xena gets wave of dizziness, "I'm fading out I'm afraid it's going have to be when you get to the Amazon village Gabrielle, "Xena please I can't ever lose you again, I wont" Xena leans over to her to kiss her, "you'll never lose me,I'm always be right here," Xena embraces her and kisses her and fades away. Gabrielle opens her eyes and realizes that she is back in her room she goes to her chair and sits down before she falls down, she is having to catch her breath and refocuses.

Her train of thought was broken from a sound of some one chopping wood, she walked over to the window to see who it was and saw Autocylous was chopping the firewood. She glanced down to the water bowl with a mischievous smirk and saw Autocylous gathering up the wood in his arms she yells down,
"Hi Autocylous," and waves and he looks up to acknowledge he starts walking to the door which is pretty much almost under Gabrielle's window she grabs the bowl of water and dumps it on Autocylous. Autocylous shakes the water off of his head shakes his head and says to him self, "didn't see that one coming," and spits out the water shakes his head, "ya," he says under his breath, again and doesn't even want to acknowledge the unexpected shower and he goes and walks into the inn. Gabrielle chuckles a bit and remembers all the good times that she and Xena use to pull jokes on everyone, but then she felt a little sad again missing Xena more than ever but again remembering what just happened and very anxious to get to her second home with the Amazons and getting the business done and getting Xena back, then her thought goes into how to get Alti. She sighed again and thought she would go back down stairs "I need a drink."

Gabrielle gets to the bar and Autocylous approaches Gabrielle, and as Gabrielle takes her seat, "well well well,,,, look who we have here," flicks his wet rag at Gabrielle, Gabrielle sits at the bar and grabs the rag and try's to make amends to her earlier incident, "I'm really really sorry Autocylous," As Gabrielle smirks, tosses back the rag to him, snickering under her breathe, Autocylous waves his hand then hands her, her wine, "ah for get it, it would have to be more than just water poured on me to get me mad." Autocylous winks at Gabrielle, Gabrielle gives Autocylous a sheepish smile, Gabrielle downs her drink gives Autocylous a little smirk. He noticed that she seemed a little happier.
"What gives," Gabrielle shook her head, "nothing, why?" Autocylous leans over "did you get a visit from Xena?" She shook her head yes, "yep," Gabrielle sets her cup down and Autocylous refills it and Gabrielle continues to drink.

