Erin Slattery is the sole owner/operator of Family Detective Services. When presented with the chance of returning to her parents beloved homeland of Ireland, Erin jumps at it. Erin finds the family she lost over 25 years ago and that some secrets need to see the light of day for there to be a happy ending.

This my first try at this writing thing, so please be kind! All characters are figments of my imagination, but they are mine, so please leave them to me and my mind. Thanks to all those who pushed me to submit, I love all of you!

The Perfect Day


I hear you pull into the drive as you come home from work. I hear the truck door slam shut. Even that speaks of the self confidence that I see in you everyday.

The back is opened and the dogs take this one last chance to get out of the house. After they are back and the house is locked up again, I hear your slow steady walk towards the bedroom.

I roll over as you walk in, you smile and place soft butterfly kisses on my head asking how I am tonight. I reply that I'm happy now that you're home. You head off to the shower to clean off the sweat from the shop at work. I decide I'm going watch. I feel that slow building thrill whenever I think of you naked with water falling from your body.

I slowly walk into the bathroom, as quietly as possible. I know you know I'm there, I can see your shoulders shake. I open the curtain and sit on the throne, which conveniently enough allows me the perfect view of you!

As you turn around to look at me, your eyes catch mine. Without moving your eyes, you reach over grabbing the soap. You suds up your hands, running them up and down your body. As your hand comes to your breasts you tug at your nipple ring, making it as hard as a rock! I slowly lick my lips and feel all fluid rush south. You seem to know exactly what I want.

As you rub, pinch and pull with on hand, your other hand is moving south. It slowly laces it's way through you downy hair. Taking two fingers you pull apart your lips. I see a glint of gold. I slowly rise to my feet and move towards the shower, removing my jams in the span of five seconds.

As I reach you I remove your hands, replacing them with mine. My mouth moves over your nipple as my hands move to take over. I look up, you are at your most beautiful. Head thrown back, chest heaving as your breath comes out in pants.

My fingers play with your clit ring, gently pulling. Flipping it from one side to the other. I stop my slow sucking of your breast. Sweeter treasures await as I fall to my knees.

Suddenly I feel myself being pulled up. I look at with a question in my eyes. “I don't you to hurt yourself or me! Let's go to bed Leannan.” You hold out your hand for me.

I slowly open my eyes when I hear a noise in the kitchen. The door is closed, locked and then the key is tossed on the counter. I feel a sudden dip on the bed, I roll over and smile.

My Muirnin is home from work, all's right with my world again. I think back to my dream as I watch you head into the bathroom to shower off the nights work.

“Boy are you in for a surprise Sweetheart!” As I get out of bed and head to the bathroom.....

So begins my perfect day!




The Morning.


Because of the nature of well, me, I'm up with the sun. Also because of the fact that I kept you awake well into the night I decided to let you sleep in. It's not like we have anything really important to do. Just the usual things couples do. I let the dogs out to do their morning whatever. I think of walking them, but decide to wait for you to wake up.

Breakfast is nothing special, just some cold cereal. After I eat I take the handful of pills that I've taken for over 30 years. I step into the that only a few hours ago I stepped out of. After getting dressed I stand over the bed looking at you.

You are so beautiful! I can't believe that for once in my life I've hit the lotto. That's how I feel. There is always that nagging thought this is a dream. Who would want an middle-aged sick woman. But I shake my head. We've been together now for over five years and it looks like we will be together till the end.

I lay down next to you, running my fingers up and down your perfect back. I smile when I remember back to a day when I imagined your back. Long, strong and smooth as a babies butt. Boy was I right! Actually I was wrong only in that your muscles are harder then I had ever imagined.

I'm mesmerized by the twitching that begins to happen to your body as you slowly awake. You roll over and begin to play with your nipple ring. Which we both know gets me so excited. I shake my head and move your hand away. You open one eye slightly, and I can see the twinkle of mischief that I love.

Once again you try to play with yourself, again I move your hands away. I slowly bend over and cover your nipple with my mouth. The contrasting feel of your warm nipple and the cold steel of the piercing makes my mind twist. That is the only I can describe it, you are always amazed that I can't come up with a better description, considering I love to work the words, as I call it.

