Part 2

By: Girl Bard 

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December 31, 2001

I sink down into the warm water wearily. I’m not sure why I thought having a huge New Year’s Eve party would be such a fantastic idea, but I’m kind of regretting it now.

I know once I wash up and rest for an hour or so I’ll be fine. And I did have a pretty nice day, hectic getting everything ready, but at least I had the house to myself to run around like a crazy woman since Jaden was at work all morning.

She’s expected home any minute, having the luxury of being able to leave early tonight. She had to work Thanksgiving and Christmas all day and was rewarded by getting tonight and tomorrow off.

If I say that Jaden is burnt out by her job, it would be putting it lightly. Ever since the tragic events of September 11th I can feel her frustration level increasing.

I’m not sure what it means for us, really.

Jaden’s been going through a lot of hard times, her grandmother is failing and she’s been visiting her at least twice a week. The frustration of seeing one of her last living family members get closer to death and the stress of her job is taking its toll on her. Jaden has spoken before about leaving her job and I told her I would support her fully. But I know it’s difficult for her, she’s incredible at what she does and loves it.

I slap the water lightly with my hand. Everything is so confusing.

She hasn’t been the same since that Tuesday in September, and I can’t blame her. I think it affected society in so many ways we haven’t even begun to see some of them yet.

As for me, I’ve been laying pretty low. School and work has kept me pretty busy, and though I’ve been missing Jaden more with the longer hours she’s been working, I’ve had so much to do it hasn’t been as big of an issue as I feared.

Jason has a cute little apartment in Cambridge that he shares with two other boys. I laugh at myself; they are actually only a year younger than I am. He loves his job here, and I am so proud of him. Although he’s just a low-level architect who hasn’t done any major projects by himself, they pay him pretty well and he seems to love living here.

His roommates are fun; two cute gay boys who keep my little brother well versed in the numerous Boston clubs. He’s dating a little bit, but nothing serious right now.

I’ve seen a lot of Jason, and it’s great having him here.

My senior year has kept me insanely busy though, and the winter break has offered no respite. I’m taking four classes over break in order to graduate in May with Kim. It’s definitely worth the work, but I can’t wait until I’m not tired anymore.

Determined to forget all the day-to-day crap I enjoy the warm bubbles and close my eyes briefly. I have about an hour before people will be here, the food is pretty much ready and the house looks great.

All of our friends are coming over, and Jaden and I set up the spare room with lots of blankets and pillows. We’re not letting anyone leave who is even remotely drunk drive anywhere.

I lounge in the bath for a while longer, until my skin begins to prune. Wrinkling my nose I drain the water.

"Gross." I’m always slightly fascinated yet horrified at how gross it looks. And, it reminds me of when Jaden and I were stuck in that stupid lifeboat all night.

A shiver runs down my back.

Good memories tonight only.

By the time I’m dried off, Jaden is home. Wearing nothing more than a skimpy towel I head to the door to greet her.

"Guess who’s naked under this towel?" I call to her in a sing-song voice as I appear in the kitchen.

Jaden greets me with wide eyes and a silly smile on her face. It isn’t until I hear a deep chuckle that I realize she’s not alone. My eyes widen as I spy Steele standing next to her, his mouth agape.

"Harold!" I squeak before turning tail and running to the bedroom.

"I guess you’re naked under that towel?" His deep voice answers as I slam the door behind me, my cheeks red with embarrassment. The towel falls to the floor, forgotten.

A gentle knock on the door doesn’t stop me from burying myself under the covers.

"Hey." Jaden’s voice calls and I hear her creep toward the bed.

"Go away. I hate you." I mumble and she lets out a few giggles. "Don’t laugh at me, you’re mean."

"Sweetheart, I’m not mean." Jaden answers as she flops down on the bed beside me. "I didn’t think to tell you Harry was coming home with me because I didn’t expect your little one-towel greeting party." Goddess love her, she’s at least trying to contain her laughter for my sake.

"Besides." She adds, "I thought you looked pretty sexy running down the hallway with your little butt hanging out."

If possible, my cheeks burn brighter with shame. "It was?"

Jaden’s warm hands travel under the covers to cup the part in question.

"Oh yeah." Her voice turns smoky. "It was. And it was incredible. I’m going to have to wipe that smirk off Harry’s face for days."

Scooting under the covers she joins me, the rough material of her uniform rubbing against my bare skin. "You didn’t change your clothes at the station?"

Her arms snake around my waist. "Nah. We wanted to get out of the city to beat traffic." Kissing my hair I feel her smile. "Besides, I was hoping to shower here with you, but it looks like I was too late."

