Finding a Little Luck

by Grayson Kelly

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Sex: Um, yes.  This is a PWP..well, sort of. There will sexual relations between two women so if that isn’t your cup of tea you shouldn’t read this.  If you are underage, you shouldn’t read this either and I just might tell your parents.   

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I suppose I could say that I had no idea what it was that sent me out that night, but I’d be lying.  From the moment I donned that tight white tank top and short black skirt I knew exactly what I was hoping to find.  I was looking for desire.  I was looking for passion.  I was looking for someone to drive all rational thought from my mind.  I was looking for someone to replace every thing that was sensible, mundane, painful, and lonely in my life with pure physical sensations.  I was looking for all of that, but I had no earthly idea that I would find it.  I certainly never expected to find her.

I walked into the women’s pub trying to convince myself that I had confidence I didn’t really feel.  The humid August air had left just a fine sheen of moisture on my skin and the cool air of the darkened bar gave me some relief from the oppressive heat.  Every eye was on me as I made my way to the bar.  It seemed as if everyone could sense that I was not looking for a relaxing drink and conversation.  They all just seemed to know. 

I took a seat at the bar and ordered a gin and tonic.  The bartender, an attractive redhead with a ready smile and a knowing look, served up my beverage and gave me a wink before walking away to wait on someone else.  I turned in my seat so that I could look around as I sipped my drink.  Minutes passed and I was approached by several different women.  Although I was outwardly polite, inside I was smirking at the young, cocky women who inundated me with a variety of offers like refreshing my drink or “getting out of here so we could chat in private”.  One particularly bold, attractive butch placed her hand high up on my thigh and snaked her finger tips just beneath the edge of my skirt and told me that she could “give me anything I wanted”.  I did laugh at her and gently, but firmly removed her hand from my thigh.  She simply gave me a very charming smile and told me it was my loss, then sauntered off into the growing crowd. 

After my second gin and tonic, I switched to water with lime and started chatting with the bartender.  I had grown weary of the young pups (as the bartender called them) fawning over me, although I must admit it did wonders for my ego.  Just as I was answering her question regarding what I did for a living, someone called out an order thus interrupting me.  She walked away and I admired her denim covered ass.  Although I wasn’t sure exactly who or what I was looking for, I figured that the attractive bar keep would probably do nicely for an evening, especially since I hadn’t noticed anyone else of interest.  I decided that when she came back I was going to suggest that I wait for her shift to end and that we could go back to my place.  As I was bolstering my courage, a smoky smooth voice sounded a greeting in my ear and a strong arm encircled my waist from behind. 

At first I stiffened at the contact, ready to wrench myself away from this presumptuous stranger and lash out in outrage at her forward behavior.  But, in the span of a few seconds I registered the strength in the arm that held me and the solidness of the body pressed against my back.  I glanced in the mirror behind the bar and locked gazes with the darkest, most intense eyes I had ever seen.  The word beautiful did not describe this woman.  No, “beauty” was too soft a term to describe her.  She was breathtaking, intense, chiseled, and sexy.  Our gazes locked in the mirror and she grinned, smirked, really, then released her hold.  She slid onto the seat next to me.  I turned toward her and noticed that my heart raced as I took in the rest of her.  She was taller than me by several inches and had a physique that made my stomach clench and the rest of me tingle.  I took in the broad strong shoulders, muscled biceps which tapered into corded forearms and large hands with deliciously long fingers.  Although she was sitting down, one glance at those thick strong thighs encased in faded 501's indicated to me that I would love looking at and touching a very fine ass.  At first glance, her dark short hair indicated that she was just another butch, but she was so much more than that.  This was not a woman like the others that had been hitting on me all night.  This was no “young pup”.  This was a woman...a strong, confident, sexy woman.  And I wanted her!