Your arms start to go around my as I start to lay on top of you. I seriously think about grabbing the cuffs out of the bedside table, but mentally shake my head. Although I do think we should get ourselves a headboard of some kind.

Groaning, I pull myself from that particular fantasy as my hand moves south. I reach under your boxers and slowly follow your landing strip. I remember the first time you mentioned how you shaved, my chest tightened and my imagination went off on it's on.

As I tap you, I hear you groan. Never being a shy lover you push my head down to follow my fingers. As I slide south my mouth waters at what is to come.

As my tongue slowly swipes your clit I feel the slickness of you. Then as my tongue explores the rest of you, my tongue now encounters your piercing. For as long as I've known about this, it still surprises me. I honestly didn't think I'd ever come across anyone else who got excited just by playing with your lips. At least you didn't until I came along anyway, but then again, it's not something that one talks about in public conversation. Sometimes even private ones!

As I suck your clit into my mouth my fingers enter the soft center of you. I feel your walls close around me as your hips reach up asking for more. I withdraw and add another finger. Meanwhile my tongue is slowly flicking itself across the tip of your clit. As my fingers move in and out, my tongue moves faster and faster.

I can feel you reaching the edge, so I slow down. I want to make sure I have your FULL attention. As I slowly start up again I can hear your groans getting louder. I wonder for one brief fleeting second if the window is open, then I don't care anymore.

As I suck harder on your clit, I start to push harder and harder into you. As I feel your walls start to tighten around my fingers I suddenly move my mouth to your opening. I want your cum in my mouth. I love the taste! You have never denied me this pleasure.

All at once I hear you scream “LEANNAN!!!” Suddenly my mouth is full of you. The nectar of my Muirnin. Life is good.

You move your arms to my breasts. As much as I want this, we don't have the time. We have things to do before you go to work.

“Get your lazy ass out of bed Muirnin!” I slap your butt as I head to the bathroom. Removing my clothes as I go. I know we will make love in the shower, and I am so looking forward to it. It was never anything I really did in my life pre-Jeni. I've found that I REALLY like it. I feel the air behind me cool as you get into the shower with me. I feel your hands wrap around me. Making me feel like the most loved woman in the world. I never thought I would ever feel this. I'm amazed every day of my life I found you.

After our shower you have your coffee and we then take the pooches for a long walk. We talk about everything and nothing at the same time. We walk over to the bluff and sit. It's so nice to find someone else who isn't afraid of the silence. Politics, the state of the world as we know it. Everything and nothing. Finally we talk about vacations. Yours is coming up and we still have not decided what to do. Stay home or go away for the week. We've not gone anywhere for a couple of years. With your birthday coming up during that free week I would like to go someplace special for you. Someplace you have always wanted to go.

After not coming up with any place right away, we put the discussion off for another time. Glancing at my watch, I get up. Suddenly I'm pulled down again.

“I love the way you woke my up this morning sweetheart. What brought that on?”

“Nothing special baby. I just love you and felt this need to touch you. You know me, when I want to touch, I just touch.”

As we walk back to the house for some late lunch for me and an early dinner for you we talk about what I should cook for dinner on Saturday night. We have friends coming over and I want to make something special for them. We finally decide on My Dilly Salmon.

As we turn onto our street the dogs are happy to get home. They don't like these long walks we take. I don't care, these walks, long or short, are one of the best parts of my life with you.

I watch you get ready for work. I love watching you dress, I have no idea why either. Just always have.

I know, its odd, but it sort of fits with me, cause I'm a tad odd.

“So tomorrow we'll go to the store? The fish will be fresher that way. Maybe pick up a sweet potato or two, fry those up.” I watch as you put your cap on. I love you in your various caps. Again, I'm odd.

“Yeah that works. We should probably stop by F&F also. I need some new socks and maybe some other things. Treats for the kids.”

As you swing your pack onto your back I push a bag into your hands.

“Here I made something for your break later. Will you be able to call me?” I ask the same question every night. I figure you must get tired of hearing it. But if you do, you indulge me.