Gabrielle gets off her seat and says good night to Autocylous and started heading up stairs but Cyrene carrying a few pieces of cake on a plate, "wait Gabrielle," she called out. Gabrielle stopped Cyrene hands her the plate, Gabrielle hugs her, "Thank you," Gabrielle couldn't really look her in the eyes yet places her hand on Cyrene's shoulder then continues to go back to her room. She got to her room and put the plate down on the table took a bit of cake then poured some wine to drink.
Gabrielle sits on the bed then all of sudden with a flash and lighting who should appear but Ares. He grabs a piece of cake and proceeds to eat. "Not bad," he says as he pulls out a wine skin out of thin air and drinks from it. He clear his throat, "mmmmm,, so do you have a plan yet?" Gabrielle grabs another bite of cake, "Nope," she replies with a mouth full of cake. Ares hands her his wine skin and she drinks from it. "What do you suggest, I'm afraid to ask?" Ares looks into her eyes, "become the God Of War, with that power you can do anything, make a better world, and even bring Xena back." He steps back, Gabrielle takes another sip of wine tosses the wine skin to him, then stands in front of Ares, "besides that being God Of War is so not me Xena would kill me if I had anything to do with you. You better just for get about it." Ares steps back, "Let me know if you change your mind, the offer is always open to you." Then he flashes and sparkles into nothingness. Gabrielle sit's back on her bed and lays down, she sighs closes her eyes, briefly thinks of Ares offer but she knew better,Sleep finds her until the sunlight shines in her eyes.
Gabrielle a wakes and hurry's to gather up her things and goes over to Eve's room and pounds on the door, "Come on let's go." Gabrielle prances down the stairs Eve and everyone is already gathered around.
Gabrielle walks over to the fireplace mantel were Xena's ashes have been sitting, she picks up the Urn gives it a little hug, "come on it's time to bring you home." She places it carefully in her bag. Gabrielle and Eve head out towards the door but Gabrielle hesitates and stops and turns to Cyrene, she goes back and gives her hug, "I'm sorry Cyrene I didn't mean to fail you or Xena, I'm getting Xena back and bring her home." Cyrene hugs Gabrielle back, "you didn't fail me or Xena you never could, I wanted to thank you for loving her so much the way you do you made Xena very happy and that's more than I could ever ask for, just promise me to be careful. Gabrielle smiles at Cyrene, then Gabrielle turns to Eve, "are you ready to go?" Eve nodded yes and walked out the door, Minya got Gabrielle's horse already for her, "here you go I got her already," Gabrielle hugged and thanked Minya and put her saddle bag on and her water skin tied to the side. Eve and her got on there horses. "Be careful, you two." as Lilla petted Gabrielle's horse and handed her the reins. "We will," Gabrielle and Eve rode off to get back what was taken from them.
They have been riding for a couple of hours now Gabrielle was starting to get a little tired for it's been while since she has been riding like this.
"hey let's rest up here for a while," Gabrielle calls out to Eve. Eve slows up her horse and her and Gabrielle ride next to each other. Gabrielle pointed over to the right," over here me and Xena would stop here all the time before getting to the Amazon village."
There was a stream with a little bit of a pond running with a little water fall. Gabrielle got off of her horse along with Eve they tied there horses up by the near by tree branch with tall grass underneath were the horses can eat. Gabrielle stretched out and rubbing her back side. Eve chuckled a little bit, "it's been a while riding like this?" She asks questionably, Gabrielle replied, "yes the back side is a little tenderized."
Eve and Gabrielle sat by the pond where the water fall is. Gabrielle got her water skin and drank some water. She offered Eve some but she didn't want any. It got terribly quiet and Gabrielle was just starring off into the water watching the waterfall run. Gabrielle started tearing up a little bit her memories of Xena at this special spot was flooding in like the waterfall. Gabrielle could see Xena bathing underneath the waterfall and when she joined her and they were making love under the water falling on top of them. Gabrielle closes her eyes with tears running down her face she places her face into her hands. Eve tries to calm her down. Eve puts her hand on Gabrielle's head and knells down by her, "shhhhhuusss, mother, it will be alright." Gabrielle tried to gather her self up, sniffling looks up to Eve," What did you call me?"
"I called you mother, I thought it was about time I did, that is if you don't mind you did help raise me," Gabrielle stood up and wiped her face off, Eve stood in front of her, Gabrielle places her hand on Eve's arm, "I would be honored if you called me mother, I just hope Xena wont mind when she comes back." Eve goes to hug Gabrielle, "I don't think she will mind, I think she will say well it's about time." Gabrielle chuckles a little bit, "yea your probably right."
"Well come on I guess we better get going, hopefully be there by night fall." Eve helped Gabrielle get on her horse then she got on hers and got under way again.