She introduced herself as Jen and I introduced myself as well.  The bartender came back and Jen ordered a beer then looked at me with a raised eyebrow.  I shook my head and indicated my glass of water.  When her drink arrived, she was still facing me and when she lifted that long-neck bottle to her lips I swear I never wanted to be a beer bottle so much in my life!  Her full lips wrapped around the rim of the bottle and her neck bobbed as she swallowed.  I was captivated.  After drinking half of the cold brew, she set the bottle down and pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket along with a silver lighter.  Without at word to me, she put a smoke to her lips and used her fingers to snap open the lighter.  I watched her fascinated.  How she could make drinking and smoking look so damn sexy I didn’t know.  When she set the lighter down, I noticed that it had a black front, some kind of Chinese symbol, and the word “luck” written on it.  She noticed my questioning gaze and told me that she’d had the lighter for years and that she just could never part with it.  I asked her if it ever really brought her luck.  Her lips quirked in an incredibly sensual grin and she responded that she had a feeling it would tonight. 

We chatted.  Exchanged information like where we were from and what we did for a living.  All the while I could feel myself growing warmer and warmer.  I swear if she had wanted to take me right there on the bar I would have agreed.  When the bartender refreshed her beer and my water, I took up her pack of cigarettes and fished one out.  I reached for the lighter, but she merely flipped it open and held it in front of me.  I gripped her hand and touched the tip to the flame, inhaling deeply and welcoming the harsh bite of the smoke in my lungs.  We sat in silence as I smoked and she finished her new drink.  When I stubbed out the cigarette, we locked gazes again and I read her unspoken question in her eyes.  I nodded.  She stood and fished some bills out of her pocket and threw them on the bar.  I took her offered hand and allowed her to lead me out of the bar and into the warm August night. 

We took her truck back to her place.  The part of me that was still thinking somewhat coherently was a little concerned that I’d just gone home with a complete stranger.  But, when she locked the front door behind us and pressed me against it...well, I’ll just say that I got over it.  That first kiss, with my back pressed against the hard door and my front pressed against her hard body was my first step into the oblivion I craved.  Her mouth was hot.  Her tongue was smooth and strong.  She claimed my mouth, indicating that she would take everything I had to give.  I was burning.  I was aching.  I wanted to give it.  I wanted her to take it. 

In her bed, I was stretched out beneath her.  She hovered over me, her powerful arms supporting her as her lips, teeth and tongue mapped my body.  When she rested her weight on me, her hips between my thighs, she brought her hands into play.  She touched, tasted, and nipped every available inch of skin she could reach.  Her mouth made love to my breasts and I buried my hands in her hair, holding her to me.  When she moved her caresses to other areas, my sides, my tummy, my hips I frantically tried to find purchase anywhere I could on her body.  I needed to touch her.  I needed to feel more of her than just her touch on my skin.  She was methodically and slowly driving every thought and feeling from my body except that which her touch elicited.  All of her ministrations were causing an ever growing ball of need to center itself at my core.  When she finally found me, I was pleading, moaning, and encouraging her to release me.  That hot mouth enveloped me and I screamed.  Her long fingers pushed into me and I screamed again.  She pushed, pulled, nibble, licked, and sucked me to an ever growing, ever increasing need to soar.  And soar I did.  She drove me endlessly toward my peak and when I reached it, I wasn’t sure I would ever survive it.  Every part of my body felt it.  That ball exploded outward.  My body arched, my breath stopped then expelled in a scream that left my throat sore.  Skillfully, she milked every last tremor of my orgasm and what seemed like every drop of moisture from my body then gently led me back to earth. 

When I caught my breath, she succumbed to my desire.  This was what I wanted.  Someone who was not afraid of my passion and wanted me to give what she had given.  I took her.  I took her in all the ways she had taken me.  I drove her higher and higher.  I relished the feel of her hands in my hair.  I welcomed her nails on my back as she clutched at me.  I gloried in her moans and passionate pleas.  And when she came, I nearly cried with awe. 

Then, we laid side by side.  Her inside me and me inside her.  We rocked and pushed against each other.  We caressed.  We kissed.  My heavens, did we kiss!  Together, we brought each other to a less intense but still satisfying orgasm.  All along our naked lengths we clung to each other as we shuddered with our release.

