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Leather and Lace

Part Eight

By Greek Warrior (Joan)


Chapter Twenty-Seven:


Everyone was up bright and early the next morning, everyone except Martin that is.  He came stumbling down to the kitchen about an hour and a half after everyone else.


"Nice of you to join us, sleepyhead."  Andrew teased his son.


"You want breakfast?"  Kris asked.


He knew he would start blushing if he looked up and saw Kris' face so he blew on the steaming cup of coffee Viv handed him.  "No thanks, just coffee."  He knew it was going to be a long day when he saw Raven enter the kitchen and wrap her arm around Kris' shoulder and couldn't stop the flood of erotic pictures that paraded threw his mind.  He knew he'd be spending the day horny with no relief in sight unless he took matters into his own hands.  'I haven't had to do that in a long time.'  He tried to think of a distraction.  "So, what are we going to do today?"


"Well, Snoqualmie Pass is out.  It's snowing like crazy up there today.  We could go to the Seattle Center or Underground Seattle or take a ferry ride to one of the islands."  Kris listed a few choices.  "We might want to take advantage of the sunshine and save underground for another day.  Is Granny coming with us?"  She asked Raven who had just returned from inviting the older woman.


"No, she said for us to have fun.  But she said she'd join us tomorrow."


"I vote for the ferry, then the Center."  Viv said.  "There's also Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula."


"The Peninsula could be a day trip, maybe stay overnight."  Raven suggested.


The ferry ride took up their morning with lunch at the pier.  The afternoon was spent at the Center with dinner in downtown.


The ride home was cheerful with everyone planning the next day's activity, everyone but a quiet Martin.  Kris turned towards her brother who was sitting alone in the third row of seats in the rented van.  Are you okay?"  She kept her voice low.


"Uh...yeah, yeah sure.  Just a little tired."  Martin looked out the window at the headlights flashing by in the dark.  'I will not be turned on by thinking about my sister and Raven.'  That had become his mantra.  All day he'd tried his best to avoid looking at them since every time he did, he felt himself getting hard.  He re-crossed his legs for the hundredth time on the drive back to the house. 'God, it's going to be another long night.'  He wished they would hurry up and get back so he could escape the close quarters he was forced to share with the two people that tormented his every thought.


Granny was at the house when they arrived.  She met them in the living room with coffee and home made brownies with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts.


"Oh my God."  Viv leaned back on the couch and groaned after cleaning her plate.  "That ought to be against the law."  She pointed at her cleaned plate.


"I second that."  Raven cleaned the fudge off her lips with her tongue.


Martin watched the pink muscle appear from between sensuous lips and followed with his eyes until it completed it's journey and disappeared back into it's home.  He let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a grunt.


"You okay?"  Andrew asked him.


"Yeah."  He squeaked and cleared his throat.  "Way to much to eat.  If you'll excuse me I think I'll head up to bed."  He was off and up the stairs before anyone had a chance to answer him.


"He's been acting a little strange all day."  Kris observed.


"He's just at that awkward teenager growing into adult stage.  He'll be okay."  Andrew stated.


Martin went into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.  Turning on the cold water, he cupped his hands under the flow, leaned down and splashed the chilly wetness on his face.  He repeated the process twice more before turning off the faucet and leaning over the basin, letting the drops splash from his face into the sink.


"I've got to get myself under control.  I've never let a woman affect me like this before.  You're not a horny teenager."  He sternly told his reflection in the mirror.  But all his eyes could see, was Raven's tongue as it traveled the path across her lips.  Which in turn brought back the memory from the previous night's unintended voyeurism.


Martin looked down at the bulge in his pants, convinced that he just needed a quick orgasm, and then he could once again be in control of his desires.  He quickly undid his pants and pushed them and his underwear down until they fell to his ankles.  He looked at his erection that had parted the tails of his shirt to stand at attention.  His hand closed over his manhood but even though his palm had no calluses, it felt rough and crude.


Vivian made her way up the stairs and headed towards her bedroom.  As she passed the bathroom door she heard rhythmic grunting noises coming from inside.  At first she thought Martin was sick and was going to open the door to check on him, but quickly realized what was going on when she heard the 'Oh yeah' repeated over and over.  'Oh God, he's jerking off.'  Viv put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.  She pressed her ear to the door to trying hear if there were any other exclamations forthcoming, but only heard her brother's ragged breathing.  'This is gonna make great blackmail material.'  She thought as she tiptoed to her room.