I slap her arm lightly before resting my hands over hers. "I’m so embarrassed." I groan.

"Why? It’s not like Harry hasn’t seen a naked butt before. Besides, I’m sure he’s jealous that he can’t have you." Jaden’s voice is full of teasing.

"Oh yeah?" I tease back, turning to face her. My hands find their way to her long, thick hair. "I love you."

"Love you." She graces me with a brilliant smile. "Now, come on Flasher, get up and dressed."

Grumbling, I uncover the both of us and start to get up.

Jaden’s strong arms pull me back to her. "Not so fast."

"You were the one who told me to get up." I protest half-heartedly.

"I know." Her breath tickles my neck. "But you’re just so clean and naked that it makes me want to touch every part of you."

"Oh you will. I plan on ringing in the New Year in style." I answer. "But right now, we have a guest in the living room and since you left the bedroom door open I would prefer Harold not to see me completely nude."

Jaden’s head turns to regard the open door. "Good point." She springs up and shuts it before lying back down on the bed, her arms crossed behind her head. "Now, show me what you’re going to wear tonight."

"You’re incorrigible." I mention as I hold out a black mini skirt and a tiny black t-shirt with a silver kitty on the front. It’s a cute outfit, but sexy at the same time. At least I hope so. I wore something like this once this summer and Jaden hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

"Ohhh." Her eyes light up at the outfit I bought while shopping with Kim last week. "I like." She drawls, and I can practically see the drool forming at her lips. "Are you wearing the boots?" Her voice is hushed, bright blue eyes gleaming.

"Yes." I have this pair of black boots that drive her wild. I have no idea why.

Shaking my head at her, I shoo her out of the bedroom so I can change.

She cracks me up sometimes.


By the time I emerge from the bedroom, boots in place and makeup done, Jaden and Steele are seated at the table eating chips and dip.

"Hey!" My hands on my hips, I scold them. "You aren’t supposed to be in the food yet."

Harold’s eyes travel from my boots all the way up to my spiky hair before finally resting on my face.

"Well, Grace, if I didn’t think it was possible for you to look better than in your towel…" He leaves the statement unfinished as Jaden punches his arm.

"Shut up." She growls before standing up and facing me. "You look gorgeous." Her long fingers tickle my bare knee. "Really gorgeous."

I blush. "Thanks." Clearing my throat I look them up and down. Harold has changed to jeans and a dark green Henley, which compliments his muscular frame. Jaden, however, is still in uniform. I give her a little push to the bedroom. "Go change."

She gives me a mock salute. "Aye aye Sgt. Flasher."

As she retreats I chase her, smacking her butt for good measure. "Do not call me that!" I threaten, knowing she just found a nickname for me that I’ll never live down.

Turning around, I point a finger at Harold. "Don’t say anything."

He holds his hands up in self-defense. "Do you need any help with anything?" His face is innocent, causing me to smile.

"Yeah, you can start getting everything out of the fridge and put it on the counter." I look at the two dogs who are contentedly chewing bones on the floor. "Did Jaden take them out?"

"No. Do they need to be walked?" He asks hopefully.

"If you’d like." I say offhandedly, knowing he’ll jump at the chance. He loves them, and they love him right back.

"Sure, I’ll be back in a few." Within seconds he has them leashed and is out the door. We thought for a while about getting him a puppy, but he does work a lot. Besides, I think he loves being a doting uncle for our two.

I finish getting all the food ready and make sure there are plenty of drinks in the fridge. Jaden and I bought this cool margarita bucket thing that you put in the freezer and it makes perfect margaritas. Joe is bringing over a ton of alcohol and will be the official drink mixer. They should be here any minute.

As if on cue, there is a brief knock on the door and Joe sticks his head in. "Is this party central?"

"Get in here." I laugh as he and Di come in. "Hey guys!" I hug them both; it’s been an entire week since we last saw them.

"Wow, Grace you look great!" Diana exclaims, looking gorgeous herself. She’s lost most of the baby weight but is curvy as ever and her burgundy shirt looks gorgeous with her dark brown hair.

"You too." I compliment her as Joe busies himself with the drinks. He loves playing bartender. "How are the kids?"

Di rolls her brown eyes. "Kasey hasn’t stopped using her karaoke machine yet." She mentions, talking about the present Jaden and I got her for Christmas. "JJ is good, still in his drooly stage."

I grin, last week the baby turned Jaden’s sweater into a sticky, slimy mess. He’s teething and miserable right now.

