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Grit Jahning


.....so much time

so much pain

but there's one thing

that still remains

the way she cared

the love we shared

and through it all

she's always been there.....



The moon was slowly disappearing behind a broad line of pale grey as a new morning descended on the world. The rising sun only a deep red hint on the horizon. A promise not spoken yet....

But already painting the churning sea in a pale pink that softened the outlines of a dark object breaking through hungry waves.

The ship was slowly moving to the ancient rhythm of the ocean. Giving its fate up to elements old as time. A strong breeze caught in heavy sails carrying the ship ahead. Ropes creaking with every move of the worn cloth.

Seagulls and albatrosses were crying overhead. Their melancholic voices a constant carpet of sounds ever since they had left the harbour months ago.

Forever ago....

Lifetimes ago.

Pale eyes were watching the dance of the birds ahead. Diving into the deep darkness of the sea. To return with a fish. Fighting off comrades. Their screaming voices almost eerie in the early morning hour when there was nothing but the soft sighing of wood and the snoring of the night guard.

The cool morning wind dancing in stray dark locks. Brushing them along angular features.

A silent sigh. Not even stirring the air.

Soundless movement. A tall frame turning to catch the first rays of sun. Its hesitant beams crawling along faded wooden planks. Casting shadows along the railing. Shadows that swallowed a lingering silhouette of the night.

Splashing sounds were heard as dolphins started their chase alongside the ship. Their childlike laughter breaking the quiet that had settled since night had fallen.

With a hoarse muttering the sailor keeping guard woke up. Scratching his belly he stretched and took a look around. Noting with a pleased smile that there was still some wine left from last night. He chuckled and his shaved head waggled in badly disguised delight.

He muttered something in a strange language and took a deep swallow.

Not even noticing the shadow moving past him. Brushing his skinny body for the briefest moment. Leaving shivers running down his spine.

To disappear under deck.

Would have thrown him right over board. Useless piece of...

The old wood of the ship wasn't even so much as uttering a creak. Its inside laying silent and peaceful. The dull sound of snoring echoing through the cabins occupied by the crew. At the end of the narrow corridor a small door led to a room that used be a storage room but had been turned into a makeshift cabin.

For the only passenger on board.

The door didn't move. And yet shimmered for a second. Appearing almost translucent...

There wasn't much in the room. A table. A chair. A narrow cot. A ball of blanket and pillow visible. And from within the pile of bedding a pale head. And a deep set of breathing.

A shadow settled on the bed. Cast by beams of light falling into the room through a small window. The blonde head shining brightly as a soft breeze brushed through the dishevelled locks.

Almost like a hesitant caress...

Pale blue eyes traced youthful features. Even though they appeared to be relaxed in sleep there was still the last remains of unease - of pain - lingering.

A gentle hand came to rest on a slowly moving shoulder. Moving down to stroke a warm belly.


The small frame moved. A soft sound. Then silence again.

A small smile on red lips. A dark head that moved closer. The cool breeze of the morning brushing the cute shape of an ear. Breakfast's ready.

Again movement. The shadow a moving colour on the blanket. Another soft sound from within the depth of blanket.

Suddenly the small form froze.

Pale eyes clouding over with sadness as a soft voice drifted through the quiet room.


I am here, Gabrielle. I am always here.

The low voice didn't stir the quiet - and yet reached right into a hurting soul. Cupping it in gentle hands to keep it from shattering.

"...oh gods, please...."

Tears traced down gentle features and Gabrielle curled into a tight ball. Barely able to stand the hurt that seemed to fill every part of her soul.

Felt the air stir around her as the shadow came to rest next to her. Felt a painfully familiar warmth enclose her in a tight embrace.

She didn't dare turn around. And yet she needed to see her. Pale green eyes closed and the small frame turned. Her mind filled with Xena's image. Those incredible blue eyes....her smile.....

Reaching out a hand she touched chiselled features. Caressed them in a desperate need. Feeling the strong frame wrapped around her tremble.

"....please....don't let go....ever...."

The shadow moved in a wave of emotions. Trembling fingers touching trails of tears. Not disturbing their flow.

Never......I'll always be here, Gabrielle......always....

The small frame curled tighter into the embrace. Not caring about the noise of the awakening crew drifting into the small cabin. Or the sounds of waves crashing against the body of the ship.

Only listening for a deep, rhythmic breathing. A strong heartbeat. Tender fingers caressing her face....

Pale eyes closed. Taking them into a world of their own...

A silent sigh. Brushing blonde locks.



The End


Naw...not really but for now anyway. J

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