Raven and Granny sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee.  The sun had barely started reclaiming the day from the night, turning the eastern sky into a soft pink, so it was definitely too early for anyone else to be up and about.


"I really think she wants to try and get to know you."  Granny stated.  "Just give her a little time.  She has a lot of adjusting to do."  She was referring to her dinner companion from two nights ago.


"And what about Kris?  Is she really willing to accept us?"  Raven looked up from studying the dark liquid in the mug in front of her, to stare into her friend's...aunt's eyes.  'That's gonna take some getting use to.'


The older woman grinned.  "That's part of the adjusting she has to do.  But yes, I think she's started to realize that she can have her faith with out being tied down by the rules of her church."  She stated more seriously.  "You might never be a family again, in the traditional sense.  But I think Kris, Lisa, Cynthia and you could learn to be friends, the jury's still out on Philip.  I don't think I've met a more unpleasant dickhead in a long time."


"I don't think Philip and I could ever put the past behind us."  Raven paused to search her feelings.  "But I hope you're right about the rest."  She said sincerely.


"How's it going with your guests?"  Granny changed the focus of the conversation from Raven to Kris while she added a spoon full of sugar to her newly poured cup of coffee.


"Kris really likes having her father and sister here.  But to borrow your phrase, the jury's still out on Martin, she thinks he's up to something."  Raven's brow creased in thought.  "Are all brothers a pain in the ass or are Kris and I just lucky enough to have gotten two of the dysfunctional models?"


Granny laughed.  "Sorry, I couldn't say."


Kris walked up behind Raven's chair and wrapped her arms around the seated woman's neck.  "Morning."  She addressed both women.  "You gonna come with us today?"  She asked Granny.


"Depends on where you're going."  The older woman smiled.


"Snoqualmie I think.  I just checked the weather and it finally quit snowing."  She poured herself a cup of coffee and joined them at the table.


"Oh, I think I will, I haven't been up there in a long time.  We could have lunch at the lodge if you want to."




The next several days turned out to be very good ones for Kris.  She got to spend quality time with her father, something that she had never gotten to do before and she and Viv became closer than they had ever been.  Lisa had also joined them on a few outings and she and Viv quickly developed a close friendship.  The only thing that dampened the reunion was Regina's refusal to accept her daughter's relationship with Raven.


The morning of the last day of their visit, Martin had set his alarm early knowing that Raven worked out before the others got up.  He wanted to catch her alone.  Dressing quickly, he quietly made his way downstairs to the basement where Raven had her equipment set up.  He had convinced himself that there was absolutely no way she could resist him if he just turned on the charm.


Martin stood silently watching the woman work.  She was wearing a sports bra and cotton shorts.  Very short, wet with sweat, sticking to her body, cotton shorts.  He actually had to check his chin for drool as he watched the play of muscles bunch and flex as she worked with the free weights.  'Mother is wrong, muscle can be a very good thing on a woman's body.'


"You might as well come on in, I know you're there."  Raven commented without stopping the rhythm of her exercise.


"Hi, I didn't mean to interrupt.  It's just that no one else is up yet and I thought we could talk."  He moved closer and leaned his shoulder against one of the support pillars and crossed his arms and ankles.


"Talk about what?"  Raven took in his arrogant posturing in the blink of an eye and knew Kris had been right, Martin was up to something and she was about to find out what that something was.  'Oh lucky me.'  She rolled her eyes.


"Is that where you got shot?"  His eyes had roamed up and down her body and settled in the general area of her abdomen.  He was referring to the scar that disappeared below the waistband of her shorts.


"Yes."  She replied in a voice that Kris would have recognized as slightly impatient, but Martin didn't.


"You seem to be something of a wildcat.  How can my sister keep you satisfied?"  He leered as his eyes once again roamed over the flesh before him.  "She's missing the most important...accessory, if you know what I mean."  He watched as she leaned over and placed the weight she had been lifting on the floor, then straighten up and grab the towel that was on the weight bench.  "There's no way she could please you like I can."  He continued to watch as she slowly used the towel to wipe her face and neck.  'God, I want her.'  He felt manhood grow hard.


Through the entire monologue, Raven had been thinking of and discarding things that she would like to do to the imbecile.  'Can't do any permanent damage. He is, unfortunately, Kris' brother.'  She sighed her displeasure and wiped the sweat from her face.  Raven loosened the tie holding her hair back and ran her hands through it.  As she tossed the towel to the weight bench she faced she decided to just explain things to him, in detail.  Raven's facial expression took on the look of a predator as she slowly stalked across the floor towards her prey.