"My sister is watching them tonight, and offered to keep both of them if needed." She adds and Joe grins. "But we probably won’t stay, since I can’t drink anyway." Because she’s nursing, Di said she’d drive anyone home tonight that needed a ride.

"Hi." Jaden greets them, emerging from the bedroom.

"Wow." Di states, smiling slowly. "You look.."

"Hot." I finish. She looks like I have never seen. I guess someone went shopping for a few of her own surprises. Wearing the black leather pants I bought for her last Christmas, she has on a tiny, incredibly tight light blue shirt that reveals just enough of her midriff. Her hair is down around her shoulders and parted in the middle.

But the real surprise is her makeup; she actually has some on. Not a lot, but enough. She looks stunning.

Another knock on the door shakes me from my reverie. "Come in." I call, still staring at my partner.

The dogs run in, wet from the snow outside, excitedly prancing around the guests. After they say hello to everyone they return to their chewy bones in the living room. I shake my head bemusedly at them.

"Thanks Harold." The tall man smiles before slapping Joe on the back and beginning their typical male bonding rituals.

Diana busies herself with the food; making sure everything is perfect and I walk over to where Jaden is standing.

"You look so hot." I tell her, running my hands over her exposed stomach. "I’ve never seen you wear anything like this."

"Tonight is special." She says as she hooks her arms around my waist.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." Jaden smiles slowly, revealing perfect white teeth. I grin back at her, my nose crinkling with the effort.

She gives me a quick nip on the nose with her teeth, causing me to giggle. It’s so nice to have her so playful; the past few months have been so tense for her.

"Excuse us, lovebirds." Kim’s voice causes both of our heads to turn.

I blush and grasp Jaden’s hand. "Sorry."

"Guys, this is Emma." Kim introduces us to the blonde next to her. She’s very pretty, in a natural way; and I can’t help but immediately like her warm smile as she extends her hand to me.

"Emma, my best friend Grace and her partner Jaden." Kim states as the blonde shyly shakes Jaden’s hand.

"Nice to finally meet you." I tell her, trying to put her at ease. "Kim has told me so much about you."

"All good, I hope." Emma responds, ducking her head slightly.

"Of course." I reassure her. "Come on, let me introduce you to everyone." I link my arm in hers and lead her over to Joe and Harold who are throwing various fruits into the blender.





"Wow, she’s pretty." I tell Kim after Grace and Emma walk away.

"Yeah, she’s great." Kim responds, her hazel eyes dancing. "I really thought that after Stacey, no one could ever compare, you know? But as soon as I met Emma I felt something between us, stronger than it ever was at the beginning with Stacey."

"Do you ever talk to her?" I ask about Stacey and Kim shakes her head.

"No. It stinks, because she was a great person. She just had a lot of bad experiences in her past that she couldn’t work through." Kim meets my eyes, a resolute expression on her face. "But I wouldn’t trade my time with her, she was great. And if I had never met her, I might not have met Emma." She smiles again.
I elbow her to let her know I’m joking. "What’s it with you and shy girls?"

Kim blushes. "Wouldn’t you like to know."

I chuckle and leave her to say hello to Sam and Eva who just walked in.



A few hours later, the party is swinging in full force and everyone is having a great time. There are tons of people here; most of them I know but a few of the unfamiliar faces are people’s dates.

Jason’s roommate Dan is in charge of the music, Joe is a great bartender, and Grace is definitely the hostess with the mostest. The music is great, lots of cool songs to dance to and we’ve pushed all the furniture back against the walls to give everyone lots of room.

She looks so good and those boots drive me wild. Her legs are bare and that little black skirt is so short and I feel like I have to be on guard to beat up anyone who even looks at her.

It’s nice to be able to catch up with everybody. Things have been so busy with work that I haven’t felt all that sociable.

Warm hands snake around my waist, causing my skin to break out in goosebumps.

"Hey sexy." Grace’s voice, slightly slurred, greets me. I start to turn around, but her firm hands keep me where I am.

Her breasts press against my back and I can feel her nipples through my thin shirt. When her hips start moving against mine, I know she must be drunk. She’s been drinking pretty steadily since the onset of the party, and she is normally much to shy to dance like this.

Grace’s wandering hands wander up to tease the undersides of my breasts. She hisses loudly in surprise.

"You’re not wearing a bra?!"

"Nope." I tell her, smirking. She moans before boldly cupping my breasts.

"Grace!" I admonish her and she laughs behind me, her hands remaining. Her hips continue to press in to my butt, causing my stomach to flutter.

