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Summary: During the episode ‘Heart of Darkness’ Xena and Gabrielle realise their desire for each other can no longer be held in check, especially in the aftermath of the dance. They decide to do something about it…


Desires in the Dark

Never had she felt like this. It was intoxicating. She felt alive, the darkness entering her body not as unwelcoming as one would have first believed. And although a part of her brain kept in mind the reality behind the situation, she wanted to experience as much of this freedom as possible before its end.

Taking another sip from her goblet, Gabrielle glanced at the man stretched out next to her. It was a little weird for her to be having these urges towards the son of one of her closest friends, but on this particular night, her mind seemed to have no say in how her body was going to react. Virgil was a good looking man, and she’d be damned if she let the opportunity to get some actual pleasure slip away.

She laughed and stopped him as he tried to pour more wine into her goblet, “I’ve had enough.”

He looked at her knowingly, “Perhaps, but it’ll help us bridge a gap more quickly since we last saw each other.”

She giggled slightly again, touching his lips with her fingers, “You mean it would make me drunk…and loose.”

“No-one understands my words better than you Gabrielle.” He answered, as if it were the most obvious and logical thing in the world for him to be attempting seduction.

Going along with her body’s reactions, she leaned in and captured his lips in a kiss, not thinking about the consequences of such an action. It wasn’t soft, but needy; both knowing there was something within them that needed quelling. The music from the room and the other couples didn’t matter. Xena’s plan didn’t matter. Gabrielle wanted the satisfaction her body craved, and she wanted it now.

Eyes bore into them from across the room. Lucifer sat, watching as the bard not-so-carefully caressed Virgil’s body with her hands and teeth. It interested him to see such a blatant display of desire from the blonde. Someone he had, over the years, come to believe to be much more reserved in her sexual exploits.

Xena leaned over his shoulder, glancing at the pair herself. Her eyes more focused on the bard, taking in her movements, watching her mouth as she kissed and caressed her partner. It sent strange jealousy vibes through her body, and a part of her wished she could be in Virgil’s place.

“Your friends seem to be enjoying themselves,” she heard Lucifer comment. It pulled her back from whatever fantasy she had just lost herself in, and allowed her to concentrate more on the reason for all this.

“Almost as much as you seem to enjoy watching them.”

He turned to smirk at her, “I’m an angel Xena. That’s what I do.”

“Well there’s nothing to keep you one forever is there?” she began, before trying to convince him to stay on Earth. It was a good plan, but at that moment, only half her mind was focused on what she was saying. The other half began thinking of a way to achieve one of her sudden fantasies. She had to know if she could easily turn Gabrielle from Virgil.

It was an issue they had skirted around for years now. Xena knew that there was something deeper than friendship between the two companions, but it not being something she thought about too often, she had decided to let it take its course. When it was time, it would be time. If it was never meant to be, then she would know. She had a feeling Gabrielle felt it too, this ever present attraction and connection between them, and she had to believe that when they were both ready, one of them would make a move.

It felt rather odd to be having all of these sudden urges however. She had not felt this competitive since her warlord years. Sure over the time she had known Gabrielle there had been jealous spouts, from both sides – Perdicus, Ulysses for example – but they had always let the other go, waited for their return, or it had been part of a plan. Anthony had been one of the harder ones. The argument that arose after that escapade had been interesting. Gabrielle had been quiet and distant during their return to Alexandria to collect Eve and Cyrene, and when Xena had confronted her, it escalated into an argument that had brought up everything they had ignored in the past years. The times they had left each other behind, or had gone off with another despite knowing what was happening between them. By the time they reached Alexandria, they had come to a mutual agreement not to let that happen again.

Now sitting here and seeing Gabrielle with Virgil, it brought to light the need for Xena to assert her possessive streak. As a warlord, she would never have let a lover or potential lover fall into the arms of another. It put a dent in her pride to see Gabrielle acting this way, to see her so easily seduced by another. She had to do something.