“Of course I'll call you Leannan. I love talking to you. It makes my day move faster. I know it's not, but I like having something to look forward to.” You give me that little smile of yours, which I just love. It means so many things! You lean in to give me a kiss before you leave for the night.

“I love you so much it hurts Muirnin! Please be safe tonight. Will you wake me tonight when you get home?”

“Will I wake you? Hmm let me think about it.” You laugh as I swat your ass. Still as tight as it's been since I've been able to openly touch it. “Of course I'll wake you if thats what you want. I love it when you're half asleep. You get all cuddly and mushy.”

One more kiss and you are out the door. I suddenly remember something. I run out the door just as your truck hits the end of the drive.

“WAIT!” I yell. “I forgot something baby.”

“What's that?”

“This.” I yank open the door and pull your head down and give you a kiss that would take you to your knees if you had been standing. Sometimes it's nice when you are down at my level.

“OK Sweetie, you can leave now. I'm done.”

“You expect me to work now? You are a truly an evil woman my love!!” With that you slowly close the door taking a deep breath, never once taking your beautiful brown eyes off of mine.








I wake up feeling like a caterpillar wrapped in a cocoon. Your arms are wrapped around me, making me feel safe and very loved. I roll over glancing at the clock. It's still too early for you to be up, so instead I just look at you. Your hair is mashed to your head as you showered after you came home from work. As I trace your arm with my fingers I can feel your breath catch. I know you're starting to wake. I should stop, but I can't. I love touching you, always have, that has not changed over the five years we've been together.

I watch as your brow starts to rise. I sigh, start to get out of bed. You need your sleep and I've got to feed the critters, then let them outside.

“Where do you think you're going Leannan? Were you trying to start something?” I'm suddenly underneath 150 pounds of muscled woman.

“Who me?” I innocently remark.

“Yes, you. You sneak. Don't you know by now that I feel it every time you touch me? Even when you just use your eyes. It's always been that way. I know when you're in the room, when you're looking at me. It constantly sends shivers down my spine. So YES, you!”

You growl as your tongue invades my mouth.

I groan as I feel your fingers moving up my leg. I spread my legs so you can settle between them. After reluctantly breaking the kiss I turn to her.

“You need more sleep. It's going to be a long day and you didn't get to sleep until late. I need to take care of the critters and do a little cleaning up. Or have you forgotten we are having company tonight?”

“Nope, and I've had enough sleep. I'm good to go, but I do know that we have more then a few things to do. I'll get up and shower while you feed the dogs. But this is not over! We have a date tonight after company leaves!!” With that you head to the shower.

I reluctantly watch you leave the room, then head to the kitchen to let the dogs out and get started on some things.



After hitting Farm and Fleet we are in the truck headed to the Farmers Market downtown. They always seem to have the freshest fish around. At least during this time of year. We decide to grab a cup of soup for lunch. Well, I grab some Clam Chowder and you grab a bowl of Chili and a corn muffin. You and your addictions! But at least they are harmless addictions!

As we sit to eat we just people watch. A woman walking towards us in her 1960's peasant dress looks very familiar.

“Nancy, what the hell are you doing here?” I get up and give her a hug, you waiting patiently to do the same.

“Had to bring one of the cats down to the Cat Doctor and now I'm just waiting for Jack to pick me up? What are you two doing here? Sis, you going to finish that soup?” As I shake my head you reach for my spoon. With a fast remark about germs you dig in.

You slowly shake your head and then go get me a bowl of Chili. This happens all the time. I keep thinking that I'll find a bowl of Clam Chowder that is comparable to Joe's Chowder back east in PTown. It's been over three years since we've been there, and I never find one to compare. I always end up eating most of your chili! So this time you just hand over your spoon before getting another bowl. I chuckle softly as you return to the table with it.

“You will never learn Leannan! Maybe one day you can get Joe's recipe and make the damn stuff yourself.”

“Actually I have the recipe Munchkin. I just have a hard time finding clams. It also makes about two quarts of the stuff. What if it doesn't turn out? Then we are stuck with it. I hate wasting food like that! OMG, Bama just came back to haunt me!”

