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Setting: There are not a lot of stories out there set in Europe so I thought I might change that. (My being European and all ... <smile>) Set in northern Germany. A town called Lübeck. All the places, streets and bars are real. And it's a beautiful little town....I tried to keep German to a minimum - just some phrases now and then....

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Fragments - Part 4

by Grit Jahning



made a wish

I can dream

I can be what I want to be

Not afraid

To live life

And fulfil my fantasies

I learnt a lot of tricks to help me live my life

You helped me find my paradise

When you came you were like

<chorus> sunshine through my window

that's what you are, my shining star


making me feel I'm on top of the world

telling me, I'll go far

Reaching out for new heights

You inspired me to try

Felt the magic inside

And felt that I could fly

I'm looking at the world in an optimistic light

You made me appreciate my life

Cause when you came you were like


You are the calm, when I am the storm

You are the breeze, that carries me on

When I set adrift, you anchor me

You're there for me


*"Sunshine" written by Gabrielle, Jonathan Shorten



made a wish

- 13 -



Darkness had settled over the small town like a soft blanket. Stars were sparkling through slowly moving clouds barely visible on the black velvet.

It was close to midnight and the town was settling down for the night. The restaurants were closing and the boats offering rides on the lake of Plön had docked for the night. Their bodies clanking against the poles they were fastened to. Echoing eerily through the descending quiet.

The sounds of cars drifted through the streets....illuminated by the lights placed along their sidewalks. Bathing everything in a warm yellow.

Late night walkers, wrapped into thick coats, were still strolling through the town heading to small bars that would still be open. People spending their holidays in the small town located near the lake and only a hour from the Baltic Sea were enjoying the lights dancing on the water. Soft whispers floating through the air. Carried along by the soft breeze that had started. Brushing through the snow. Swirling it through the cold night.

The sound of car doors closing. Laughter. Happy voices. Car engines.

Pale green eyes were smiling at a dozen people who were getting ready to head home, again. Laughing.....teasing.....It had been a beautiful night. She had had a lot of fun. And yet.....

She waved Evelyn and her friend as they were backing out of the driveway to head back to Lübeck. Aided by teasing comments of the rest of the guests. Lorenz had had to leave a little earlier because his shift had started at eleven.

Liv smiled.

It took almost half an hour before almost every car had left the small front yard of the house. The only car left was Matthias' who was helping Corinna to get in.

Light brown eyes were smiling at him and he stole a kiss. Waggling his brows cheerily. Then he straightened and looked at the small form standing there on the steps to the small house. Wrapped into an oversized sweatshirt he knew used to belong to someone else.

Saw the softly curling steam as Liv sighed.

"Give me a minute." He said to Corinna and headed back to his friend.

Pale green eyes studying him with gentle affection. "Did you forget something, Matti?"

He shook his head and cleared his throat. Knowing that the small blonde had hoped that Ray would show up tonight. Actually he had expected it himself but.....

"Are you gonna be okay?"

A soft smile and Liv reached out to squeeze his arm. "I'm okay, Matti. I really am. This was a great party.....I'm just....tired, that's all."

She saw in his eyes that he didn't believe her. Next to....Rayne......he was the only one who could read her so clearly.

The blond head tilted to one side. His blue eyes warm and understanding. She knew, in a way, he really understood. She took a breath but didn't say anything.

Tasting the wetness of the snow at the back of her throat.

Then Matthias sighed and hugged her again. He wanted to say so much but he knew that this was something between Ray and Liv. And they had to work it out. But it hurt him to see the same pain and grief in their eyes.....

"You take care, hear me?"

Liv laughed and nodded. "I will. Drive carefully, okay? I'm sure the road is a mess."

"Yeah....." Matthias turned his head towards the street. "Going to take forever to make it back to Lübeck. Well, not like we had plans or anything like that......" He smirked and this time got a real, sunny smile from the small blonde.

Reminding him how rare it had become. How the sunny, open personality of Liv had been hidden beneath a shadow for almost two years...