"Your sister keeps me very well satisfied, Martin."  Raven stopped a few feet in front of him and smirked.  "She knows all my...special places."  She told him in a low sultry voice.  "I love the way she...touches me in all my...special places."  She leaned towards him.  "The way her hands caress my...body."  She pulled back.  "As for accessories," she glanced down at his crotch and back to his face.  "Those are a dime a dozen at any 'toy' store."  'Well, slightly more than a dime, but I think he gets the message.'  She grinned devilishly.  "And believe me, she definitely knows how to use it.  Probably better than you do, since she's a woman and knows what a woman's body wants."  She could've continued her chat with Martin, but the poor boy was sweating and breathing hard.  "She pleases me in more ways than you could possibly think of, Martin because of one important thing."


"What?"  He finally managed to collect enough moisture in his mouth to ask.


"Because we love each other more than anything else in this world."  She walked past him and up the stairs leaving him to contemplate her words and his deflated ego and manhood.




That night Raven and Kris were cuddled up together in front of the fire.  Kris was sitting in front of Raven leaning back into her chest for support.  "It was great to spend time with them, but I'm glad they're gone."  Kris admitted as she stared into the fire.


"Even Martin?"  Raven chuckled.  She had waited until their visitor's left before telling Kris about Martin's inquires.  It was a good thing she did, Kris wanted to catch the next flight out so she could kill her brother.


"I'm going to have a nice talk with him next time I see him."  She shook her head.  "Although I wish I could've seen his face when you explained things to him."


"Yeah, it was a cross between excited and insulted.  His hormones were going crazy but at the same time his manhood was being snubbed."  Raven chuckled.  "If I hadn't been so irritated with him I probably would have laughed."


A comfortable silence fell between them as they watched the fire burn.  The last log burned in half and dropped from its metal supports sending sparks skyward.  "Raven, are you sure about not going back out on assignments?"


They had also talked about Raven's work related options.  "Yes, I want to be able to come home to you every day.  I think training classes will keep me busy enough.  I think John and I were trying to out wait each other anyway.  Neither of us wanted to quit and leave the other one out there alone."


"Believe me, I'll be more than happy not to have you out there but I want you to be sure you're doing this for you and not me."  Kris turned her head to study her partner's face.


"I'm doing this for both of us.  I want us to be together for a very long time and that's not going to happen if I get myself killed.  You're the most important thing in my life."  She tightened her hold on the smaller woman.  "You about ready for bed, love?"  Raven asked.


"Yeah, I am."  Kris responded and rubbed the arm that was circling her upper chest.


Raven spread out the hot coals so they would burn themselves out quicker and closed the fire screen.  She stood up and offered her hand to her partner.  They walked out of the living room and up the stairs arm in arm.


"I love you so much."  Raven brought Kris' hand to her mouth and kissed the palm.


"Show me."  Kris requested as she backed towards the bed.  She stopped when the back of her legs touched the mattress and frame.  Her hands grasped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head.


Raven stopped a few feet in front of Kris and watched as the shirt was removed.  She stood spellbound as the bra her partner was wearing, went the way of the shirt.  "Wait."  Raven almost shouted as Kris' hands moved towards her pants.  "Let me."  Raven pleaded.


Kris reached for Raven's hands and placed them on her hips.  "Yes, please."  She answered as she looked into warm blue eyes that conveyed more love than a multitude of words ever could.


Raven closed the distance between them and leaned in, covering Kris' mouth with hers.  Her tongue accepted the invitation as Kris parted her lips and entered the warm moist familiar area.


Kris felt the soft, sensual muscle searching her mouth as their tongues danced a familiar rhythm and put her arms around her partner's neck, pulling her closer.


Raven ended the kiss by brushing her lips against Kris' eyelids, nose and cheeks before inching her way down to her lover's neck.  She paused to gently nip and suck her earlobe before continuing her journey to the base of Kris' neck where she sucked the soft skin until it showed signs of her attention.  While her hands moved up Kris' sides and softly caressed her breasts.


Kris moaned when she felt the suction against her neck and moved her hands to the back of Raven's head where her fingers tangled in the dark luxurious strands.


Raven moved her palms over ridged nipples, teasing them and causing them to become even harder.  She heard Kris moan again and moved her mouth downward, her tongue and lips leaving a trail of moisture in their wake.