Passing her drink to Lucifer, she rose slowly, walking to the centre of the dance floor, people parting the way to allow her path. She turned and glanced at Lucifer before fixing her eyes upon Gabrielle.

The bard turned her head away from the kiss she was about to share with Virgil, making Xena grin inwardly. With Gabrielle’s attention now solely on her, she held out her arm in invitation, watching as her companion rose and copied her movements, closing the distance between them.

As the bard grew closer, everything around the warrior dropped out of existence, it wasn’t important. All that mattered, all she could focus on was the woman moving sensually towards her.

Their hands connected, the electric touch working its way lovingly up her arm. She drew the bard in close, their bodies fitting together perfectly, as if crafted by the Gods, and she suddenly wished she hadn’t put on such a long coat.

She sensually took hold of Gabrielle’s chin, and whilst doing so, could not stop herself from gazing longingly at her lips, wanting more than anything at that moment to bring them to her own and kiss them soundly.

The dance continued in slow movement, each teasing the other, drawing out the touches as long as possible…

…then Virgil was there. Xena pulled herself away from the gaze of her bard and looked at him.

“What are you doing?” he whispered to her, trying to claim back his right to Gabrielle it would seem. Xena smiled at him, knowing the overall victory would be hers. The lust coursing through her system not decreasing, but as she watched Gabrielle pull Virgil away, she decided the seduction of the bard would have to wait.

Getting rid of Lucifer for just five minutes had been hard after the fight. He seemed to be pawing at her, needy…like a dog after a treat. Well at least he had given her a moment’s peace.


That voice. Xena closed her eyes. Gabrielle’s melodic voice immediately brought back the feelings from earlier that evening. She realised they had never in fact left her.

“Gabrielle…” she trailed off, not sure of she was responding to the bard or just wanted to feel the name roll over her tongue again.

“Are you alright?”

Now she was beside her, sitting down on the bed. Xena kept her eyes shut, knowing if she opened them and saw Gabrielle in that outfit *again*, she wouldn’t be held responsible for her actions.

“Yes Gabrielle, I’m fine. Just trying to get my head around everything,” she took a deep breath. It caught when she felt the bards hand against her cheek.

“Xena, look at me.” Her voice had lowered, husky. It called to her, and the warrior opened her eyes and gazed into ones full of trust and understanding. Her desire heightened.


A finger on her mouth stopped any argument; any statements that Xena might have said to delay this any longer. Gabrielle shook her head, locking eyes with her partner. Then without another word, she leaned in, fiercely capturing Xena’s lips with her own.

The warrior immediately responded, putting all her long awaited desire into the kiss. The hand on her cheek increased its grip, attempting to pull Xena closer, and the dark haired woman groaned. Her own hand came up, grasping the back of the blonde’s neck and threading her fingers through the growing strands.

Tongues asked for permission and were granted entrance, duelling and caressing between the locking of their lips. Gabrielle’s hands wandered down the long fabric of her partner’s coat, looking for some way to gain entrance, to finally caress the warrior’s skin in a way she had only dreamed. Her fingers grasped the fastenings holding Xena’s coat together, impatiently ripping it open.

The warrior gasped at the urgency, not expecting such an aggressive move from Gabrielle. She pulled back, gazed into determined eyes, and quickly removed the garment herself.

Gabrielle grinned, and her eyes travelled without shame down the other woman’s body. The smallness of the outfit only fuelled her desire. She had seen Xena naked a number of times, but to see that nakedness only hidden by a thin layer of fabric was teasing, and enticing.

Seeing the effect, Xena grinned and moved predatorily towards the bard once more. She grasped hold of her hips and pulled her into a desire filled kiss, hands roaming freely over the body she was about to enjoy. Her fingers teased around the top of her partner’s skirt, wanting to ease their way inside, but taking more pleasure from the groans in response. Breaking away roughly from the kiss, Xena grinned and threw Gabrielle onto the bed.