His face became serious. "That's more like it."

Those green eyes looked at him in confusion but then understanding cleared them and Liv dropped her head for a moment. Brushing a pale lock behind her ear.

"Okay......we're outta here. Be good!"

An affectionate smile and a nod was his answer as he turned and headed back to his car. And within minutes silence settled again.

A shiver shook the small frame standing in the cold and Liv took a deep breath. Enjoying the cold as it brushed past her face. Making her skin burn.

She took a step back and closed the door behind her. The warmth of the house feeling strange for a brief moment. Taking a look at the mess in the living room and the kitchen, she shrugged and headed upstairs.

The house wasn't big. A kitchen and living room as well as a small bathroom and a small office downstairs - two bedrooms and a bigger bathroom upstairs. It wasn't much but it had been.....theirs.

Liv stopped at the top of the stairs. Closing her eyes she leaned against the wall. Remembering the pride in those pale blue eyes.....

It had taken Ray almost four months to get the basement the way she had wanted it.

The small blonde took a shaking breath and then green eyes turned towards the door at the end of the hallway. Against her will she took the few steps towards the small room and opened the door.

Switching on the lights she felt her hands start to tremble. She hadn't been in this room for almost three months.......Cheery colours were greeting her. The room bright and full of life.

"Oh god....." It was a desperate whisper as her legs gave in and she sank to the floor in a helplessly sobbing ball. The small frame shaking with tears.....her entire body cramping from the force of it.

"Oh god......please Rayne, I need you......"

Outside clouds were moving in. Building a solid wall of pale grey. And within minutes soft flakes were floating through the night.

Settling on every surface. Covering it with a layer of innocence......But not able to bury the memories. Or the pain......


There wasn't a lot of traffic on the small road leading towards Plön. The snow plough had been going through this road a few hours ago but it was still navigable.

At the moment there was nothing but quiet. The forest lining the road lay still and peacefully. One could think that the snow had swallowed every sound.....Leaving nothing but silence.

The could wind that was blowing and brushing through the limbs of bare trees was icy cold. Causing the snow covering trees and the ground to freeze over. Sparkling brightly when hit by light.

Suddenly the sound of car coming to a halt was breaking through the quiet. Then a car door closed, echoing loudly through the night - followed by the crunching of feet moving through the frozen snow.

Steamy breath was drifting through the dark. A sigh.

And pale eyes that were looking through the clearing ahead. And the hint of light at the horizon that was Plön.

Rayne wrapped her arms around herself. The cold easily penetrating the heavy shirt she was wearing. She had left her coat in the car. But she didn't really care about that.

She wasn't shivering from the cold, anyway.

She was scared.

Scared senseless.

How many times had she been on this road in the last two years. And she had always stopped at this parking spot. Had stood here for hours looking through the clearing in the forest towards Plön.

And every time she had turned around and driven back to Lübeck.

Unable to make the last step. Or the first step, really.....

She hadn't known if she could handle looking into those green eyes and not see......A trembling breath. Not see the warmth and love she'd always seen there. The gentle amusement and the soft laughter. That soft voice reaching right into her soul.

Somehow it had been easier to stay away.

But it also had hurt a lot more.

Behind her another car was passing by. Its noise magnified by the quiet.

The tall frame shivered and Rayne took a deep breath of the cold air. Feeling it burning in her throat.

Remembering the first night they had been sleeping together in one bed, hadn't helped either, tonight. God....it had been almost magical. The feel of the small, warm frame wrapped in her arms. It had been as natural as breathing to her.

And waking up that morning.......

Despite herself Rayne felt a gentle smile playing on her lips.

She lay her head back. The wind dancing through her black mane.....brushing stray locks across her face. Pale eyes were tracing sparkling spots of light above.

Waking up that morning had been just as magical....


- 14 -


The little sparrow shook its small frame. Spreading its wings it took off.......floating on a strong breeze above the city. Small dark eyes were tracing over the silhouettes of the buildings underneath.