They finally got close to the entrance, Gabrielle stopped her horse for a second, Eve got right next to Gabrielle, "What's wrong mother, are you ok?" "Yea," Gabrielle replied as she smiled a little smile with hearing her being called mother, she sipped on her water, took a deep breath, "Just hope what ever we plan to get Xena back will work," Eve said, "it's going to be difficlut but not impossible. "ok," Gabrielle mutters to herself, "here we go." Gabrielle leads the way down the path to where the entrance is of the village. She can see two guards in the front. They get to the entrance to where the guards are the guards stop them by placing there staffs in front of the entrance. "stop and be recognized," one of the guards says, Gabrielle gives the known salute with the right arm across the chest. "I'm queen Gabrielle with my daughter Eve we request seeing your queen, queen Varia." The guard walked more up to Gabrielle, "Sorry but she died a few days ago." with a shocked look on her face, "who is your queen now?" Just then Cyane came, she placed her hand on the guard, "it's alright." the guards salute and backs off back to where there station is. "Gabrielle, please come." Gabrielle and Eve entre the village and then they both get off there horses got her bag off the saddle. Gabrielle goes to give Cyane a big hug. "Cyane, good to see you, what happened to Varia?" Cyane puts her arm around Gabrielle and walks her over to her hut with Eve following behind. Cyane offers them to come in and have a seat, before sitting down though Gabrielle got her bag and got out Xena's ashes, there was a moment. While she pours wine she tells them, "Alti killed her she claims she is going to all high amazons especially you." Gabrielle put her hand on her forehead." Eve stood up and said, "we have to get her the 40,000 will trade Xena for her for ever. Sheba can bring in Yakut to bring her on, Gabrielle shakes her head and looks down in to her cup of wine sets it back down feeling overwhelmed. Cyane turns to Eve, "can you give us few minuets I need to talk to Gabrielle privately." "Ya sure," Eve replies and walks out and waits for Gabrielle.
Gabrielle turns around in her seat and Cyane goes over to a big long box, Gabrielle grabs Cyane's arm, "what is it" Cyane leans down, "it's ok, honest." Cyane gets to the big box and unwraps the items that are in there, Cyane pulls out a sword and a staff walks them over to Gabrielle. "I think these belong to you." "what the,,,, where did you get them?" "found them in storage." As Cyane hands her the staff and sword. "where did they come from?" with tears in her eyes as she wipes her eyes, "the staff came from Ephiney and the sword came from Tereas' queen Melosea's sister. She gave me her right of cast when she died," Gabrielle examines the staff and then the sword, she flips the sword around a bit to remember the feeling of it in her hands. "I know thing, I want" Gabrielle pause, "what is that Gabrielle?" Gabrielle really starts swings the sword around sees a melon in the fruit bowl, along with a thunderous echoing sound when Gabrielle chops the melon in half, "the bitches head." Gabrielle grabs the staff and tries to walk out of the hut, Cyane blocks Gabrielle's path, "hold on Gabrielle," with placing her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder, annoyingly Gabrielle stops, "what!" "You know you are the queen of the tribe now." Cyane said, "ya,,,." Cyane "orders?" Gabrielle swings her sword again, "gather the tribe in a half our, I got some thinking to do." Gabrielle flips her sword again and pushes Cyane out of the way as she goes over towards practicing area, Eve called her out, "Gabrielle," Gabrielle turned and stopped and said to Eve, "just leave me alone." Gabrielle marches off. Cyane comes out of her hut, Eve goes to Cyane, "what happened, where did she the staff?," and Cyane finished her sentence, "and the sword? from her past." They watched Gabrielle, she was so fighting mad she would threw her sighs at the targets and practices with her staff and mostly working out with her sword.
Eve started walking over to her she turned back to Cyane, "I will go talk to her," Cyane nodded and watched. Eve walked about half way point and yelled out her name, "Gabrielle!!!" Gabrielle only stopped enough long enough to tell her to get out. "Not now Eve." Eve yelled out her name again, "Queen Gabrielle!!!" With a real focused pissed off look Gabrielle jabs her sword point down to the ground grabbed her staff and walked over while swinging her staff she swings at Eve knocks her flat on her back, "Now stay down!!" she yelled at Eve. Cyane saw the whole thing so she grabbed her staff to stop Gabrielle. "Queen Gabrielle," Cyane stops Gabrielle in her tracks and points her staff right at her chest. Gabrielle takes her staff knocks Cyane's staff out of the way, "Gabrielle, what do you think your doing?" Asks Cyane as she strikes back, "trying to work things out." Cyane blocks her and sees an opening and strikes her across her face and they both start sparing.
Ares appears, hands down his hand to help Eve up, "Xena taught her quiet good." Eve takes Ares helping hand, and rubbing the sore on her chin "yea, maybe too good, What are you doing here Ares?" As Eve really knew what t answer was and as Ares and Eve watch the fighting between Gabrielle and Cyane.
Gabrielle and Cyane continue fighting Gabrielle heads over to where she stuck her sword in the ground there was a crowd starting to watch the fighting, Gabrielle got to her sword put the staff in one hand and her sword in the other.
Eve watches with amazement as well as Ares does, "I wish she would take my offer," Ares said Eve knew what he meant but asked any way, "what offer is that as if I didn't know?" "My mantel of course, but she keeps on refusing."
