Sandy was surprised when Andy didn’t part ways with her at the elevator. “Um… you are going to walk me all the way out of the building?” She looked a little confused. “Was there something else you wanted to tell me?”

Chuckling, Andy shook her head and pushed the button for the lobby. “Nah, Miranda just wants me to get her a coffee.” She grinned at her reporter friend. “You’re my ticket through the mob. They won’t bother us if I’m walking with you, and I’ll come back through the loading dock.”

Why not just get someone else to pick up the coffee?”

Off the record?” Andy waited for the woman to agree before she explained. “Miranda wanted me out of the office so she could…impress upon Christian the precariousness of his situation.”

Um… huh?”

Andy laughed and ruffled her bangs a little self-consciously. Talking about this particular subject wasn’t something she was comfortable with. She didn’t like talking to people about Miranda’s personal feelings. “She… didn’t want me to see her threaten him, you know, if he does anything like this again.”

The elevator door opened and Andy chivalrously held it so Sandy could exit and several extremely thin women could enter. One of them checked her out and Andy held her amusement at the irony. It was a completely different reception than what she was used to getting from the clackers. She wondered how Miranda would react to it and then doubted she’d be on the receiving end of any admiration if the editor had been present. Feeling a little playful, Andy pushed the button for seventeen and winked at the models inside the elevator before she let the door slide shut. Sandy continued their interrupted conversation.

Threaten him? Really…?” Sandy blinked. “With something worse than she’s doing now? What would that be?”

Licking her lips, Andy grimaced slightly at the thought. “Um… yeah.” Worse, oh yeah, I should say so. The memory of how furious Miranda was and probably still was made her insides tremble slightly. “This is nothing compared to what she could do… he was very lucky today.” Andy knew that if Christian ever did anything to cross Miranda again, Miranda wouldn't be as lenient. The thought made her shudder. She’ll end him.

The two women walked across the marble lobby picking up a security detail along the way. The uniformed employees protected the two reporters from the crush of their colleagues until they reached the end of the block. They were on their own at that point, but by then the journalists gathered had gotten the idea that they weren’t going to get a quote from Andy and had abandoned the notion of following her in favor of staking out the door for Miranda.

They walked until the Starbucks was in sight before Sandy said her goodbyes. “Thanks for the exclusive, again.”

Andy nodded. “Keep writing the way you do and you’ll get more. When people know that you aren’t going to screw them over in your articles they’ll talk to you.”

Can I ask you a question?” It was something Sandy had been wondering about.

Um… sure.” Grinning, Andy ruffled her bangs a little. “I can’t guarantee an answer though.”

Why don’t you write the articles yourself?” It seemed like the perfect situation to Sandy. Andy had the inside story and she could scoop everyone with any new developments in the relationship.

Ah…” Licking her lips, Andy took a deep breath and thought about that for a moment; trying to organize her thoughts before she attempted to explain them to her fellow reporter. “For me, this is not news, this is my life. I’m only just coming to terms with the fact that other people seem to think it’s news. I’m still not terribly comfortable with details of my life being accessible to pretty much anyone. I won’t report on myself any more than I’ve already done and The Mirror doesn't even have a gossip page. Lisa does the fashion/society articles, but for the most part we don't cover 'stories' like this. I only did it the first time to make sure the truth was printed at least once.”

I see.” Sandy nodded, still a bit confused as to why the editor didn't start a gossip section, especially with a main source of material working at his own paper. They’d reached the front door of the coffee shop and the blonde gave Andy a little wave. “Have a great day. See ya, later.”

Nodding, Andy waved and entered the store. The familiar scent made her smile. It was late in the morning so there weren’t too many people inside and only one other person was in line. Ordering for Miranda almost made her giggle, it seemed like old times and she wondered how fast she could make it back to the office with the scalding drink.


She was on her way back from Starbuck’s when she heard a familiar voice calling to her.

Andy! Wait up!”

Slowing her steps, the brunette took a deep breath and cringed away from her friend slightly. “You gonna yell at me?”

Lily shook her head. “No.” She fell into step next to Andy and winced as she spoke. “I did see you kissing him though, that day in the gallery.”

No.” Andy corrected. “You saw him kissing me, on the cheek. I most certainly did not kiss him.”

That’s true.” Lily agreed.

Um…” Andy ventured. “What, what does Nate have to say about it?”

Lily shook her head. “I don’t know, I haven’t heard from him in weeks. Since before the news about you and Miranda broke.”