Church towers rising high above the city. Their tops sparkling when the light hit them. Next to one the old Rathaus and the market place that as of now was still empty and quiet but in a few hours would be busy and crowded with people.

The early morning unbroken by loud noises and only the occasional car could be heard. Barks of dogs. From somewhere far away the soft sound of music.

The small bird came to rest on a window sill. Turning its chest towards the sun. Catching the first rays of light that kissed the rooftops of the city good morning.

It turned its head and dark eyes peeked through the windows it was sitting next to.

Beams of light were crawling over the carpet......slowly reaching the back part of the room. Touching a heap of bedding and warm bodies. Tickling exposed toes.

One ball of sheets and body moved. Softly. Gently.

Pale eyes blinking sleepily towards the window. A small smile playing around red lips as they saw the small bird. Puffing itself up. A fluffy ball of feathers and small dark eyes.

Rayne released a slow breath. The smile never leaving her face as she turned her head towards the small frame solidly wrapped around her own taller body.

Liv hadn't so much as moved during the night. One arm still possessively wrapped around her waist and her pale head resting comfortably on her shoulder.

A few blonde locks falling into her face. Brushing along those gentle features.

One long hand reached out and Rayne carefully moved them back into place. Marvelling at the softness of the strands.

A soft sigh.

God. It was amazing how right it felt to hold Liv in her arms. Rayne took a deep breath. Taking in the scent of sleep warmed body and a tickling warmth was spreading through her entire body.

She moved her arms into a more comfortable position around the small frame. Dropping a kiss on top of the blonde head.

Closing her eyes she simply floated in the feeling that was taking hold of her.

".....I love you......" It wasn't more than a whisper. A breath swallowed by the rustle of sheets.

Rayne didn't know how long she had been laying there. In a place somewhere between sleep and wake. Simply enjoying the quiet of the morning and the feel of Liv's body in her arms.

Through the window the soft sounds of church bells were drifting into the room. One started and the other churches of the city set in only moments later. A choir of deep, echoing sounds.

The pale blue of the sky slowly turned into a clear blue. With fluffy clouds moving along.

It was the distinct feeling of being safe that eventually woke her up. And the dream of being held in a strong, gentle embrace became reality as she felt the shift of Rayne's arms around her.

Liv didn't move for a long moment. Not willing yet to break the spell she had woken up in. Rayne's scent was all around her and she took a deep breath of it. A smile already spreading on her lips.

A strong, steady heartbeat sounding beneath her ear and she turned her face ever so slightly into the soft, warm body she was wrapped around. Releasing a slow breath.

"....god, I love waking up like this...."

It was only a soft whisper but she heard the heartbeat so close by, miss a beat - only to double its speed and she realised that Rayne had been awake already.

For a moment neither of them moved but then she lifted her head.

And looked right into astonished pale blue eyes. Eyes that were sparkling with so many emotions that it took her breath away for a moment.


Those handsome features broke into a gentle smile. "....hi yourself....."

For a small eternity there was nothing but the two of them. And the world consisted only of the space their bodies shared...

Rayne lifted a hand and brushed through blonde locks. Swallowing as she saw those green eyes flutter close and she felt Liv lean into the touch.

"You're beautiful."

Green eyes blinked open and looked at her in surprise. And then a soft blush was creeping up those lovely features. "Thank you." A soft whisper and Liv dropped her gaze.

But the gentle hand on her face turned her head up again to look into suddenly serious eyes. "You are."

She smiled. Feeling the body underneath her relax. And also becoming aware of their closeness. Rayne's steady breathing. The way those pale eyes suddenly darkened...

They met somewhere in the middle. Their lips touching in a soft caress that slowly....ever so slowly deepened.

Rayne felt her entire body come alive as she felt Liv move even closer and her hands started an exploration of their own. Moving underneath the T-shirt Liv was wearing. Caressing warm and soft skin.

Tracing her fingers along Liv's back Rayne started moving. Without breaking their kiss, she rolled them over ever so gently.

Her hands moved around and she slowly broke their kiss. Their were both breathing hard and she touched her forehead to Liv's. Not quite able to believe that this was real.