"Oh yes, love...that feels good."  Kris moaned when Raven's mouth devoured as much of her breast as she could take in.  She shivered in ecstasy as teeth lightly raked the soft skin before gently closing on her nipple.


Raven's teeth held Kris' nipple while her tongue repeatedly flicked back and forth across it, causing it to become almost painfully taut.  As she duplicated her actions with Kris' other breast, she had unbuttoned the young woman's pants and pushed them down her legs.


The first time Kris noticed her bare legs, was when Raven dropped to her knees and slowly pulled her panties down.  Her breath was coming fast and her heart was beating heavy when Raven lifted first one leg then the other, helping her step out of the material that was bunched around her ankles.  She left her hands resting on her partner's shoulders to steady herself.  Even though both her feet were back on the floor her legs felt rubbery and weak.  "I need you now...I can't wait."  She begged.


Raven looked up from her kneeling position into pleading eyes.  She could smell Kris' need and kissed the curly, glistening hair, showing her eyes what her nose had already discovered, that her lover was very aroused.  Hips moved toward her lips, pleading for more contact.  Legs obediently opened wider when Raven placed her hands on Kris' thighs and nudged them apart.  Her hands slid slowly upwards and using her thumbs, she parted her lover's folds.


Kris sucked in air as Raven's tongue darted out and made contact with her sex.  She was uncertain if the moans she heard were coming from her or her partner who continued to tease her with the tip of her tongue moving torturously slow through her folds and across her pulsating nub.  "I...I can't stand."  Kris said as her legs began to shake with the effort to hold her upright.


Raven paused in her pleasurable mission long enough to let Kris sit on the edge of the bed.  "I want you to watch me love you.  See the satisfaction that you give me when you let me make love to you."  She looked up into desire filled green eyes while she resumed her previous position.


Kris could see Raven's tongue dart out, inquisitively searching between her legs and clutched at her lover's shoulders, bunching the material of Raven's shirt in her hands.  She fought her natural instinct to close her eyes and kept them riveted on the activity below.  "Please, baby...inside."  She pleaded.


"You taste so good, Sagira."  Raven stated between feather light kisses she placed on the inside of her lover's thighs.  She pulled back and watched Kris' face as she slowly inserted two fingers.  "I love to see the pleasure that you feel while I make love to you."  Raven twisted her hand, palm up and curled her fingers to brush against the spot that drove Kris wild.


"Oh good God, love."  Kris was breathing hard.  "You good...inside me."  Her hips bucked forward, requesting more.


Raven moved her other hand up to Kris' breast, using her thumb to rub across the hard nipple, taking some of Kris' attention away from the activities involving the lower half of her body.  "I love the way your nipples feel when you're aroused.  So firm and erect."


Kris whimpered and closed her eyes as her head fell forward, chin resting on her chest.


"Open your eyes, baby."  Raven requested as she wiggled her fingers to get Kris' attention.


Green eyes opened wide and stayed that way, glued to the fingers that now moved in a slow thrusting motion between her spread legs.  ""  She clutched Raven's wrist with her hand trying to speed up the pumping activity.


Raven added a third finger at Kris' desperate plea.  With each thrust into her lover, she added a twist of her wrist.  "I can feel how close you are, baby."  Raven quickened her pace and pinched Kris' nipple each time she penetrated her lover.  "Let go, love.  I'll catch you."


Kris watched in a trance as her partner's fingers moved in and out of her.  She felt Raven's love blanket her body and soul as her climax poured through her like a raging river kept too long confined.


When Kris was again aware of her surroundings, she was still sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning heavily on Raven who had both arms wrapped around her waist.


"I've got you, Kris.  I love you, baby."  Raven whispered over and over until her lover showed signs of consciousness by running her hands though Raven's hair and kissing her cheeks and forehead.


"I love you too."  She said and kissed Raven deeply and passionately.  "Now come up here and let me show you how much."  She grinned as she gathered fistfuls of her partner's shirt and pulled.


Raven, caught off guard by the sudden movement, ended up sprawled across her lover's smaller body.  She grinned as Kris wrapped her legs around her waist and rolled them over.  "You going to have your way with me, Sagira?"


"You bet I am, buster."  Kris grabbed the shirt covering her lover and ripped it open, sending buttons flying when they gave up their hold on the flannel material.  She hurriedly moved down, roughly opening the jeans that kept her from Raven's body.  Backing off the bed, she tugged them down the long legs and tossed them out of the way.