They watch as Cyane gets her sword and know they are both fighting with swords with the sound of metal striking against metal Gabrielle is getting more and more use to using her newly found sword.
"Ares you know being God of War is not for Gabrielle, but it could be me." Ares stood back and with a smirk, "the messenger of Eli as the God of War??? That really wont work." As he chuckles, Eve grabs a near by sword, "why not? To have that kind of power would better the message of peace than of war," As Eve swings the sword right next to Ares and as she points the sword at his chest.
Just then Gabrielle screams out in pain Eve turns to see what she had miss and now sees a bleeding cut on Gabrielle's leg made from her own sword Cyane had reflected and pressed her sword on to Gabrielle's leg and gave her a good gashing cut. Eve jabbed the sword in the ground and ran over to were they were at Eve turned to one of the Amazons that had a bow and arrow told her to go get high on a tree and wait for a opening and get Gabrielle, Robyn nodded her head and got up to her usual target practicing place that she uses up in the trees. Robyn loads her bow and waits for her opening. Gabrielle staggers back as she gets ready to strike on Cyane again Robyn shoots the arrow got her in the upper back shoulder. Gabrielle screams out again dropping her sword falling to the ground. Eve and Cyane ran over to her to get her and to help her. "Gabrielle," Gabrielle sits down on the ground with Eve at her side, "were going to have to pull this out," Gabrielle with her hand around her wound with the arrow, "ya I'm familiar with that procedure." As she kind of chuckles at that wincing in pain. Eve holds on to the arrows end and breaks it off, Gabrielle yells a little bit, and then again as Eve pulls the rest of the arrow out. Gabrielle passes out from the pain. Eve takes Gabrielle on one side and Cyane the other. "Lets get her in my hut,Robyn get Sheba." They carry her into the hut and places her on Cyane's bed. Eve leans over Gabrielle and tries to bring her too, "Gabrielle," Just then Sheba comes in and goes over to Gabrielle and Eve, Sheba put pressure and rapped the cut on Gabrielle's leg and then attended to her back. Sheba brought Gabrielle up to her seated position and stitched up her back shoulder. "ok now ease her back down and get her on her side." Eve helps her and asks, "is she going to be ok?" Sheba stands up and gets a wet clothe to wipe her hands off that had Gabrielle's blood on, "I am not sure her shoulder wound has me worried. Need to keep a close eye on it so it wont get infected." "It's all my fault." Cyane told them. Eve walked over to Cyane, "No it's not if she had stopped fighting this wouldn't have happened."
Just then Gabrielle stirred and moaned a bit and she was starting to come to a little bit. She tried to get up but couldn't wincing with pain she laid back down. "What happened?" Eve walks over back to Gabrielle and sits down by her side. "you and Cyane were working it out as you called it?," Coming more too and being able to get a little on her side resting on her elbows, wincing in pain and breathing is a little heavy, "by the gods this hurts." Cyane goes over to Gabrielle, "Queen Gabrielle please," Gabrielle raises her hand to pause Cyane places her hand on her, "It's ok Cyane your not to blame for this it's all on me and I plead for your forgiveness on my behavior." Cyane kneels by Gabrielle by the bed, "your not to blame either." Gabrielle lays back down on her side. Sheba went over to Gabrielle handed her some powder and water to take, "here take this it will help with the pain and make you sleep." Gabrielle took the powder and drink some water and tried to get comfortable. "I will stay if you need anything." Cyane said as she showed Eve and Sheba the way out. "get me if there is anything wrong," Sheba said as she walked out the door with Eve. Gabrielle was already falling asleep Cyane sat in the chair next to the bed to keep her eye on Gabrielle.
It's been a few hours now Gabrielle's been asleep Cyane gets up to get some cider she gets back and Gabrielle gets a little restless in her sleeping, Cyane checks on her and Gabrielle was warm to the touch she got a wet cool clothe to try too cool her down a little bit, Gabrielle was stirring Cyane while wetting down her Gabrielle was awoken by the coolness of the water. Cyane was starting to panic a little bit, Gabrielle was trying to get more alert at least enough to give the right of cast for that was how bad she felt she was feeling the life going out. With a strain in her voice Gabrielle grabbed Cyane's arm, "listen Cyane please take my right of cast, I'm not sure if I'm going to make it it feels pretty bad." As Cyane takes Gabrielle's hand into hers, "please no Gabrielle, you have to get better, so you can bring Xena back." Gabrielle sighs and closes her eyes, "looks like I might be joining her. Please take my right of cast." "Against my better judgment I will and just for you," As Cyane strokes her forehead with the clothe. Gabrielle felt a really bad pain, "get Sheba, quick." Cyane puts the rag down and before she leaves she leans over whispers to Gabrielle, "I have to tell you, I love you." with a little peck on the lips Cyane runs over to get Sheba and Eve.
Sheba runs over to Gabrielle and feels her forehead, looks at her shoulder wound and with a very concerned look on her face, "this doesn't look good, she has fever," As Sheba turns to Eve, "If you have any favors that any of the gods owe you I'd consider cashing in on them now." "seriously?" Eve said in disbelief,Sheba nodded, "ya, seriously." Eve looks over to Gabrielle, Gabrielle tries to stay awake and looks up to Eve in a very painful state. Eve turns to Sheba and Cyane, "watch her for a bit I have a god to talk to." They both nodded and Cyane and Sheba sat with Gabrielle Sheba giving more pain medicine.