Convinced of the opposite when she felt warm hands slip beneath her own shirt. Tracing gently up her sides. Making her skin burn.

She released a deep breath and kissed soft lips again. Feeling the slight trembling in them. Jumping as those fingers hit a very sensitive spot.

"Mmmh." Gently teasing green eyes were blinking at her.

She raised a dark brow and dared the small blonde to repeat the motion. Not able to suppress a small squeak when Liv did exactly that.

She moved and caught those traitorous fingers. Entwining them with her own she lifted their hands above the blonde head and smiled.

Watching those green eyes look at her with absolute trust, she swallowed and slowly, gently she lowered her own taller frame. Touching their bodies together along their entire length.

They kissed again. Losing themselves in a world of their own...

Rayne released Liv's fingers and placed them next to the slim waist. Resting her weight on her hands she simply looked into those green eyes.

And then the phone rang.

Sounding eerily loud through the quiet they shared.

Rayne sighed and turned one pale eyes towards the offending machine. Noticing the smirk on soft lips she turned her attention to the small frame underneath her again. Lifting one brow she asked: "What's so funny?"

One small hand reached up and caressed her cheek. A soft, incredible gentle touch. "Nothing." A whisper.

She turned her face into the caress. Closing her eyes she kissed the soft skin so conveniently close by.

Liv felt her heart double its speed as she watched those pale eyes flutter close. Rayne's angular features reflecting a dreaminess that reached right into her soul. Awakening a need inside her she hadn't even been aware of.

The phone rang again. The small machine shaking a little with every ring.

"Maybe it's important."

She watched pale blue eyes flutter open and narrow in thought. Then they darkened into an almost deep blue as the tall frame straightened, moved and came to rest on her side. The one hand resting on Liv's belly slipping beneath her T-shirt.

The teasing touch slowly turning into a gentle caress. Sensitive fingers brushing across warm skin and against soft flesh.

The dark head moved again and touched still trembling lips. Rayne took her time. The kiss slow. Gentle.

And yet carrying a deep passion she was barely able to restrict as she watched Liv's skin flush in a soft pink. Her stomach tingling. Steadily moving downwards...

Their lips still touching she asked: "What could be possibly more important?"

Those green eyes had darkened a shade and she saw Liv swallow. Her soft voice suddenly husky. ".....nothing....."

But the phone and whoever was at the other end obviously didn't care about the intensity that had settled in the apartment. The air vibrating with emotions as the phone rang again. And again.

A deep growl rumbled in Rayne's chest. Causing Liv to break into soft giggles. The taller woman sighed and stole another kiss. "Don't go anywhere, okay?"

She got up and moved to the small table next to the couch where her phone was located. Annoying the hell out of her. But she heard the soft whisper that followed her. "...never..."

For one moment she forgot to be angry with whomever was calling but she remembered that part very quickly as she heard Matthias voice on the other end.

"Heya Ray.....how are you doing?" His deep voice was cheerful and she all but heard the smile on his face. She took one look at her watch and shook her head.

"It's seven thirty. Do you mind telling me what you're doing calling me so early?"

A cheerful laugh was her answer. "C'mon....you are usually up at this time.....and besides, I was just checking if Liv's doing okay. How's her cut?"

Rayne shook her head and rolled her eyes. "What makes you think she's here with me?"

Behind her she heard soft sounds of rustling sheets and then light footsteps. And then a small frame came to rest against her back and she felt Liv's head touch the spot between her shoulderblades. A pair of arms wrapping around her waist.

She swallowed. Her throat suddenly dry as she tried to comprehend what Matthias was telling her.

"Just call it a hunch. So, how's she doing?"

"She's fine." Rayne sighed silently as she heard the hoarse tone to her voice and the other end went silent for a knowing moment.

"Great! That's all I wanted to hear." The blond German's voice was cheerful and yet had a strangely happy sound to it, she couldn't quite put a finger on.

