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……… a beginning ………

by Grit Jahning




………And I forgot

To tell you I Love You

The night's to long

And cold here without you

I grieve in my condition

For I cannot find the words

To say I need you so………

*"I love you" written by Sarah McLachlan






"Aw ... c'mon. It'll be fun!"


"Just once?"

"I said no!!"

Xena considered pushing the issue but then she saw Gabrielle's face turn into a scowl and decided to drop the matter.

"Okay ... but you are missing out on a lot of fun."

Gabrielle didn't even bothered to answer that and turned around with a soft snort. The last thing she needed to see right now was the tall form of her friend jumping off the cliff near their camp. Xena had discovered the waterfall shortly after they made camp and had tried to convince her to jump with her. Gods, not in this life.

She heard a low chuckle and the soft rustling of clothes. And then there was silence. She had her eyes closed tightly. Feeling her heart double its pace.

And suddenly her mind was filled with images of Xena's tall form hitting sharp rocks and she swallowed hard. After another moment of silence she opened her eyes again and looked around. Xena hadn't returned yet and blonde brows wrinkled in worry.

An uneasy feeling settled inside her stomach and she turned around.


No answer. She took a few hesitant steps towards the edge of the waterfall and looked down. Not able to make out anything. Oh gods....



The low, husky voice sounded from somewhere close behind her and startled her so bad she lost her balance and tumbled forward. A small cry escaped her as she tried to keep her footing - and was immediately wrapped up in a strong embrace. Pulled towards a warm if wet body that shook with silent laughter.

And she felt anger rise inside her.

"Let me go."

The soft chuckles stopped and she looked up into confused pale eyes.

"Gabrielle ... I ... "

"I said ... let me go!"

The warrior's confusion grew and she released the small frame in her arms. She watched as Gabrielle stepped away from her and headed back towards their camp.

"What's wrong?"

Gabrielle kept her back to Xena. Barely able to hold back her tears. She swallowed. Aware that her anger was very obvious to the suddenly silent warrior.

"What's wrong?" Her voice raised in anger. " Gods ... Xena .... I thought that ... "

She didn't finish the sentence. Taking a deep breath. Feeling tears tracking down her face.

A small understanding smile played around Xena's lips and she took a few steps towards her friend. Resting her hands on small, slightly shaking shoulders.

"Don't touch me!"

It stung. And Xena pulled back as if burned. Confused and hurt. More so because she wasn't sure what she had done to upset the bard. She lifted her hands in a helpless gesture.

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle ... I didn't mean to scare you..."

The small blonde still hadn't turned around but she didn't need to. Hearing in the low voice Xena's confusion and hurt.

What was wrong with her? She wasn't angry with Xena. She was angry at herself and her inability to say what was in her heart. Why she had been filled with fear at the mere thought that something had happened to the tall warrior.

That she lost her.


Losing Xena. The mess with the Amazons and Callisto. Velasca. They had left the Amazons one week ago and still ... She was confused. Unsure of what she was feeling. What Xena felt.

She sighed and turned around slowly. Meeting anxious blue eyes.

"Don't be sorry, Xena. ... I'm not mad at you. It's just ... " She fell silent. Their eyes locking for a very long moment. Then she dropped her gaze. "I'm sorry I yelled at you..."

Xena felt almost light-headed with the relief that washed over her. She walked up to Gabrielle and wrapped her in a warm embrace. Her heart slowly starting to calm down as she felt no resistance from the small frame.

"Hey, don't scare me like this." A soft whisper.

She felt the smaller woman snuggle closer to her body and felt a silent sigh warm her chest. Grateful that the sun had dried her shirt somewhat.

They stood like that for a moment. Xena unconsciously rocking the small frame in her arms.

Gabrielle kept her eyes closed. Enjoying the closeness they shared.

"You're all right?" The low voice sounded above her but she felt the words rumble in Xena's chest. Causing her to smile.

"Mmh." Her answer was muffled because she still hadn't let go of Xena. Not just ready yet...