Both of us lay on our backs, breathing heavily, hearts pounding.  After several seconds, she drew me to her side and guided my head to her breast.  I flung my arm and leg across her.  We tickled each others’ skin in soothing caresses with our fingertips until we fell into a restful slumber. 

An hour later, I woke her by suckling at her breast.  She glanced down at me and kissed my forehead then drew my mouth to hers for a passion filled kiss.  As the kiss turned more intense, she guided me on top of her so that I could straddle her muscular stomach.  Her large hands grasped my hips and began to guide me.  With my hands supporting me, I rode against her.  My center glided along the ridges of her abdomen in an ever increasing tempo and with ever strengthening pressure.  Her hands left my hips and came up to cup my breasts.  Her large hands encircled them and kneaded them in an extremely erotic fashion then she rolled my hard nipples between her fingers.  All the while she was encouraging me to push harder, rock faster.  She pulled me further over her and began alternating breasts with her lips and tongue.  She sucked my nipple into her mouth hard and I came.  My neck and shoulder muscles bulged, the veins in my neck stood out, and my chest reddened in a blush that always accompanied my orgasms.  I fell forward onto her chest and felt those strong arms encircle me.  After I got my breath back, I glanced up into her eyes and what I saw made me even wetter than I had been before.  Her eyes were asking me to allow her to give free reign to her desire.  She wanted me.  She wanted to take me.  She wanted to take me hard.  She wanted to take me deeply.  And God, did I want her too.  I simply nodded my head in acceptance and surrendered. 

She reached for her bedside table and opened a drawer.  She took out a harness with an ample sized phallus attached and a bottle of lube.  I immediately took possession of the items.  I quickly fitted the harness about her hips as she lay on the bed watching me with ever increasing lust.  I then held up the bottle of lube and slowly tipped it so that I could pour some into my hand.  I rubbed my hands together then used both to lubricate the toy, every other stroke dipping between her legs to add her own moisture to the mix. 

When I glanced up at her when I finished, she sat up with a growl.  Once again she took my mouth in a bruising kiss.  In one swift motion, she had me on my back and was lifting my legs over her shoulders, my hips off the bed.  She guided me to her mouth and buried lips and tongue in my center.  Very quickly, she brought me to an explosive orgasm, then lowered me back to the bed.  Still with my legs over her shoulders, she scooted forward.  I reached down and guided the tip of the phallus to my center.  When it was in place, she pushed with her hips and was fully sheathed within me.  I screamed.  We rocked wildly together.  She took me in every way I ever imagined, but didn’t let me come until finally, on my knees with my face pressed against the mattress she pumped into me and reached around to my front.  Her two fingers found my swollen, exposed ridge.  With three strokes of her fingers and one more strong push of her hips I screamed.  And screamed.  And so did she.  She ground her hips into my buttocks and shuddered as the last of her orgasm trembled through her. 

The next thing I knew, I was waking up to the harsh light of the sun shining through the window.  When my brain finally engaged, I smiled and snuggled further into the warm, naked body I was draped across.  I felt her breathe deeply and glanced up to see those intense, dark eyes regarding me with fondness.  We kissed gently.  After we spent some leisurely time essentially making out, we got out of bed.  There was no discussion and no awkwardness.  I accepted her offer of a shared shower then accepted a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. 

She took me back to my car and kissed me before I got out.  Although I was slightly disappointed that she hadn’t made any mention of seeing me again or even asking for my phone number, I was very satisfied.  I’d found what I had gone looking for.  When I got into my car, I tossed my folded up clothes on the passenger seat and heard a metallic thump.  I glanced out my back window and saw her truck moving past me.  I leaned over, looking for the source of the sound.  My hand found a smooth, cool, metallic object.  I smiled when I saw the Chinese symbol and the word “Luck” staring at me from her lighter.  I turned it over and saw a small note taped to the back.  It had a phone number and a simple message, “Call me when you want to return my lighter.”  I grinned and looked into my rear view mirror, hoping to get a glimpse of her truck leaving.  What I saw was her sitting in her truck with her window down, staring at me.  I smiled, she grinned and winked then sped off. 

The End

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