"Yeah....talk to you later." She hung up and closed her eyes. Simply revelling in the warmth her body and soul were basked in. Liv's hand slowly stroking up and down her belly.

"Matthias?" A quiet whisper. Somewhat muffled because Liv had her face turned into Rayne's back. Drowning in her scent....


"He okay?"


A gentle chuckle. Followed by a soft growl.

Green eyes were suddenly face to face with surprised pale blue and Liv blushed. Brushing a few pale locks behind her ears she peeked sheepishly through blonde bangs. "How does breakfast sound?"

Those chiselled features broke into a bright, affectionate smile. Stealing another kiss....that lingered for a small eternity and slowly turned into something deeper, Rayne cleared her throat and turned towards the kitchen area. "Great."


Steam was gently curling through the bathroom. Misting the mirror and covering the tiles with a fine layer of water. Running down the smooth surface.

A soft humming was barely audible through the noise of the shower and a tall form was moving slowly to a silent music.

Pale eyes closed and Rayne released a happy sigh. Enjoying the rush of warmth hitting her body. Turning her face into the spray to drown for a little while in the happy feeling that was slowly taking possession of her body. And soul...

Just to stop every movement as her back was brushed by a touch of cold air - and she became aware of another presence.

It took a moment for her heart to resume beating and a soft whisper brushed past her. "...breathe..."

Doing exactly that she took a deep breath and felt her body tremble with the sheer intensity that had settle in the small shower stall.

Neither of them moved for a long time.

Rayne not sure if she should turn around - and yet, at the same time desperately wanting to turn. To see... But also understanding that right now Liv was setting the rules and that they would move as slowly or as fast as the small blonde was comfortable with.

As difficult as breathing had become by now, it got more so as she suddenly felt a pair of warm, small hands come to rest on her back. Able to feel the light trembling in them.

"Do....do you mind if I do your back?"

The voice was soft. And yet carried a strength that surprised Rayne. The dark head moved in a nod - the taller woman not trusting her voice to utter any coherent response.

Soon she felt Liv's hands glide ever so gently along her back. Lathering her skin with a body wash that held a soft scent of apricot. She smiled.

That was nice.

Those hands moved across her shoulderblades, along her shoulders, down her arms - up her spine. She felt her breathing quicken and a familiar tingling making its way through her body - heading somewhere south.

Liv released a slow, trembling breath.

She had been standing in front of the bathroom door for some time until she had decided to enter.

Waking up this morning....

It had been amazing. Tender. Warm. Safe. And if it hadn't been for Matthias calling....

She had almost desperately craved Rayne's touch. It had been a very profound need that had claimed her ever since the first kiss.

Brushing away long, wet locks that curled at their tips she stopped every movement. Green eyes taking in a small yet delicate tattoo. Touching it with gentle fingers Liv released a slow breath.

It was a hummingbird. Small yet every detail visible. It was coloured in a deep green that was turning into blue. Its dark eyes seemed to watch her with a soft smile.

She couldn't help but lean forward and place a tender kiss on the small image. Savouring the feel of soft skin she touched.

It took all of Rayne's willpower not to turn around and to take the small blonde in her arms. Feeling those soft lips touch her skin was almost her undoing.

Then she felt small hands come to rest on her hips and the small frame moving closer to her own taller form.

Almost touching....

Then Liv moved again and suddenly she was face to face with shy, yet determined green eyes. Not able to stop her own eyes from wandering down the small form.


Becoming aware that she had uttered the word outloud when she saw Liv's entire body flush in a soft pink. And felt the tingling in her belly intensify.

Swallowing hard she cleared her throat. Reaching up with one hand she cupped Liv's cheek. Their eyes locking. Neither of them caring about the water still hitting them. Nor the noise that filled the small space. Not caring about the world somewhere out there that continued on....

Here and now there was nothing but them. Nothing but trembling hearts....

Their lips met in a soft kiss and Rayne moved closer to Liv. Her own hands hesitantly reaching out to touch warm, wet skin.

Pulling them back when she heard a surprised squeak.