Not that the taller woman minded. Pale eyes fluttered close and she allowed herself to get lost in this quiet moment. Gods ... it feels so right ...

After almost losing this the warrior was sure that they had to have a talk sooner or later. She was almost sure that the bard felt the same. Her mind had been filled with the pained thoughts of Gabrielle after she had died. Causing her to realise that she wasn't ready yet to give up this life.

She breathed in Gabrielle's scent. To give up what they already had...

But she also realised that she wanted more from her smaller friend. Just not entirely sure if this was what Gabrielle wanted as well. She was willing to accept anything the small blonde offered but if there was even the slightest chance of .... A silent sigh.

Everything worth having is worth fighting for. Who said that? Pale eyes opened. Well, whoever said it, was right. She moved a little.

"C'mon ... I'm getting you all wet."

"... don't care ..."

She chuckled softly and kissed the blonde hair so conveniently close by. And had to smirk when a low rumble sounded up from between them.

"Well ... maybe you don't care ... but I do think we have to feed that monster of yours, there."

She felt the small frame shake with silent laughter and got a gentle poke for her comment. Still smiling she released the warm form and ducked her head. Making eye contact with twinkling green.

"We're okay?" Despite herself reaching up to brush away a few errant strands of pale hair. Her stomach fluttering as she felt Gabrielle lean into the contact.

"Yeah ... we're okay."

Their eyes met again and ... and for a moment there was nothing beyond those green eyes. Those gentle features. And she almost ... almost ... claimed those soft lips in a kiss. But just then reality decided to intrude and Gabrielle's belly announced its presence again. Causing them to chuckle.

But also breaking the tension that had been building up between them.


Their campfire had burned down to softly crackling embers. Enough to still spent some warmth during the night.

Not that they needed it.

It'd started a couple of nights ago. Instead of laying their bedrolls apart they had put them next to each other. Just like that.

They hadn't mentioned it ... but simply moved on from there. And during the night Xena had been awoken by slight movement next to her and before she could really think about what was happening Gabrielle had curled her smaller frame up to her. Her head resting on her shoulder and a small arm resting on her stomach.

She had looked down at the pale head now so close to her ... having Gabrielle's warm body that close to her own had down some very interesting things to her body and mind.

It had taken her the almost two candlemarks to fall asleep again.

Not that she had minded...

Pale eyes twinkled with silent mirth. As if...

At the moment the bard lay curled up on her side writing in one of her scrolls. Probably her diary.. the warrior mused and put her sword and whetstone away. Getting up from the tree trunk she had sat on she moved over to their bedrolls. Sitting down next to the bard.

The pale head raised and Gabrielle smiled at her. " ... hey ... "

" ... hey yourself .... "

The bard closed her scroll and moved from her stomach to her side. Wriggling her smaller frame against the taller one behind her. Feeling one of Xena's arms come to rest across her stomach. The large hand splayed against her belly.

Gently rubbing the soft skin it found there.

"So ... did you enjoy your day off?" The low voice rumbled behind her.

She smiled. "Yeah ... I think I really needed it. After .... after everything ..." The last part was a bare whisper and she felt Xena pull her closer to her own warm body.

"I know ... and I really am sorry that I scared you today. I ... I didn't...."

"It's okay." Gabrielle took Xena's hand in her own. Entwining their fingers. "It was ... for a moment I thought something has happened to you and ... gods I thought I had lost you ... again and I ... I couldn't ...."

The warrior didn't need to see Gabrielle's face to know that she was crying. So she pulled the small frame closer still and placed a gentle kiss on a nearby temple. Hoping to express what she was unable to put into words.

Knowing she succeeded when she felt Gabrielle snuggle closer in her arms. Feeling a soft kiss on her upper arm.

The bard bringing their faces within mere inches of reach.

Their lips almost touching....

She felt her heart double its pace when she saw a small almost shy smile on Gabrielle's face. A lump forming in her throat as the bard closed the distance between them .... and she felt soft lips as a feather-light touch on her own.

"Thank you." A soft whisper and then the pale head turned around again.

Leaving her speechless. With still tingling lips……



The End



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