Raven struggled out of her shirt and peeled her sports bra over her head as Kris moved down her body.  She raised her hips as Kris pulled on her pants, helping to quickly get rid of the unwanted obstacle.


Kris crawled back up between Raven's legs and licked her lips.  Only using her teeth she grasped the cotton briefs, peeling them from her lover to reveal the prize underneath.  "Looks like you sprung a leak, Taz."  Kris could see the flood of desire coming from between her lover's legs and knew Raven hadn't climaxed when she had.


Raven watched Kris remove her underwear and moaned.  "I want you inside me...filling me completely."  She spread her legs to accommodate her lover's body between them.


"You want my tongue or my fingers?"  Kris asked before she licked some of her partner's desire that coated her thighs.


"I want your, ugh, hand."  Her hips lifted off the bed when she felt her lover's hot tongue on her.


"My hand?"  Kris looked up.  "I've never...I don't think..."


"Please, baby."  Raven's hips were bucking in the air, even without any stimulation.  "Use the lube."  She bent her knees and placed her feet flat on the bed, spreading her legs wide and opening herself to her partner.


Kris was a little hesitant, but coated her hand in the gel.  She knelt between her lover's legs and slowly worked her fingers into her partner.  "God, love, I've never seen you so open and so wet."  She twisted and pushed her hand until her fingers and thumb disappeared up to her knuckles.  Then her hand easily slipped all the way in.  "Oh fuck, baby."  Kris didn't have the words to describe the feeling Raven's smooth, soft walls wrapping around her fist, or that watching her hand pump in and out of Raven's body, invoked in her.


"Gods."  Raven lifted her hips, meeting her lover's hand as it entered her body.  She had never felt this complete before.  She moaned loudly when Kris curled her fingers and pushed slowly, thrusting her fist fully into her.  "So full."


Kris felt the orgasm pulse around her fist, first pushing against it, then grasping it and pulling back into Raven's body.  It seemed like it took several minutes for the tremors to stop.  "Baby?"  She wasn't sure if Raven was still with her or not.  "I need to pull out."


"Go slow, very slow."  She was still trying to catch her breath and groaned when Kris eased out.  "Thank you, Sagira.  That was unbelievable."


Kris snuggled up against her lover's side.  "Have you had that done to you a lot?"  She draped her leg and arm across her partner.


"No, I've never trusted anyone else enough to let them try."  She kissed the tip of Kris' nose when she lifted her head to stare at Raven in wonder.


"Thank you, love, for believing in me."  She laid her head back down.  "Love you."


"Love you too."  Raven's body kept her awake a while longer.  She was still floating in a euphoric bliss.




The two lovers slept late the next morning, with Kris actually waking before her partner.  Kris used these rare occurrences to study Raven's relaxed appearance.  She thought back to the previous evening and shivered at the erotic desire that passed through her body.


"You cold, love?"  Raven asked, yawning and opening her sleep laden blue eyes.


"Ah, no, definitely not cold."  Kris grinned and leaned up for a good morning kiss.  "What say we continue your dance lessons after breakfast...make that lunch."  She corrected after glancing at the clock.


"You really think I'm doing well enough not to embarrass us at the reception?"  Raven stretched and threw the cover off their bodies.  She eyed her lover's nakedness and admired the body lying beside her.


"You'll be fine, Taz."  Kris went through her own stretching routine before standing and heading for the bathroom.  "We also need to see about getting your tux before long.  Are all of you supposed to match?"  Exaggerating the swing of her hips, knowing she had a captive audience.


Raven gave a wolf whistle and grinned at the display.  "All of who?"  She asked as she pulled her sweatshirt over her head.


"John, the ushers and you."  Kris answered before turning on the water in the shower.


"Don't know."  Raven raised her voice to be heard over the running water.  "You'll have to ask John."  She responded as she entered the bathroom.


"Never mind, I'll call Sharon.  They probably decided on black.  But I happen to think you'd look good in a pink tux, Taz."  Kris referred to the threat John's mother had made.  "Can I interest you in a shower?"  She asked, holding out her hand in invitation.


Raven grinned and pulled the sweatshirt off a lot quicker than it had gone on.  "Always."