Eve walked out and into the clearing of the village while grabbing a sword and swinging it around she calls him out, "God Of War I demand your presence!" Eve shouted out, again Eve shouted, "Come on God Of War, Ares show your self now!" In a couple of lighting flashes and sparks appear then Ares. As he appears he stands with Eve with her sword drawn at his throat, "your getting awfully demanding." Ares said, "Eve did you want something of me?"

Eve swings her sword again and stabs it in the ground and kneels before Ares, "God of war, make me your heir."

Ares stood firm, "Eli's messenger of peace and love the god of war, I think not," Eve got up, drew her sword and as she was pointing it at Ares,

"make me your heir Ares, you know it's going to be the best offer your going to get and trust. we made a great team we can be again." Ares folded his left arm against his chest and his right hand to his chin stroking his beard. "How is my god hood and your god going to get along?"

Eve walks around him, "it's going to be a new area it's going to be rule by faith not fear,"

At this time Cyane stepped out side the hut seeing what was Eve doing because Gabrielle was starting to fade fast, she saw Eve and the god of war talking she sees Ares talking but can't make out what they were saying.

"you know if I make you my heir Xena gonna try and kill me and you and Gabrielle wont be happy to say the least."

Eve stops walking and stands in front of Ares with her sword again drawn to his neck and across his chest, "make me the heir Ares I can make them understand that it's for the greater good."

Ares could see she was too focused to be refused, he stands back grabs the sword, "kneel before me," Eve stands back a little and kneels Ares then takes the sword taps her on each shoulder then held the sword over her head, "you are now the goddess of war."

Eve stands up, "that's it?"

"Yep that's it,"

"how do I heal Gabrielle?" Ares stands back starts fading away,

"you figure it out." then with a few flashes of lighting and smoke he disappears.

Cyane has been watching this whole thing transpire and now sees Eve running back to the hut, Cyane stops Eve places her hands on her shoulders, Eve brings her in close, "Cyane I know please don't say anything let me tell them."

"but why?"

"something that they all would understand why, the greater good." Cyane shook her head, "you better see Gabrielle she's fading fast"

Just as they were coming into the hut Gabrielle died, Eve and Cyane ran over to her Eve shaking her trying to make her come to.

While this was going on Gabrielle appeared right in front of Xena. Xena was surprised but happy to see her there, "Gabrielle what are you doing here?"

"Xena, I don't know I must have just died?, all I remember is lying down there now I'm here where ever here is."

"what happened?" Xena asks, Gabrielle proceeds on telling her that she went a little crazy fighting Cyane and had to have me shot to have me stop fighting Cyane because I wouldn't stop. I must have gotten an infection from Robyn's arrow.

Gabrielle then kind of felt faint, "I feel funny they must be trying to bring me back. Xena be ready we are working on bringing you back so stand by, I'm going Xena I can't and won't lose you again,"

As Xena leans over to kiss Gabrielle, "I will see you again I'm always right here," Xena kisses Gabrielle as she fades away as it has happened before.

At that time of Gabrielle coming back Eve was healing her shoulder wound Gabrielle took a deep recovering breath and coming too she saw Eve over her and saw Eve with her healing powers and seeing her wound on her leg being healed. While coughing and still catching her breath to be normal. Eve while tending to her leg told Gabrielle, "be still Gabrielle I got you," Gabrielle saw Eve healing her leg in god like fashion, "Eve how?," Gabrielle pauses, "remember it's all for the greater good." "Eve, what do you mean?" Gabrielle was getting a little excited so Eve put a calming spell on her raised her hand over her head, "relax, calm down," Gabrielle calmed down right away and feel back into a light sleep.

Cyane sat next to Gabrielle calming her down stroking her forehead, "Eve how did you do that?" Eve shaking her head, "I'm not sure I think it and it happens." "Gabrielle is coming around again," Cyane said as she knells by her side. "Eve,,,," she pauses, "only a god, a god of war{?} can heal like that, is that the case?" As Gabrielle got more a woke she sat up grabbing Eve's arm. Eve held down Gabrielle by the waist, "it is." Eve says. Gabrielle pulls her in, up set with her, "how could you?" Eve held on to her, "for the greater good, mother, I had to get you back so you can get mother back." Eve started to cry Gabrielle hugged her real tight, "I understand, I understand," Gabrielle pulled back looked at Eve's face and wiped off the tears and then she sat back and gave Cyane a hug too.
Eve wiped off the rest of her tears and stood up, Eve walked by her side and Gabrielle grabbed her arm to stop her Eve looked down to her and Gabrielle told her in a jovial manner, "when you tell Xena I will make sure she is unarmed," They both laughed but both new that was a most truer statement knowing how upset she will be when she finds out that Eve is the new god of war.