Oh, I had wondered why he never called when the news hit. Do you think he’ll be a jerk about this? Side with Christian?” That had worried Andy, because for some reason she always thought Nate was ready to believe that she’d been cheating on him.

I don’t know.” Lily repeated. “But, um… if Nate does start being a jerk about it. Saying he knew that you were with Miranda or whoever...”

That’s not true.” Andy clenched her jaw together briefly. “I wasn’t, we weren’t, not then.”

I know and I’ll tell anyone who asks that Nate is lying. If, and that is a big if really, if he does that, I’ll back you up.” Lily sighed. “The way he left was rotten, taking off while you were in Paris, barely speaking to you before he went to his new job in Boston…”

It was for the best though.” Andy slowed her steps as she made her way up the ramp on the loading dock. “We had grown apart.” She shrugged. “Truth be told, we never really had that much in common to begin with.”

Yeah, I know.” Lily looked at her friend questioningly. “What was up with that? I know we were all friends, but you were both so different I was never sure how you even ended up together in the first place… I mean friends, sure, but more?”

Andy looked around the empty delivery bay and leaned forward to whisper. “It was his eyes,” Closing her own eyes at the memory, Andy smiled. “One look from those eyes and I could just imagine… I had it bad.” She grunted softly to herself and thought. At least I thought I did.

And now?” Lily couldn’t help but tease her friend. “Do Miranda’s eyes capture your imagination too?”

Oh, no.” Andy laughed at the surprised expression on Lily’s face and explained with what Jo would call a ‘sap-filled’ statement, “Miranda’s eyes capture my soul.” She held the door on the express elevator for Lily to enter then, swiped her All-Access visitor badge in the card reader on the panel and pushed the button for seventeen. “There is no real comparison between what I feel for Miranda and what I felt for Nate. If I had to try and explain it I could say in terms of wind velocity what I felt for Nate is what you feel when a car drives past you, and the feelings I have for Miranda… well, they’d probably be measured in terms of a hurricane.”

Lily pressed her lips together, holding back her reaction to that for three whole seconds before she let loose with an awed, “Wow!”

Rolling her eyes, Andy grinned. “Yeah, that’s one of the best words I’ve found so far to describe Miranda.” Her smile softened and her eyes glazed for a moment. “She’s really…Wow.”

Lily grinned wryly. “Better than what you used to call her…”

You…” Andy emphasized the pronoun. “You and Nate used to call her ‘Dragon Lady’ and all the other tabloid spawned names. I only ever called her Miranda.”

They walked off the elevator and Andy led the way through the seldom used back corridors of Runway to Miranda’s office. Using the delivery dock and back way through the offices had cut three minutes off her trip when she used to make coffee runs as Miranda’s assistant. Emily never had figured out how she had been able to bring the coffee back so fast. Lily didn’t pay attention to the twists and turns opting instead to focus on her friend and continue their conversation. “What do you call her now?” Lily grinned at the almost glaring glance that question got her and offered some options, “Sweetie, Honey, Baby…” She couldn’t recall Andy using any endearments when they were all out at the bar the other night.

Andy sighed. “I call her Miranda.” Holding a door open for Lily to walk through, Andy gestured her companion down one of the main halls.

And?” Lily pushed a little. “C’mon… what do you call her when you’re… together… you know, close.”

Lily…” Stopping their journey, Andy turned to look at her long time friend. “When we are ‘close’,” Andy closed her eyes and a visible shudder ran through her. “…I can barely remember my own name, much less try to remember hers.” Twinkling dark eyes took in her companion’s shock and Andy grinned as the continued on their way. “There isn’t usually much talking anyway.”

Lily watched her friend take several steps away before she hurried to catch up. “Okay, I deserved that.”

Damn right you did.” Andy opened the last door and gestured Lily through, pointing to Bethany’s desk. “This is where I used to work.”

Nice.” Lily nodded to the woman sitting behind the desk. “Hello.”

Andy grinned. “I’ll be back in a minute to make introductions…” Carrying her still scalding hot burden through the open doors to Miranda’s office, Andy smiled as she realized why the doors were open. The run through? Wait… “I thought you had this scheduled for tomorrow.” Andy’s eyes widened as Miranda whirled to face her. “Whoa… sorry, I was just sayin’.” She set the coffee on the desk. “I’ll just be going.”