Meanwhile Nancy finished the soup and started laughing. We both look at her wondering what's so amusing.

“That happens to Jack all the time. Channeling your mother! It's very scary. He also channels your father at times.”

“Now that's scary!!” I remark.

“So what are your plans for the rest of the day? You two down here for any special reason? Sis I'm betting you won't leave without your Kern's mint meltaways!! You chocoholic!”

Noticing your smirk, I kick you under the table. I laugh at the hurt look on your face. Big tough butch my ass!

“Yeah yeah. Bite me Sister-in-law.” Pretending to be hurt. I can't and end up laughing with the two of you.

“We are down here to pick up some Salmon for tonight. Couple of friends coming over for dinner and drinks. I thought that maybe I would cook that Dilly Salmon recipe. I haven't cooked that in a while. As long as I don't put a salmon patty in front of Stud here, she will eat anything!” Now it's my turn to get kicked under the table!

“Bitch!” I smirk at her.

“You two are so disgustingly sugary! There are times I wish Dan acted more romantic. Good thing I'm strictly dickly Stud, or I'd give you a run for your money! Speaking of dickly, Jack! Over here. Look who I found.”

The little brother comes over, gives Amy and I a hug then turns to you. Suddenly you two are off into your own little word of engines, boilers and just guy stuff. It's amazing! There are times I think Jack likes you more then me. Nancy and I mention that we are going to go get the fish and candy. With an absent wave the two of you never even see us leave.

After close to an hour of small talk with Nancy you and Jack finally come back. I honestly didn't think there was that much to do at the market!

After a few hugs and various goodbyes Amy and Dan left and we were headed to the truck. We had a few things to do get done before the troops arrived for dinner. And one of them did not include cooking! Although it may include utensils!

You decided to mow the lawn while I got the house picked up a little. I often wonder how we ended up with the chores divided the way we are. You have taken on the more butch roles will I'm doing the more womanly roles. Which does not bother me, but I do like to pull out the butch card now and then!

As I stand in front the sink cleaning up a few pans, I feel you come into the kitchen. I can also smell you. It's a combination of sweat and lust. I wonder to myself what you were thinking of as you mowed. If you're anything like I used to be, you're horny as hell!

I feel you standing behind me slowly moving into me. Wrapping you arms around me, with your hands resting on my stomach. Slowly, oh so slowly you start to rub my stomach. Your hands moving in bigger and bigger circles until you finally are softly touching my nipples. Soon both hands just massages them. Rubbing them hard with each passing moment. I can feel the heat move from my nipples to my pussy. One hand has moved south and slowly works it's way into my shorts.

I try to turn around but you have me pinned to the counter. The only part of me that is able to move is my head. I tilt it back resting it on your shoulder, presenting you with my neck. You seem to enjoy this as suddenly your lips are attached to it. I feel your tongue come out and start to lick up to my ears. You start to teeth on my ear lobes. I am so grateful I didn't wear earrings this morning! You know exactly what biting my earlobes does to me. I feel myself start to fall, but your arms keep me from hitting the floor. As you take away your mouth I hear myself moan in disbelief!

“What are you doing?! Put them back!! Please.” I'm begging now. I have never in my life begged for anything. You have changed that in me. Still not sure I like it, but you seem to.

You start to move backwards, taking me with you. You turn and suddenly I'm walking backwards to the kitchen butchers block. I feel your hands move away from the pleasurable task of you feeling me up and grip my hips.

“Jump baby, please?” you murmur into my neck.

I bend my legs, doing your bidding. You help me by lifting me onto the center island butcher block. You slide me back into the middle of the island.

In the span of just seconds you have my naked and splayed out like a turkey! I still have no idea how you did that, not that I really care!

You pull back, softly asking me to open my eyes and look at you. I comply, always loving to watch you as you make love to me. That is exactly what it is, we have never just fucked. We have both been used like that in the past, neither one of us enjoying the connotations behind it. By silent agreement we just knew we would never use each other like that. Just like neither one of us would purposely masturbate in front of each other. Teasing and testing to control the other.

My mind comes back to you as your mouth slowly descends my body as your hands ascend my legs.