Chapter Twenty-Eight:


After a late lunch and a few spins around the makeshift dance floor, Raven and Kris ended up with their arms around each other swaying to the slow rhythm of the lift jazz station Kris had selected.  Raven hummed along with the song while her cheek rested on Kris' head.  "This is nice, isn't it?"


"Very."  Kris responded and sighed deeply.  "So is the impromptu serenade."  She debated on calling Raven's attention to it.


"I thought about practicing and maybe surprising you at the reception with a song, but every time I thought about opening my mouth, I'd freeze up."  Raven didn't mind owning up to her shortcomings, but she hated to admit to fear of any kind.


Kris leaned back to look up at her partner.  "It's going to take a while to get past the all the mental abuse you went through.  Give yourself some time, love."  She laid her head back against the welcoming shoulder.  "You've taken the first step just now and I'm very honored that you feel safe enough with me to try."


Raven hadn't even realized what she was doing until Kris had mentioned it.  And Kris was right, it was the first time since the night her mother caught her singing to Lisa that she felt safe enough to try and express herself, even if it was just humming in her lover's ear.  "I think you're right.  Give me a little time and I'll stand below your balcony and serenade you one night."


"It's a date."  Kris turned her head and grinned at her partner.  "By the way, I talked to Sharon and she said that you're more than welcome to wear a pink tux if you want to."


"You're joking...right?"  Raven looked into the serious green eyes.


"Why would I be joking?  I called a rental place on Capital Hill, they said they had pink tuxes and rainbow colored cummerbund that look great with an accompanying rainbow colored ascot."  Kris had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing at the wide-eyed expression on Raven's face.  "They have lavender also if you think that would be better.  But I really think that the pink, with your coloring and dark hair would be the right choice."  Kris was quickly losing her composuer.  "Gotcha."






February 14th dawned clear and cool.  The wedding was scheduled to start at 10 am, with photo sessions at 9 and 9:30 for the wedding party and family.


"You look very handsome, my friend."  Raven hugged a surprised John.  "No pink tux huh?"


"You don't know how close it was."  John was wearing traditional black with tails.  A white shirt, white cummerbund and black bowtie completed the outfit.  "You look mighty spiffy yourself, Captain.  Or should I say Major?"


Raven was wearing a bushed silk tux, also with tails, light rose in color.  A light grey ruffled shirt, grey cummerbund and matching ascot with darker grey pin stripes.  The middle of the ascot sported a stickpin made from black opal, with the outline of a raven.  "It won't be official until you get back from your honeymoon.  I told him I wanted you there when it was announced."


"Thanks, I wouldn't want to miss that.  Is that new?"  John pointed to the pin.


"Yeah, a surprise from Kris and Granny."  Raven fidgeted with her collar then tugged on the hem of her coat to straighten it.


"You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think it was you who was getting married.  You sure are nervous."  John wrinkled his brow in confusion.


"Huh?  Me?  No...I know how uncomfortable I get when I have to dress up."  She glared at her friend and knew that he knew darn well there was more to it than that.  She unconsciously felt the small box that was in the inside pocket of her coat.


"Uh huh...if you say so."  John replied.


Raven was saved from more questions by the arrival of Kris and Granny.  She met Kris just inside the vestibule of the church.  "You look beautiful."  Raven hadn't yet seen Kris in her dress.


"Thank you, love."  Kris grasped Raven's hands and squeezed them.  The dress was also brushed silk.  Dusty blue in color, which went well with the light rose of the tux Raven wore.  The dress wasn't tight but molded to the curves of Kris' figure well.  The dress ended just above Kris' knees and had a rounded collar with a short v-opening and three-quarter-length sleeves.  A silver braided belt around her waist was complemented by a sterling silver pendent of a bird in flight around her neck.  "All the photos done?"


"All but a couple."  Raven spotted the photographer and motioned him over.  "I asked him to take a couple of you and me and a couple with Granny and us."


Kris smiled.  "That's a great idea."




The reception was held at Sharon's grandparents house on Mercer Island.  After the toasts had been made, the food had been devoured and the cake had been cut, the atmosphere relaxed and the dancing and drinking started in earnest.


As a member of the wedding party, Raven had been seated at the main table.  Kris and Granny sat at one of the smaller tables with four other people.  Raven made her way through the crowd and sat down beside Granny.  "Where's Kris?"  Raven had been waiting all afternoon for the appropriate time to ask her partner for a dance.


"She went to the little girls room."  Granny leaned over and lowered her voice.  "Do you know who the guy is that was sitting to Kris' left?"