Stop.” Miranda quickly crossed the space between them and wrapped her arms around Andrea’s waist. She searched the young woman’s face, blue gray eyes never left Andrea’s, but the editor spoke to the others in the room. “Give us a minute.”

Andy pulled her fiancée closer, resting the woman’s head on her shoulder. Amused dark eyes flickered to Nigel, Jocelyn and the others. “She means you.” Andy almost chuckled at the mass exodus and hoped Lily hadn’t gotten trampled. Nigel, at least, had the presence of mind to close the door behind them and Andy took the opportunity. Lifting Miranda’s face with two fingers under the woman’s chin, Andy asked softly. “What’s up?”

I don’t know.” Miranda admitted and laid her head back on the broad shoulder. “Nothing really… I just saw you and needed this.”

Well I’m not complaining.” Andy kissed Miranda’s forehead lightly. “I’ll hug you any time you want.” The arms around her tightened and Andy shook her head. “Miranda?” Andy guided the older woman to sit on the couch and sitting next to the upset woman reached out to take the editor’s hands in hers. “Now tell me, what’s wrong?”

This whole thing with Christian and his accusations, now Stephen is getting into the act…he gave an interview to the Star! Can you imagine? He called after you left to tell me all about it.” Miranda sighed, unable to remain sitting she stood and paced. “They have a large circulation though, a lot of exposure. I don’t usually care what they print, but I’m not sure how we can combat this.” It was awful to feel so helpless. Andrea had intercepted her last pacing motion, stopping her in front of her desk in a loose embrace that the editor tightened, fiercely. Miranda trembled not as much in fear of the future accusations, as in anger at the cause.

Andy felt the tremors as she held Miranda and exhaled softly. She knew what she had to do, she had actually known for a long time and had been putting it off. But now, it was time, whether she wanted to or not. Kissing Miranda lightly on the forehead, Andy assured her. “I’ll take care of it.”

Closing her eyes, Miranda let the contact and the words wash over her. Andrea will make everything better. She thought then wondered. “How?”

I’ll do one or two of the talk shows.” Andy smiled softly at her fiancée, “It’ll be easier to just tell everyone the truth than try to counter Stephen’s lies with our own truths in the papers.” They would still have to issue a statement to the printed press, television would reach a broader audience but production took time, she doubted she’d be able to be on any show too quickly.

But, you said you didn’t want to do that…” Miranda looked into Andrea’s eyes and realized the young woman was scared. “… you’re terrified of going on television, yet you are still willing to do it.”

You told me earlier that you would do anything for me. You have to know that goes both ways. I will do anything for you, Miranda.” Andy smiled and tried to relax. “Even go on national television…” The thought made her shudder slightly.

Miranda felt it. “Don’t.” Loving blue eyes bore into her companion. “We’ll find another way.”

Shhh…” Andy pressed her fingers against the editor’s lips. “I will do this, because this is the best way.” Now her brown eyes twinkled. “You could come with me.” She laughed as Miranda’s eyebrows rose. “Or not.” Dropping her fingers from Miranda’s lips, Andy replaced them with her mouth, smiling against the softness as Miranda returned the pressure wholeheartedly. Andy smiled as she wiped a lipstick smudge from the corner of Miranda’s mouth. “Are you still having lunch with Donatella today?”

Yes.” Miranda tilted her head, “Aren’t you still meeting the Good Detective?”

Yes.” She began to release her hold on the smaller woman. “Oh, the girls’ study group is meeting at the house today… they’re going to start taking turns meeting at each others houses during the summer.”

Mmm…” Miranda sighed again. “I can’t get away from here for very long. I can try to get there before the children leave but most likely I’ll have to meet the group the next time they visit.”

Nodding, Andy stepped completely back out of their embrace. “First I have to apologize to Em.”

Miranda’s eyes widened. “Apol…” Two of Andrea’s long fingers again pressed against her lips to stop the protest.

Yes, apologize.” Andy replaced her fingers with her lips briefly and then explained. “I was upset earlier and she said something that annoyed me.” Andy looked around the office, anywhere but at Miranda. “I said something back that made it sound like I could get her fired if I wanted to.” She saw Miranda stiffen and Andy talked fast. “I’m going to apologize and tell her that there is no way that I can influence you in regards to Runway and how you want things here… I know that.”