You know exactly how my body responds to you. You also love to try new little things on me, surprising me no end at times. Whoever said sex wanes as age sets in didn't know what they were talking about!

Suddenly I feel something completely different. I raise my head to look down into your eyes. All I get from you is your wiggling eyebrows and a slow sexy wink.

“When did that happen?” I'm finally able to ask.

“Oh I have my little secrets Leannan!” I can feel you smile against me.

Your hands have finally made up my thighs. Your fingers begin to massage me as your tongue slowly flattens out and runs itself up me, stopping to slowly lick my clit, like you're eating a popsicle! The new studded ball that now graces your tongue adds a new sensation take is almost hard to describe.

“OH MY FECKING GOD! If you stop I may just have to hurt you! That feels, well, I'll figure it out later.”

Your tongue goes back to licking around my opening again, occasionally dipping in. The ball against my walls is enough to send me over the edge, but you sense this and pull out. You move back up to my clit as your fingers spread me out and start to enter me. Suddenly you stop. I look down at you, you're staring back up at me with a look I've not seen for some time.

I knew something was coming but I had no idea what it was. I braced myself for the adventure to come. You pulled your hand back and slowly lifted it up so I could see what you were doing. I watched as your first two fingers were held together and you slowly moved a sleeve over them. I noticed that the surface of them seemed to have little bumps all over it. Then with a wicked smile you stuck out your tongue.

What I saw almost made me cum right there! On it were the same bumps that now held your fingers together. I could feel my moan start at my feet and raise to my lips. It was as low, long and sexy as I've ever made. I watched in fascination as your nipples hardened at the moan coming from me.

“It was a special at the store. How could I possibly pass it up?” You quip as your head went back between my legs.

I could feel the juices flowing out of me and you hadn't even touched me with it yet! I was in trouble, and I hoped that I would be able to walk when company got here!

As I felt your tongue touch my clit again all reasonable thought left my mind. Suddenly the gloved fingers were back at my opening. Noticing you didn't need to bother with any lube by this time, you again opened me up. You slowly entered me with the “special” as I've decided to call it. It had just enough roughness to it that I started to buck within seconds after you entered me. As you pumped in and out my hips rose and fell in rhythm with you. As your tongue moved faster and faster so to did your fingers. As I approached the cliff of my desire you slowed down. I was ready to kill you when you started over again. This time though you didn't stop!

As I felt my walls close around your fingers and my clit grew hard, my mind exploded in colors. The sensations wracking my body were beyond any I had ever felt before. That you made them happen was all the more special to me.

Your head was resting on my stomach as my mind finally arrived back to my body. I don't know who much time had passed, but our breathing was no longer labored. I figured we must have fallen asleep. I glanced down at your head, weaving my fingers through the short hair the was sticking out in all directions. I loved your hair. It was the softest I've ever felt. You keep it buzzed on the sides, so when you make love to me I end up with a small case of razor burn on my thighs, but that just adds to my excitement.

I glance over at the clock to see how much time I have to make love to you.

“HOLY SHIT!!! Wake up Muirnin!! Everyone will be here in twenty minutes and I still have to put the fish in the oven. SHIT SHIT SHIT!” I jump off the kitchen island dragging you with me, heading towards the shower.

As we stand under the shower, I remark to you,

“Just you wait, when you least expect it you will get yours in spades!”

I hear you chuckle above my head as you wash my hair. I turn to look at you.

“Oh my Leannan I am so looking forward to that. I can't wait! Tonight maybe?” You ask with hope in your voice.

“No comment!” We dry each other off, knowing that we will barely have time to get the fish in the oven. As we walk toward the kitchen we hear the doorbell ring.

“Damn them, don't they know what fashionably later means?” I swing the door open to greet our friends.

“Right on time! I have to go put the salmon in the oven, so make yourselves comfortable! Honey, could you get them a beer?” I kiss you on the lips then walk into the kitchen just as I hear a voice say,

“Damn, what did you do Jeni, she seems to walking funny!” Followed up by some laughter. My consolation is that I know that you are turning at least five different shades of red. You get more embarrassed about the teasing then I do! I know this from experience.

The End

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