Gabrielle went to try sitting up on the side of the bed Cyane standing by her to make sure she is ok or if she needs help. Gabrielle sits a bit on the edge Cyane sits by her. Cyane places her hand on Gabrielle for support. Gabrielle pauses, "Are you alright?" Cyane asks, Gabrielle felt a wave of weakness. Gabrielle places her hand on Cyane's shoulder, "I am feeling not so good," as she sits more back on the bed and lies back down. Eve walked over to Gabrielle and sat down by her covered up with the covers, "you better stay in bed until morning, Eve reaches down for Gabrielle's hand Gabrielle takes Eve's hand, Eve made Gabrielle sleepy and Gabrielle fell fast asleep. Eve walked over to Cyane, "she'll sleep until morning," with amazement Cyane stands in front of Eve, "I will stay with her to make sure she is alright." Eve placed her hand on Cyane's shoulder, "Thank you. I think I have to,,,," she pauses, looks up then looks at Cyane, "go,,,," Cyane yelled out to Eve, "be back by morning," Eve floats up words and disappears in flashes and sparkles, "ouch, that hurts," you could hear Eve's voice echoes as she goes. Cyane goes back over to Gabrielle and sits by her side all night watching her sleep.

Cyane leaned over to see how Gabrielle was doing and she was sleeping still, Cyane went to get a sip of water but the water skin was emptied so quietly went out to refill the water skin. Just as she left Gabrielle stirring having another bad dream seeing Xena's body as she found it head less. Gabrielle then awoke heavy breathing from being scared and tears in her eyes, she rolled over on her side grasping the side of the bed trying to calm her self letting the tears roll down her cheeks. "Got to get you back Xena." she catches a few tears on her lip and letting her tongue catch the tears, she sniffs and blinks her eyes together, she then gathers her self up to get her strength to get up. She sits on the edge of the bed feeling stronger not quite so stiff and sore she pulled out her amazon queen outfit and was thinking to herself were was everyone kind of looking around she took her top off which had some blood stains on from her wound, she put that off to the side got her other top on, it was basically the same but made from leather and had special designs on it and certain gems placed on it. As soon as she got that on Cyane came in and saw the bed emptied she was startled by it, "over here," Gabrielle called out and Cyane put down the water skin on the table and walked over to Gabrielle, "Gabrielle how are you feeling?" as Cyane places her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder, "sorry I wasn't here when you woke up I had to get some more water" Gabrielle walked over to the table to get the leather skirt and started to undress right in front of Cyane, "can you toss me the water I could use something to drink," a little flustered Cyane gets the water skin,
ya sure," and tosses it to her. Cyane stares at Gabrielle while she drinks here water, "boy do you have a frame," Gabrielle chokes on the water with that comment, they both kind of chuckle and Gabrielle puts her skirt on and then her silver belt then she got her boots on. She was looking through her bag, "what are you looking for?" have you seen my sighs?" Cyane looked around found them on the table behind her bed, "her you go." Cyane hands them too her, "thanks," Gabrielle places her sighs on the side of her boots she looked her body over and looked at Cyane. "does everything ok?" "it sure does." Cyane replies. Gabrielle motioned Cyane to sit, They both saddled on the bench took another sip of water. Cyane watched her in everything she does, she couldn't help but be secretly madly in love with her, but knows she will probably never be able to be with her.
Gabrielle places her hand on her hands, "Cyane I'm sorry for what happened, I just get these moments of crazies and with out Xena here with me she's my family I am lost with out her." Cyane sits in closer to Gabrielle and brushes her bangs back a bit, "It's ok, can't imagine how it feels like to lose your soul mate." Gabrielle tears up a bit a tear was able to escape down her cheek. "Damn it, sorry," "hey don't be sorry Gabrielle Xena's damn lucky to have you." as Gabrielle wipes off the tears. Gabrielle rubs her eyes and her forehead rests her head in her hand with her elbow resting on the table. Cyane puts her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder, "Come on, counsel should be getting ready, let's get Xena back." As they gathered up there belongings Cyane asks Gabrielle, "do you have any idea how this is going to work?" As Gabrielle reached for her bag, "no idea." Cyane sighed, "mm"