You can.” Miranda said and stepped closer, her hands resting on they young woman’s waist. “If you really wanted to, you could influence me.” She reminded the young woman. “You have, remember? I wanted to promote Emily on and you talked me out of it.” She smiled. “That is what you were talking about wasn’t it, but Emily took it the other way.” It was a bit disconcerting how easily and well Andrea was learning to bend the truth. “Tell her what you wish, but if I ever hear her saying anything remotely nasty to you she will be out so fast her little red head will spin off.”

I’m pretty sure she knows that.” Andy mentally rolled her eyes; everyone at Runway knew that by now. “I’ll let you get back to work. Jocelyn is waiting.”

Jocelyn will continue to wait until I say otherwise.” Miranda smiled and shifted closer. “Don’t you agree?”

Always agree. Andy thought and smiled as she spoke. “Yes, Miranda.”


Nigel looked at door and smiled. “I’m going to go grab something from my office.” He held up his hands at their collective gasps. “I’ll be back.”

Jocelyn and her crew were crowded in front of Emily’s desk. None of them were sure what to do, should they go back to their departments too? They looked at each other in confusion. Emily rolled her eyes and informed them in her normal exasperated tone. “Just wait. She’ll call you back in shortly.”

One wide-eyed blonde asked the others, quietly. “What do you think they’re doing in there?”

Emily glared at the woman who had spoken and poured as much haughty accent into her tone as she dared. “You will not speculate about that or any other part of Miranda’s personal life.”

Jocelyn translated the comment. “You’re telling us not to even think about it?”

Yes.” Emily focused her attention on her computer screen. “It’s better for everyone that way.” Clicking to open a new page, Emily glanced up at the woman. “Just do your job.”

There is no way we can do that.” They all agreed by nodding at their co-worker’s statement. “Don’t tell us you don’t think about it, Emily.” Jocelyn leaned forward over the redhead’s desk. “I heard you’ve actually seen them…kissing.”

Emily sighed and turned to fully face the women gathered at her desk. “I am only going to say this once, so listen and listen well. They are getting married for God's sake, so yes, they kiss. What I’m telling you right now is that if you begin to let yourself think about Miranda and Andrea, you will not be able to stop yourself when you are in Miranda’s presence. If you are thinking about that, She will know. Do you understand me? It’s better for everyone if you just keep your mind on your jobs. Unless you would rather Miranda take one look at you and know what you are thinking…about them...about Her.”

All their eyes widened perceptibly and their heads, along with the rest of their bodies, began to shake. Most of them murmured to themselves something on the order of, “No… no no.. we don’t want that.” With one satisfied nod, Emily turned back to her task at hand, dismissing the subject from her mind. “Good, just wait until she calls you back.”

Bethany hid her tiny smile behind her own computer screen as she heard the words and watched the women turn to look at the door, waiting for it to open. Despite Emily’s stern warning, Bethany knew every single one of them was trying to picture their white haired boss kissing the young former assistant. She watched them all, and knew none of them could imagine it. None except, a small shudder went through Emily’s thin frame and Bethany knew, her co-worker had no trouble imagining it at all.

Lily watched the office drama and grinned to herself. I’ll bet all their heads would explode if I told them I’d been out drinking with Miranda and Andy not so very long ago. Drinking buddy or not, Lily was also on the outside of the door and she too waited for the women to finish doing whatever it was they were doing. Lily smirked. I wonder if I’ll have to remind Andy what her name is when she comes out.


Miranda…” Andy mumbled against the soft skin of the editor’s neck. “We’re gonna get in trouble…”

Threading her fingers through the young woman’s hair, partially because she loved the feel of it, partially to hold Andrea right where she was, Miranda chuckled. “Remember what I said about being boss?”

Mmm… I remember.” Andy continued her gentle explorations. Finding a lovely ear, she whispered. “It’s your turn at the desk…on the desk…”

No.” Releasing her hold on Andrea, Miranda moved away, taking a deep breath as she went.

No?” Andy followed her fiancée slowly. “Uh… yeah, I’m pretty sure it was me there last time…”

No, I don’t mean ‘No, it’s not my turn’.” Miranda immediately held up her hands to stop Andrea’s quickened advance. “I mean ‘No, that isn’t going to happen’.” The editor smiled and added, “Not today.”

Awww…” Grinning, Andy slid her arms back around Miranda’s middle and sighed. “Ah well, it’s probably a good thing at least one of us is a responsible adult.”

I’m sorry, Andrea, It’s just that…”

Who said I was talking about you?” Andy kissed the end of the editor’s nose. “You’re the one that blows off work on a whim.” She grinned at her beloved, her amused face taking on a serious expression. “Are you okay now?”

