Disclaimer: These ladies do NOT belong to me, even a little bit. I'm just taking them out to play with them in an environment that allows a higher rating than their actual medium. ::g::

Warnings: Sex and love between women

Author's Note: I thought it was sad these two didn't have a few steamy, smutty, plot-free sex stories. So I decided to give them a little joy.

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To the Victor

by Geonn Cannon



Nikki usually got tired first, so she was already wrapped up and comfy by the time she heard Nora starting to shut down the house for the night. She was curled on her side, a book open on the mattress next to her, fingers splayed over the page so she wasn't blocking the light from her lamp. She heard Nora check the locks and the windows, and then the ambient light from the living room went dark. A few seconds later she heard her partner's soft footsteps coming down the hall. She stopped in the bathroom for her evening ablutions, so Nikki reached a stopping place in her book in anticipation of turning off the lights for bed.

“Babe?” Nora called from down the hall.

“I'm up.” She smoothed down the blankets and leaned forward to plump the pillows.

Nora said, “We didn't really talk about it, but I wanted to thank you.”

“For what?”

“The jacket.”

Nikki smiled. “That wasn't a surrender. It was a momentary détente in deference to your excellent work on the case. Not to mention how you were looking at me when I sang.”

“Oh, you caught that, did you?”

“I couldn't see anything else in that club,” Nikki said, her voice softening a bit. She looked up and brushed her bangs away from her forehead. “I know how much you like that jacket, so I decided... what the hell. It's starting to get too warm to wear it anyway. Expect the hostilities to renew once winter rolls back in.”

“I think I can convince you to let me keep it on a permanent basis,” Nora said. The bathroom light turned off and Nikki looked at the door as Nora appeared in the doorway. “I mean, you have to admit... I do look damn good in it.”

And she did indeed look damn fine, Nikki had to admit. At the moment Nora was wearing the jacket, a pair of lace boyshorts, and nothing else. She reached up to tug on the collar, shifting the material just enough to show the inner curve of both breasts. Her hair was down, shading one side of her face, but Nikki could see the playful glint in her eye and the curled lip of her cheeky grin.

Her mouth was suddenly dry, so Nikki wet her lips as she pushed herself up against the headboard. “Oh, my. That, uh, that... that is quite the fashion statement, there.”

“You like it?”

“Uh-huh,” Nikki said. She was only a little bit breathless. She shifted her feet under the blankets. She was wearing an NOPD shirt and black panties, but she didn't want to look too eager by taking either of them off yet. “So. You. Um. Planning to sleep in that tonight?”

Nora shrugged and ran her finger down the lapel. “Maybe...”

“I think I can make a compelling case for you to take it off.”

“Oh? How do I know it's not just a ploy to get the jacket for yourself?”

“Trust me, babe, you won. The jacket is yours, forever and ever.” She pushed back the blankets. “Now come here and get your rewards.”

Nora grinned and took off the jacket. She tossed it onto the chair in the corner as she jumped into bed and drew the blanket up over them.


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