"The one that's been attached to her shoulder all afternoon, patting her hand and forearm every chance he gets?"  Raven scowled and Granny nodded.  "Yeah, I asked Roger, Sharon's brother.  He works with Sharon's dad.  No one really likes him but Roger said their dad felt like he had to invite him."  She searched the crowd for Kris' return.  "Do you think he's pestering her or is he just a touchy, feely kind of person?"


"He's a little persistent and I know Kris is getting tired of it."  Granny saw the storm clouds gathering in her friend's eyes.  "Raven, let Kris handle it.  You really don't want to deck someone at John and Sharon's wedding."


Raven's firm jaw let Granny know she was far from calm.  "Alright, I'll let Kris handle it.  But if she can't get him to back off, I'll take him outside and teach him some manners."


Kris walked back into the room intending to find Raven.  Only Jeremy found her first.  "I believe you promised me a dance."  He grasped her by the elbow.


'Great.'  Kris thought about putting him off, but decided to go ahead and get it over with.  "Sure, why not."  She managed a slight smile.


The song, unfortunately, was a slow one.  At first he held her at a respectful distance.  But as he twirled her away from him and then back, he brought their bodies into full contact and Kris could feel his excitement.  She firmly stepped away, putting a little breathing room between them.


Raven spied Kris as she was led to the dance floor and could see that she wasn't thrilled to be there.  Raven stood so she could keep an eye on the jerk.  She moved closer when she saw Kris had to forcefully step back from Jeremy.


Kris knew that Raven was close; she could feel the irritation flowing from her in waves.  She knew if she didn't stop his advances, Raven would.  'Do that again, buddy and you're going to be very sorry.'  Kris grinned devilishly when she thought of the perfect solution.


Jeremy, of course, assumed she was grinning at him.  He repeated the twirl and felt confident that she would push him away again.  But this time when he spun her back to him, Kris raised her knee and planted it firmly between his legs.


"Oh, I'm so sorry.  I told you that I wasn't much for these fancy dance steps."  Kris had told him no such thing but it got her point across to Jeremy and made it seem like an accident to everyone else.


"Sure, no problem."  He limped off the dance floor as inconspicuously as he could.  As he collapsed in a nearby chair, he made several offensive remarks directed towards Kris.


Raven overheard his mumbling and moved to where he was trying, unsuccessfully, to get sympathy from the occupants of the table.  She towered over the seated man, giving him a look that made his blood turn to ice.


"What do you want?"  Jeremy shifted uncomfortably in his chair.


In a voice that didn't carry beyond the table, she answered.  "If you bother Kris again, I'll rip off little junior there," her eyes moved to his crotch making him fully aware of what she was talking about.  "Shove it up your ass and teach you the literal meaning of the phrase 'go fuck yourself'.  Understand?"


He nodded his head.  "Yes."  He hung his head when he heard the snickers from the others at the table.


"That was priceless, Sagira."  Raven joined her partner.  "May I have this dance, madam?"  Raven linked there arms and escorted her lover back to the dance floor.


The next several songs were slow and romantic.  The pair danced together without interruption, lost in the moment of holding each other close and moving together as one.


"Can I interest you in watching the sunset?"  Raven smiled at the green eyes staring so intently into hers.


"Sounds wonderful."  Kris waited by the door as Raven stopped to grab two flutes of champagne.


Raven guided Kris towards the gazebo located in the backyard.  She handed Kris her glass and both women gazed at the spectacular display of pinks, oranges and reds that the sun graced them with.  They stood side-by-side with their arms around each other long enough for the colors to change toward the darker blues and purples.


"Beautiful, isn't it?"  Kris stared in awe at the display before her.


"So are you."  Raven answered and sat her glass down.  She reached into the inner pocket of her coat and pulled out a small velvet box.  Getting down on one knee, she looked up into loving eyes.  "Kris, I would be the happiest woman on earth if you would agree to be my partner, to link our lives together for as long as we are on this earth and for eternity thereafter."  Raven opened the box she held in her hand to show Kris the silver antique filigree ring with a one carat round cut blue diamond.


"Yes, love.  I want to be with you forever."  Kris felt the tears of joy flowing from her eyes.


Raven placed the ring on Kris' lift hand and smiled as she stood up to wipe the tears from her partner's cheeks.  "You are my heart and soul and I will always love you."  Raven leaned down and sealed their commitment with a kiss, as the sun sank below the distant mountains.


The End

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