Yes.” Miranda allowed herself one more, light, kiss on Andrea’s luscious lips before moving away from the young woman. “I’ll be fine.” Walking to the window, Miranda absently ran her hand across her flat stomach. “I really should get back to the run through.”

Yes.” Andy moved up behind Miranda and slid her hands around the woman’s waist, covering the editor’s restless hands with her own. “But we both know what you really want to do.”

Miranda tried to ignore the arms around her, the warm hands on hers, the warm breath in her ear. “And what’s that?”


Mmm… aren’t we confident today.” Miranda murmured, closing her eyes against the sensations Andrea was igniting in her only served to heighten them.

You don’t think you can, you don’t think it’s appropriate…” Andy grinned mischievously and purposely pitched her voice lower. “But you can have me, Miranda.” She ran her hands up and down the older woman’s arms as she pressed herself against the editor’s back and continued to whisper in her love’s ear. “I’m right here… yours for the taking… you’ve done it before…”

So you’re a temptress now.” Turning in the young woman’s arms, Miranda faced the eyes of a goddess, nearly black with desire. “Andrea…” The editor’s breath caught in her throat, my god those eyes. She managed to speak in a whisper. “… tell me what you want.”

You.” She knew she wanted more than an office quickie could give though, so Andy smiled at the love of her life and leaned down, kissing the woman very gently on the lips. No pressure, no demands, just a light loving kiss with a hint of promise for things to come, later, at home. “I, always, want you. But I know now is not the time…” She straightened and gently arranged the white locks into a good semblance of their previous positions. “… not with an audience outside…” The young woman felt the editor trembling and ran soothing hands up and down her arms. “Easy… s’okay…”

If you had…”

Shhhh…” Andy smiled softly and nodded as she continued her soothing touches. “I know…” If I had pushed it, even a little bit, she would have gone through with it…even with all those people right outside the door. That knowledge, knowing she had that kind of power over Miranda was almost intoxicating. But this was not the time or place for what Andy really wanted, so she took a deep breath to calm herself. “I love you, Miranda.”

I love you too, Andrea.” Miranda smiled and wrapped her arms around her fiancée’s waist. “I do love you so.”

Andy held the woman for several long comfortable moments before breaking the silence. “Better now?”

Yes…” Miranda released her hold and took a step back. “Thank you Andrea, much better.”

I should be going.” Andy pointed to the door with her thumb. “They’re all probably milling around out there driving Emily insane.”

It wouldn’t take much at this point.” Miranda smiled. “The wedding plans are doing quite a good job of that already, I’m sure.”

Should we dump the girls’ birthday on her too then?” Andy hadn’t realized that Emily’s wedding planning duties were that stressful.

She’ll live.” Miranda looped her arm in Andy’s as they walked to the door. “The girls’ party will be priority since it takes place first, but there isn’t that much actual ‘planning’ that needs done with it, a few phone calls to secure the venue, a decorator and caterer…”

Andy nodded as she opened the door with her free hand and smiled as the waiting women gasped. Aware of the audience, Andy tried to disengage her arm from Miranda’s. “Tell Donatella I said hi.”

Miranda chuckled. “She will want to meet you, eventually.”

I’ll meet her at the wedding, right?” Andy looked down into Miranda’s eyes and couldn’t help her hand’s action as it cupped the woman’s cheek gently, her thumb automatically stroking the high cheekbone. “Okay…” She started to drop her hand away, when Miranda’s elegant one caught it and held it in place.

Miranda dismissed the women watching them as irrelevant and focused on Andrea. “I’ll see you at home, tonight.”

Yes you will…” every inch of me. Andy grinned and bent slightly capturing the editor’s lips in a quick goodbye kiss.

Miranda responded in kind; she wanted more, she wanted to drag Andrea back inside her office, close the door to the world and have her way with her beautiful fiancée. Once again the difference between what she wanted and what she got made itself painfully clear as Andrea moved away from her, through the crowd of slack-jawed clackers. “Well?” Miranda addressed the Runway employees. “Have you all just been standing here doing nothing? Where is Nigel??”

I’m here…” Nigel walked back through the doors waving a file. “I wanted you to see this.” He smiled as he moved past Andy. “Hi, Six.”

Andy waved. “Hi.” She snapped her fingers. “Oh, Miranda…” She smiled as pale blue eyes focused on her. “… I have some time before I need to meet Jo, can I show Lily around, take her to see The Closet?”