She won’t stop her sensual assault, her hands leaving my breasts and moving down my sides. My nipples are hard, easily visible through my shirt. She continues touching me for a few more seconds, but when one wandering hand lowers itself in-between my thighs, our little free show sexscapade is over.

I turn around forcefully, my eyes blazing. She smiles at me, her blue-green eyes dark with arousal. Her face is flushed and her heavy breathing matches mine.

"Bedroom." I tell her and she nods, grabbing my hand and racing toward our room. Thankfully it’s empty except for the dogs who are curled up in their beds. They had enough of the crowd an hour or so ago and I saw them slink into our room to get some sleep.

I shut the door behind us. Grace stumbles over to the bed, but I have other ideas.

Reaching out, I grab her wrist and pull her toward me. I turn her around, pressing her up against the door roughly.

The fire in her eyes tells me that she’s enjoying this as much as I am.

"What did you think you were doing out there?" I tell her before biting her earlobe. She groans as her hands run up and down my back. "You didn’t care who saw you touching me, did you?" I nibble down her neck, pulling her shirt up with my hands. Her stomach muscles jump under my touch.

"You haven’t answered me." I tell her before cupping her soft breasts. Her nipples are hard, straining against the delicate silk of her black bra.

"I didn’t care." She answers defiantly. Her mouth searches for mine, but I kiss the other side of her neck instead. Grace groans is disappointment.

"How would you like everyone to see me touching you like that?" I ask her, releasing her breasts and moving down to the bottom of her skirt. It takes no effort to pull it up around her hips.

She has a silky black pair of panties on that are just begging to be taken off. With a flick of the wrist they are down and she sighs, spreading her legs for me.

I moan, pressing my hips into hers. "You didn’t answer me again."

"What?" She is distracted by the thrusting of my hips.

"I asked if you would like me to touch you in front of everyone." I repeat, and her cheeks flush. It’s probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

"No. Only you." Her voice is low, her hips bucking into mine.

"You want me to touch you?" I ask, my fingers teasing up the inside of her thigh. I can feel her wetness already and I want nothing more than to sink my fingers inside her and fuck her senseless.

"Yes." She gasps, moving her hips down as she attempts to impale herself on my fingers.

"You would?" I tease her again, smirking.

"Jaden." Grace demands. "Do. Not. TEASE." She orders, her eyes flashing like dark emeralds.

I finally kiss her, sliding my fingers up inside her at the same time. She screams into my mouth, her inner walls clenching around my fingers as I start to move them inside her.

It is bliss, feeling her slickness on my fingers and her mouth claiming mine.

Her hips buck against my hand as I increase my speed, our mouths locked together frantically.

"I’m so close." She murmurs into my mouth and I groan before latching my mouth onto her neck. She tastes so good, I can’t stand it. I just want to taste her everywhere.

"10!" A shout rises from the living room and I know they are all counting down to the New Year.

This causes me to increase my thrusts; my thumb finding its way to her swollen clit. I gently caress it and she lets out a cry of pleasure.



"1!" I hear our guests call, "Happy New Year!" The same time Grace screams, "JADEN!"

Kissing her on the lips I silence her release as I continue to pump in and out of her. Her muscles clench around my hand and before trapping it in her thighs. My other arm holds her upright as her legs fail her. She moans into my mouth until I have to pull away just to breathe.

Finally, her contractions stop and she looks up at me with dazed eyes. Her face is flushed; her pupils dilated, and her lips are parted. She is beautiful.

"Happy New Year." I tell her before gently kissing her. Grace returns my kiss, her delicate lips soft against mine.

"I said I wanted to ring it in, huh?" She asks, her eyes twinkling. We gaze into each other’s eyes like the lovesick fools we are for a few more minutes before Grace runs a hand through her mussed hair. "We should get back to the party."

"Yeah." I tell her as I step away. I watch bemusedly as she straightens her wrinkled clothing and glances in the mirror before opening the door.

She takes my hand, leading me back into the living room. Where she chooses to ignore everyone’s knowing looks, I put my head up and proudly smirk before going into the bathroom to quickly wash my hands.

Returning, I find Grace chatting with Kim and Emma, her face beet red. I’m sure Kim is giving her some shit, based on the curly-haired blonde’s loud laugh. Grabbing two drinks from Joe, I hand one to Grace. As suspected, Kim immediately shuts her mouth, and gives me a wide smile before taking a sip of her drink.

"Nice work on that hickey." Emma nods toward Grace’s neck and compliments me, causing both Kim and I to spit out our drinks.

I look at the shy blonde in astonishment and Grace pats her arm; saying, "Emma, I think you’ll fit in just fine here."

Kim and I share a look before cracking up.


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