Reflections of Xena and Gabrielle

As the storm was turning toward the sea and the lighting was taking last flashing strikes upon the darken figure of a young woman believed to have been lost in history among her stories .

Xena was her name, a Warrior Princess, who rode her way through the mountains seeking fame among the War Lords, Kings, and Prince or two, hiding behind a shield covering a half human heart shattered with loveless vains .

Looking out the window, Xena circles back in time as it seems to stand still, remembering staggering through life in a vast misty maze, until that day in her Mothers tavern a little blond haired woman/girl saved her from a angry crowd.

The woman/girl wanted to follow and learn of the stars, to tell her stories of the rough road and adventures of she and Xena, her name was Gabrielle.

For reasons unknown Xena let Gabrielle tag along with her, letting the human side in, listening to her stories, crying with her, as well as laughing, holding her in sadness, protecting her when battles occurred.

Gabrielle was her real human contact as a friend, for she had a way of understanding Xena, for she came to be the day Xena accepted her, for she was just a faceless blur among the crowd.

Days seems like weeks, sleepless nights linger in empty darkness, as Xena longs to see Gabrielle again, trying to remember the event that drifted them apart, angry words that had no meaning.

Through turning cycles, from the cross of Caesar to the reconnecting of their lifeless frames through a spited force toward a second beginning, Xena and Gabrielle grew a reincarnation change.

The road was drying dust as Xena walked down a connecting path feeling a lonely tug touching her warming heart as a shadowed figure stands at the connection, as they confront each other with a sisterly bond, walking toward a wall of legends, as they sign their names with Xena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle side kick Amazon Princess beneath.

Reflections of Xena and Gabrielle, time stands still, as their stories, echo through the mountains among the towns and villages.


Georgeanna Lee


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