The bard landed with an ‘oof’. She had not expected the action, but it only served to heighten her need. She watched as Xena slowly but teasingly crawled up her body, their legs brushing as she did so. Gabrielle’s breathing increased. Her body began squirming under the gentle pressure, and she couldn’t prevent her head from falling back on the bed when the warrior’s tongue began playing with her navel.

Xena inwardly smiled when she saw her lover unable to keep herself upright. Keeping hold of her hips, she kissed the toned stomach, moving slowly up towards the still covered breasts. Her hand moved teasingly up and down the inside of her partner’s thigh.

“Uh…” Gabrielle moaned, her legs moving involuntarily in reaction to the movement. Her hands grasped hold of the covers underneath her hands in desperation, “Xena.”

Taking that as her cue, the warrior roughly ripped the annoying skirt off of her partner’s body and sat up to quickly to remove her own clothing. All that was left was Gabrielle’s bra top.

The blonde opened her eyes again and gasped as she felt the material leave her body. She was then blessed with the sight of a stripping Xena. Piece by piece the wonderful curves were revealed to her, as she raked her eyes up and down as much as possible before the shows end.

Xena looked down to find appreciative eyes upon her, and she sat there, straddling her partner’s hips for a few moments to allow it. The sensation of having their centres touch was electrical, and she heard the bard gasp below her when she moved.

The small noise was enough to snap the warrior’s patience, and she dove atop her companion, pulling her top off in the process. A deep growl escaped the warrior’s throat as she nipped and kissed at the breasts finally revealed to her hungry gaze. Gabrielle’s moans urging her on, her hands pulling at the warrior’s body trying to increase the contact as much as possible.

Xena’s hand moved directly to the bard’s centre, finding her to be wet and ready, her hips lifting up to meet the warrior’s hand. Xena grinned and immediately plunged two fingers into her depths, revelling in the feeling. The movement of the smaller woman below her increased, the tempo awkward at first but they soon found a rhythm.

Gabrielle couldn’t believe this was happening. Her body felt so alive, filled. Nothing had prepared her for the desperation she was experiencing. Xena’s hands and lips were everywhere, not leaving any part of her untouched.

“Xena…oh Gods,” she gasped. Her eyes were now closed, hands back to grasping the covers beneath her, “More…deeper.”

The warrior’s fingers plunged deeper, finding the sensitive areas that seemed to heighten the pleasure even more. She leaned down and nipped at the bard’s ear.

“I saw you with Virgil Gabrielle. You wanted him didn’t you?” She felt a small shake of the head in response, “Oh yes you did. You wanted him ‘cause you didn’t think you could get this from me. The lust within you is obvious.”

“Xena…I didn’t…”

“I don’t believe you. You wanted him didn’t you?” she stopped the movement of her hands, “Didn’t you?”

Her hips searched moved in an attempt to get Xena’s hand moving again, but to no avail. Desperately Gabrielle gave in, “YES, ok…I…wanted him.”

“Why?” Xena growled.

“Because I couldn’t have you.”


“And…I wanted to make you jealous.” Her hips moved again, and she was rewarded with the continued rhythm.

“Good girl,” came the purr in response.

Gabrielle felt a surge of heat rising within her with the continued movement. Her whole body seemed to float in mid air.

“You can do it Gabrielle…let go.”

“Uh…Xena!” her partner cried as the orgasm rushed through her. Xena’s hands were never still on her body, and she quickly experienced a second, and a third.

“Stop…I…can’t…I can’t…take anymore.”

The third one subsided and Xena removed her fingers. Gabrielle lay completely spent on the bed, breathing heavily.


Gabrielle glanced up at her partner, “Oh yeah.”

Xena smiled again and leaned down to gently kiss her partner, “Been waiting to do that for a long time.”

An eyebrow rose, “Really?”

“Oh yeah,” Xena teased, her hand moving in slow circles across the bard’s stomach.

“Uh Xena?”


“Don’t you think it’s your turn?”