Gabrielle and Cyane gather up there weapons and belongings and walked over to the cave where they held all of the counsel meetings tribal ceremonies. Gabrielle sets her bag on a out side table pulls out Xena's urn with a little uncertainty she takes a breath and walks into the counsel, Gabrielle and Cyane they both stood in the middle of the room facing each other, on a drum beat the other Queens enter in counsel and circles Gabrielle and Cyane, and they proceeded to take there seats. Cyane and Gabrielle stood there for only a few seconds but it seemed like it was for eternity, Cyane sighed a little and gave a look to Gabrielle and shook her head afraid to speak but Cyane whispered, "now what? Where's Eve?" Gabrielle shook and mouthed, "I don't know." and she shook her head too not really knowing what is going to happen.
Just then a flash and sparks fly and Eve appears with an unknown quest by Eve's side. Gabrielle motion Cyane to stay there and hold Xena's urn. Gabrielle turned and walked over to Eve, "where have you been and who's,,," Eve motioned Gabrielle to calm down, "let me introduce you, this is,,,,," Eve paused enough to let Gabrielle remember who she was, "Yo? is that you?" Yo nods her head, my name is Yo Lao Ma my family is from the Lo Ma {empire/Dynasty}," Gabrielle shakes her head in disbelieve, "why didn't you?" Eve motioned Yo, Yo placed her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder, and holds out the katana the same one that Xena used to kill Yodoshi, Gabrielle holds out both her hands and as they both hold the sacred katana together Eve gives them directions on what to do.
Gabrielle and Yo face each other both holding the katana, Eve is standing between them hand on each shoulder, explaining on what is to hopefully is to have happen. "Gabrielle once we start we will be calling on Yakut, Alti will take her spirit first to give her more power. Then right after that I am afraid she will come after you Gabrielle,"
Gabrielle took a few hard swallows and shakes her head, "what else is knew," she says under her breath, "She will more than likely grab you by the throat and try and choke you when she is doing that I will reappear and take your sighs and take her by surprise I will jab her with both sighs, then you take the katana and you to behead her. You will see when to do it and do it with out hesitation." Gabrielle, nods, bowed to Yo and Yo bowed back while they were bowing Eve shot power through the sacred katana Yo gave the katana to Gabrielle fully. Sheba stood up and joined Cyane, Eve and Yo disappeared. Gabrielle walked over to the center making it a 3 sided triangle while holding the katana with a strong grip at her side, Sheba started, "we call on the spirit of Yakut." The Queens all repeated.
All of a sudden Yakut appeared, she could barely get out what she had to say, "it is time," Just as she said that Alti appeared so fast be fore she knew it she went right through Yakut and then grabbed Gabrielle, Alti got right into Gabrielle's face, while choking Gabrielle, "so, Xena's little bitch is a amazon princess huh, how pathetic is that?" Just then Eve appears grabs Gabrielle's sighs, "your the pathetic bitch haven't you ever hear of Karma?" with a surprised look on Alti's face Eve took the sighs and jabbed one in the chest and the other in the stomach and put power through them and shocking Alti. Then Eve picked Alti up so she was horizontal and then shocking her, Alti letting Gabrielle go. Gabrielle fell on her backside and had dropped the katana she found it took it out of it sheath and while trying to catch her breath and trying to stand up in one feel swoop she took one deep breath, "take this you bitch,"
she then took the blade of the katana and cut her head off the with Eve's power she exploded the rest of her but not before there were more souls that were freed from Alti's spirit. Alti's head rolled right by Gabrielle,
Gabrielle saw the souls fly up to the heavens and then saw Alti's head explode. Gabrielle was breathing really hard she wiped the blood off that was coming out of her nose, she fell to her knees, Eve ran by her side, by then it was to late Gabrielle passed out, then flashes of light came down and Xena appeared Eve stood up and stood back in shock seeing her again Xena went right over to Gabrielle and knelt down by her stroking her face examining her for it has been what seems a life time with out seeing her. Xena picked her up and carried her to the hut, Eve picked up the katana and Cyane followed behind. Eve opened the door for Xena to carry Gabrielle in and get her on the bed.
No words were spoken yet Xena with tears in her eyes put Gabrielle down in bed and she knelt by her side. Gabrielle started to stir a little whispering Xena's name, "Xena, Xe...." Gabrielle starts moving around all of a sudden she startles and wakes up and screaming out Xena's name, "Xena," and she sees she is right there. "Xena?" Xena goes into hold her and hugs her. "Gabrielle, I'm here I'm back," Xena kisses her all over her face as well as Gabrielle is doing the same and there lips finally meet.
