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Author's Note : This is set during the first season of Riley Parra stories.



by Geonn


Copyright © 2010 Geonn Cannon



Caitlin Priest had several things to learn about being human.

She figured out how to fake it well enough in public. She had actually fooled Riley into believing she was just another cop until she was forced to expose herself as an angel. But she wasn't prepared for all the tiny little things that having a mortal body required. There was certain maintenance required that Michael hadn't mentioned when he gave her the assignment of moving to the mortal coil. She hadn't realized that toenails needed to be trimmed. Hair sometimes seemed to grow everywhere if she didn't keep track of it. Her breath could become atrocious without brushing at least twice a day.

She considered herself lucky that she didn't have to sleep; she spent most of her evenings trying to figure out personal hygiene. How long was necessary in the shower? She assumed a half hour was too much, but was five minutes enough?

Priest was in the middle of a makeup experiment when Riley arrived one morning. Riley blinked at her, furrowed her brow, and said, "What the hell happened to you?"


"Take it down to a single coat, Tammy Faye." She checked her watch and guided Priest back into the apartment. "Come on, I'll help you scrape some of that stuff off."

In the bathroom, Priest removed her blouse and stood in her undershirt while Riley removed the most garish of the cosmetics. "You're a gorgeous woman, Priest. Literally angelic. When it comes to embellishing that, less is more."

"Like you."

Riley scoffed. "Not exactly. All right, you're presentable. Let's get to work."

Priest put her blouse back on and followed Riley through the apartment.

"You know, you shouldn't consider your body as just a way to get around. You should enjoy it. You wear suits to work and you wear pajamas the rest of the time. No reason you can't enjoy the body God literally gave to you."

After work, Priest considered Riley's comment. She went shopping and examined the racks upon racks of clothing for sale. It didn't make sense to her. Like the strings of restaurants on every block. Italian food, Mexican, burgers, pizza, sushi, sandwich shops, fast food places, chicken. Food was sustenance. It was necessary to survive, like breathing and using the restroom. Yet mortals somehow made eating one of life's pleasures. She would eat, but she couldn't get the same pleasure from a meal as humans seemed to. Fish, chicken, meat... it all tasted the same to her.

The same with clothing. All that was required was something to protect you from the elements. Colors and designs and outfits and layers... it made no sense to her.

Still, she picked out some casual clothes to help her blend in with the rest of her neighborhood. She was on her way to the cashier to pay when she passed a section labeled "intimates." Priest hesitated, eyeing the sea of colorful lace. She looked around, as if someone might consider her perverted for her interest, and stepped into the section. This was another aspect of humanity that she didn't quite understand, but it did make more sense than food and clothing. Underwear was a necessity, but this was meant to seduce and entice.

She picked several colors, hid them under her other purchases, and moved quickly to the cashier to pay and get out of the store.

When she got home, she removed the tags and placed her new outfits on hangers. She took a shower, this time trying for twelve minutes, and toweled off before she looked at the small white bag she'd left on the counter. She bit her bottom lip, looked at her reflection in the mirror, and decided it was all part of the human experience. She took out a black bra and matching panties, putting them on before she stepped back and looked at herself. Her stomach was flat, athletically muscled. Her breasts were small, but well-proportioned to her frame. She dragged her fingers down her stomach to her hips and turned sideways.

Priest had to admit that it was a good body, compared to some of the bodies she'd seen during her time on Earth. She rested her shoulders against the wall and ran her hands down her stomach, over her navel. Her body responded to the gentle touch, and she shivered as goosebumps rose under her fingertips. She moved her hand up to her breasts and touched them through the thin lace of her new brassiere. Her nipples responded to her touch, becoming tight and erect.

Her other hand strayed to the waistband of her panties. Riley had told her to enjoy her new body; she supposed there were worse ways she could do that. She could go down to the pizza parlor and eat an entire large pepperoni by herself. She could pierce herself, get tattoos... sexual gratification was as much a part of the human experience as eating. It was a necessary biological urge and, like eating, Priest had found herself fighting easily urges from time to time, but what if she gave in?

She pushed two fingers into her underwear, through the thin patch of pubic hair she had only recently decided to cut. It felt soft against the pads of her fingers and she stroked it, closing her eyes as she let the feeling wash through her. She moved her feet further apart and moved her fingers lower. She'd ignored this part of her anatomy for the most part; there was no real purpose to it beyond using the restroom, and the idea of exploration had never really occurred to her until now.