This time it was a dark eyebrow that rose, “Oh? I thought you were tired?”

A mischievous grin appeared on the blonde’s features as she gazed up and down her partner’s body, “Not tired enough.”


Everything had gone according to plan. Lucifer was now reigning over Hell as the demon Xena revealed him to be, and as a result, the darkness had left everyone present, leaving them with just a slightly awkward memory of what happened…or what had nearly happened.

Gabrielle gently stroked Xena’s arm, “I thought I’d lost you for a minute there.”

Curious about the implications of what was being said, Xena pushed, “Oh yeah? Which minute was that?”

Gabrielle looked at her, “You and Lucifer were looking…a little…ah…”

The warrior raised an eyebrow. Was it that Gabrielle was worried she would turn? Or were the reasons behind her worry, as the particular words chosen would suggest, more to do with their seemingly changed relationship?

“Gabrielle, every time a felt myself begin to lose control…just thought of you. Led me back home.” She replied before heading towards the door. The bard, of course, close behind her.


Xena spun around, “Sure.”

Gabrielle was now slightly embarrassed she had brought it up, but even after their…well…remarkable moments together, she had a reason to be unsure. At the time they had been under the influence of the darkness taking over their bodies, and the lust that had overcome them…well that could be attributed to the same dark impulses.

They stepped outside, and Xena glanced around at the woodland…the same woodland she had just been chasing her daughter through, and she let out a deep sigh. What would have happened if she hadn’t have been able to pull back from the darkness? Would she have actually killed Eve?

She felt a hand on her back, instantly knowing who it was. The bard stepped beside her, looking in the same direction, although hopefully not knowing the direction of her thoughts. Then again -

“You wouldn’t have done it.” - the bard knew her very well.

“You don’t know that, Gabrielle. I was capable of it. If I hadn’t have been able to pull back, well, I don’t know what I would have done”

Gabrielle came around to face the warrior, her hand moving from her back to cup a soft cheek, “You may be capable of a lot of things Xena, but killing your own daughter isn’t one of them.”

Xena gazed down into the soft, understanding eyes of her friend, seeing a hint of sadness in them. “I was ready to do it before,” she whispered.

Not moving her hand Gabrielle simply stated, “She was Livia then.”

The warrior removed the hand from her cheek, tears threatening to burst from her, “And that makes it okay?”

“No. Just more justifiable.”

Xena turned, knowing this was not just about Eve or Livia. In a way she now partially understood the pain Gabrielle must have gone through with Hope. The only difference being, Eve hadn’t started out evil.

Strong arms embraced the smaller body as they both took comfort in the other. Xena could feel the warmth coming from her partner, and it was all she could do not to snuggle deeper and stay there.

Pulling back, the warrior gazed into Gabrielle’s eyes, “I’m sorry I wasn’t more sensitive about Hope.”

Shaking her head the bard took Xena’s hands in her own, “It’s past now Xena. Sure it still hurts sometimes, but we’ve forgiven each other. No need to stir up bad memories,” she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before gazing back up, “Besides, we have something else we need to talk about don’t we?”

“Yes. We do.”

Gabrielle sighed again before chuckling, “You know, we’ve both known this for years, what was growing between us, and we both ignored it and let it take its course…or something like that. What we should have been doing was trying to work it out.”

The warrior looked away, “I know. I think I’d convinced myself I could ignore it completely. That I could control these feelings.”

“But why? Why did you feel like you had to?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know. Gabrielle, I’ve put you through enough pain already. Can you imagine how that would magnify if we became intimately involved?”

“Yes…but don’t you see, “the bard pleaded, “For me it’s worth it. It’s always been worth the heartache Xena. Why else do you think I’m still around?”

The warrior pulled Gabrielle to her, letting the perfect moment wash over her, “Are you sure about this? Once we take this step there’s no turning back?”

The bard pulled back and grasped Xena’s face, “We already crossed the line.” She stated with a smirk before pulling the Xena’s lips down to meet her own.

The End


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