Eve and Cyane stood in the corner, Eve leaned over to Cyane, "Come on let's leave them a lone for a little bit." Cyane nodded and they both quietly left Xena acknowledges Eve as they are leaving with out breaking away from Gabrielle's grasp. Gabrielle still a little bit breathing hard and visibly exhausted Xena started to message the back of her neck to help ease her breathing, "here this will help," Gabrielle didn't know what to say, Gabrielle started to speak, "Xe,...." "Sh, easy now," Xena says, "there is that better?" Xena asked, Gabrielle was able to lift her head up and sit all the way up, she kept hugging Xena and just can't believe that it worked and she is home again.
Xena sat in real close next to Gabrielle on the bed, Xena would touch and caress her face, "gods, missed you," Gabrielle would hold both of Xena's hands hold them and kiss her hands hold them up to her face, both had tears of such happiness having each other back they were both almost speechless. Gabrielle with blinking out the tears, "my family is home." they both leaned over and kissed each other passionately.
As they were kissing a soft knock came on the door, they stop kissing and Xena licks her lips, "some things never change." Gabrielle gave a sheepish look and acknowledges the knock, "come in," with a sigh, "if you dare," Xena says under her breathe. Eve sticks her head in the door, "is it safe to enter?" Xena stands up and meets Eve at the door and they hug, "so good to see you mother, so did Gabrielle tell you?," Gabrielle was trying to wave Eve to shut up, "tell me what?" Gabrielle waves her hands up, and places her hands over her face of embarrassment covers her face for only were her eyes weren't covered just the lower part of her face. "well what is it?" Xena said in a demanding voice, Gabrielle slowly got up, "it's really all my fault Xena," Eve would chime in, "no it isn't, I had t do it, it was for the grater good," Gabrielle then spoke in her turn, "no it's my fault if I didn't get myself almost killed you wouldn't have had to do it." Xena standing in the middle of them yelled, "shut up!!! Tell me what!!!." Eve looked at Gabrielle, Gabrielle looked at Eve, Xena again shouting out, "tell me!" Eve started to say "I'm the," and Gabrielle finished the sentence in a bit of a grimacing grunting voice, "new goddess of war." Gabrielle says with grinding her teeth getting ready to duck incase Xena started swinging. With wide eyes, "what the,,,?" Xena paces a bit turns around a few times not sure what to do with this news.
Gabrielle and Eve looked at each other eyeing each other not knowing what to do. Eve took a breath and stood closer to Xena and put her hand on Xena's shoulder to keep her still for a second so she can try to explain. "Mother please, I did it to save Gabrielle, she was dying when this happened I did it for the greater good certainly you know a thing or two about that don't you?" "Yes but,,,," Xena pauses, "Did you want me to let Gabrielle die?" with her hands on her hips Xena looked at both of them, "no of course not," Eve explaining, "I had to get her back so she could get you back." Gabrielle walked up to Xena, placed her hand on her forearm "I was told once there is a time in ones life where you have to go beyond the greater good, and for us Xena you by far out way the greater good, and if I could bring my soul mate back to me you bet I would give it a chance, like it or not." Xena places her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder, "for once I agree with you," Gabrielle looked a little surprised on her agreement, "being dead isn't all that it's cracked up to be," Eve and Gabrielle were now standing on either end with Xena in the middle. With a smirk Gabrielle announced, "group hug.

Grimacing the group hug off Eve could sense she will be alright eventually with the idea of her being the Goddess Of War, Eve backed off from the group hug, just her and Xena hugged, "I love you mother, I'm so glad your back," Xena returned her hug, "I love you too," Eve walks back to the door, "I will leave you two by yourselves I will make sure your not disturbed for a while," Xena waves by and says, "thanks," Eve walks out with Cyane waiting on her, "how is she is she ok?" Eve puts her hand on her shoulder, with a big smile, "she great." the walk over to the main fire pit where all the other amazons where sitting and waiting.
"so is she ok?" one young amazon asked, and another young one asks with excitement, "when can we see her?" Eve with one arm already around Cyane and then she places her other arm around another young amazon, "please, everything is alright Xena is great and we will see her all in the morning the two requested to be left alone for now." Eve proceeded to share what happened to bring her back and in the meantime the two soul mates where rekindling reconnecting there souls.

The two where finally alone, Gabrielle stood there not saying anything, out of all the things she thought she would be able to say when she would see her again now she can't think of a signal one. Xena walked in close to Gabrielle, Gabrielle started to speak, "Xe,,,," she pauses she swallows hard licking her lips with her nerves she feeling, Xena shushes her, leans in for a kiss.



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