Of course.” Miranda narrowed her eyes as she took in the outfit the woman was wearing. Bill Blass…Acceptable. “You should call security first and have a visitor's badge sent up.” She tilted her head. “They are very strict about that, how did she get upstairs without one?”

Andy hadn’t even thought about it when she had been walking with Lily. “Through the loading docks… I’ll talk to them about it.”

Very well.” Miranda smiled at the dark skinned woman. “Nice to see you again Lillian.” With a last look at Andrea, Miranda turned and began to deal with Runway business. Not so fast though that she didn’t hear Lily’s response.

You too, Miranda.” The gallery director widened her eyes and turned to her friend smirking. “So… do you remember your name??”

Rolling her eyes at that, Andy walked to Bethany’s desk, sat on the edge and grabbed the phone. “Security…” She waited a moment. “Yeah, Jeff, it’s Andy… I have a friend here with me on seventeen and she doesn’t have a badge… Yeah, well we came in through the loading docks. I was bringing Miranda her coffee and forgot to stop and get her one at the desk,” Andy laughed, “exactly… wouldn’t want it to get cold…we just used my pass to get upstairs. Do we need to come downstairs and get one or can you send one up?” She smiled into the phone. “Great! We’ll be waiting in the reception area of Miranda’s office.” Replacing the phone handset, Andy winked at Lily. “They’ll be up in a minute.” She stood and turned gesturing to the woman at her old desk. “This is Bethany, she has my old job, Second Assistant.” Andy’s hand indicated the woman across the way. “That is Emily, Miranda’s First Assistant.”

In point of fact,” Emily stopped her work on the computer and turned to face her former co-worker, and the visitor. “I have Andrea’s old job. She started out as Second and was promoted over me… then when she left… I again moved up to First and Bethany here is the current Second.” Emily looked at Andy with a significant stare. “Just to be clear.”

I only went to Paris because you broke your leg.” Andy took a deep breath, she couldn’t be sure but close enough to be able to say with conviction. “If you hadn’t been hurt, I would have quit before I was forced to go.” She shook her head at Emily’s disbelief. “How many alterations did you have to do to the clothes I gave you?” She smiled as the redhead opened and closed her mouth. “Yep, that’s right, I got them in your size, not mine.”

Yes, you are so nice and thoughtful…” Emily hissed. “Until you get angry and have me fired.”

I’m sorry I said that… I wouldn’t… I won’t.” Andy exhaled softly and shook her head again, refusing the thought. “I can’t, I don’t have that kind of power with her.”

Bollocks!” Emily abandoned any sense of decorum but kept her voice low so the editor in her office didn’t hear. “You can influence her and we both know it.” She mumbled. “You’ve always been able to.”

Before Andy could respond to that, Jeff walked up to the glass doors and all the women in the reception area looked up as he entered the room. He smiled at them and singled out the one he didn’t recognize. “Hello, I suppose this is for you.” He handed Lily a generic visitor’s pass. “Drop it off downstairs at the desk as you leave.”

Thank you.” Lily took the plastic badge and began to fasten it to her jacket.

Thanks, Jeff.” Andy smiled at the man. “I’m sorry I bypassed security, I just wasn’t thinking.”

It’s not a big thing, Andy.” Jeff’s eyes twinkled. “I asked about it and they said they saw you on the monitors when you accessed the loading dock. We all know you used to go that way when you worked here.”

Andy chuckled. “Thanks for being so diligent.” Deep brown eyes locked with the big man’s. He was in charge of protecting Miranda when she was here, at work, and he’d fallen down on the job once. Andy knew just by the look in his eye and the set of his jaw, it wasn’t going to happen again. He was in charge of Miranda’s safety, but Andy realized that meant the man held her life in his hand’s as well. If anything happens to Miranda… She mentally stopped that line of thought. Dwelling on it just depressed her.

C’mon, Lily…” Andy looped her arm through her friends. “… Let me introduce you to The Closet.” She had time to talk to Emily later about the birthday party. If she didn’t catch the woman tonight when she delivered The Book, she’d come back tomorrow. If Emily was as stressed as Miranda thought over the wedding details, Andy wasn’t so sure it was a good idea to assign the birthday party to her as well. She’d discuss it more with Miranda tonight. Right now she wanted to give Lily the tour. “We can’t stay long though, I have to meet Jo for lunch in a little while.”

To be continued