Two fingers moved between her legs, and her other hand ran up along her torso. Somehow touching herself there made her entire torso tingle, made her skin hypersensitive, and she took advantage of it by brushing her hand over her ribs and up to the underside of her breasts. She closed her eyes and wondered if she should fantasize. Was it necessary? Could she climax with just a touch, or was there a mental aspect to it as well?

Her fingers explored the folds between her legs. She wished Riley could be there to answer the questions she had.

The idea of Riley sitting on the sink, watching her, made Priest suck in a breath between clenched teeth. She didn't try to determine which thought caused the reaction, being watched or being watched by Riley , she just held on to the feeling as she stroked the pad of her finger over the wet flesh of her mound. She alternated fingers, stroking with her index finger before using the middle finger to tease herself with penetration. She ran her other hand across her chest, under the cup of her bra to squeeze her breast.

Priest used the tip of her index finger to spread the gathering moisture over her folds, her breath catching in her throat. She crossed her fingers together and, after a moment of teasing herself, let her fingers push inside. She groaned and sagged against the wall, bending her knees as she rocked her hips forward. She started a gentle rhythm, rocking her hips in time with the movement of her fingers, running her thumb over her hard nipple.

With two fingers inside of herself, Priest pressed the heel of her hand against her mound. She slipped her middle finger out and ran it along her folds, stroking until she found the hard bud of her clitoris. Her lips parted in a silent moan as she ran her wet fingertip over it, and the pleasure seemed to wash out across her body in waves. She touched her tongue to her top lip, tasted sweat, and moved her hips to increase the pressure between her legs.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Sweat beaded on her forehead, glistened on her chest. Her eyes were hooded, her lips parted, and for the first time she could see herself as Caitlin Priest. A mortal. She rested her head against the wall and touched her clitoris with more pressure, her finger slick with her own juices. She pinched her nipple and moaned loudly, arching her back as she balanced on the balls of her feet. She could feel something happening, could feel the pleasure branching out from the spot she was touching. It spread through her body like a warmth, her heart beating a staccato rhythm against her ribs.

"Oh, my," she gasped, her voice weak. "Oh... feels so good..."

Her toes curled against the tile of her bathroom and her eyes rolled back in her head. She groaned loudly and her fingers clutched her breast hard enough to leave red marks as she pressed her hips forward and her hand inward. "Yes... yes..."

Her entire body convulsed with her climax, and her wings spontaneously expanded from her shoulder blades. They barely fit in the confines of the bathroom, curling out and around her like a curtain. The gossamer feathers flexed as if with their own breath, casting a pale white-gold glow on every reflective surface in the bathroom.

Priest's skin felt hypersensitive, as if any touch would trigger a second convulsion. She kept still, eyes closed, wings trembling around her as she sagged against the wall. She dropped her free hand between her legs, cupping her other hand through the lace of her panties. A shock of blonde hair fell into her eyes, and she found herself chuckling, her skin flushed, her teeth working her bottom lip as her feet sank flat to the floor.

She would move eventually. Put on her regular pajamas and go to bed. But she just wanted to bask in the feeling for a little while longer before she went back to her regular life. She sank to the floor, folded her wings around herself like a shawl, and waited for the shockwaves of pleasure to stop.




Riley arrived a few minutes later than usual the next morning, but Priest was ready to go. She adjusted her suit jacket, made sure the knot in her tie was sitting just so against her collarbone, ran her hand down the material of her vest. She was wearing her new, special underwear beneath the suit. She wasn't sure why; there was no real point to it. No one would ever see it. But the knowledge that she had it on gave her a thrill.

She answered the door and smiled. "Good morning, Riley."

Riley raised her eyebrows and dipped her chin in greeting. "You ready to go?"

"I am." She took her jacket off the hook and closed her apartment door before following Riley down the stairs. "I masturbated last night."

Riley nearly tripped over the bottom stair. She turned and looked at Priest for a long moment before she decided to just shake her head and let it go. "Really? Me too. How was yours?"

Priest grinned. "It was awesome. I look forward to doing it again."

"Just try to contain yourself in the car. I need to keep my attention on the road."

"I'm sure I'll be able to restrain myself." She glanced back toward her apartment and mentally added, At least until I get home tonight. She chuckled and got into Riley's car.


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