Before she could apologise she saw Liv move away from the tiles of the shower. Goosebumps very obvious on her skin.

"They're cold." There was a hint of indignation in her voice and Rayne couldn't help but laugh. Soon joined by Liv's voice.

Efficiently breaking the intensity between them. After they stopped laughing they simply looked at each other. Hesitating for a moment Liv decided to go ahead and moved forward. Putting her arms around the taller frame she closed her eyes. Marvelling at how right it felt to be this close to Rayne.

How right it felt to feel Rayne this way.

Rayne herself was unable to put words to the feelings coursing through her. Their bodies touching skin on skin for the first time was.....

God.....pale eyes closed.

The swell of Liv's breasts touching her belly.....her face buried in her chest......She rested her head on the top of the pale hair so conveniently close by. No, there were no words to describe this. Well......

Pale eyes opened again.

Maybe there were.

Seeing that Liv was obviously very comfortable to stay where she was, she closed her eyes again and started rocking them gently. There would be a time for those words.

They stood like that for what seemed forever. The warm spray of the shower still brushing past them.

Rayne's dark head ducked and she searched the gentle features so close by. Looking right into bright green eyes that carried emotions so obvious she had to swallow. A small hand reached up and stroke her face. Tracing the shape of her ear. Slowly moving down her jaw......brushing her collarbone---

She captured soft lips in a deep kiss and then touched her forehead to Liv's.

"You are very special." A low whisper.

That earned a bright smile and a kiss on her breastbones. And small hands stroking up and down her back.

"But I think we need to stop."

Those green eyes blinked at her in confusion. Confusion that slowly turned into surprise and then hurt. And she felt the small frame move away from her.

"No, no, no......" She grabbed the small blonde's arm and pulled her close again. Waiting until green eyes met her gaze. "You have no idea how much I want to make love to you." A soft blush crept up into cute ears and Rayne smiled. Cupping Liv's cheek her face turned serious. "But I want our first time to be special....really special.......and although making love in the shower probably qualifies as special........that's not how I want it to be."

The blonde head tilted to one side and Liv looked at her in silence for a painfully long moment.

Just to ease her fears with a gentle smile. "You are very special, too."

Rayne chuckled relieved. And then took a good look at the two of them. "We're pruning."

Liv followed her gaze and started laughing. A delighted sound that reached right into the taller woman's soul. Warming it. Cupping it in gentle hands that promised never to let go....

Shutting off the water they stepped out if the shower and finished drying off. Both catching the other looking. And both having the same thought every time they eyes met.

I Love You.

Liv stood in front of the mirror trying to get some order to her hair. Looking up and into intense blue eyes. Feeling long arms reach around her waist. Pulling her own small frame close against the strong body behind.

"You know the reason I had them cut was to avoid all that mess in the morning.....but you know what? It's even worse now."

Rayne smiled and kissed the top of her head. "I like it." She ruffled the short blonde locks. "I always thought about cutting mine, too." She shrugged. Running one hand through her dark mane.

And looked into shocked green eyes.

"Don't you dare!......I think......." Liv turned in her embrace. "You are so beautiful. Don't have them cut. Please?"

The dark head lowered and Rayne kissed her. Slowly. Sensually. "Don't worry." A husky whisper.

That caused an intense tingling in her belly. Again. Red lips pouted. Something Rayne thought was impossibly cute. She touched one finger to the pouting lips and tilted her head. "Do you have any plans for tonight?"

"Um...." Liv frowned. Trying to remember what day today was. "Nooo...." She draw out the word. Crossing her arms over her chest she asked: "Why? Anything you had planned?" She kept her voice teasing.......seeing the playfulness sparkling in those blue eyes.

"Maybe." Rayne imitated Liv's stature. Green and blue eyes looking at each other. Smiling.

"Well......" Liv took a step closer. Her voice dropping. Two could play this game. "As long as it involves you, I'm game for anything."

Rayne had to cough against her suddenly dry throat. "Okay." A high squeak.

Again, they laughed and left the bathroom. Leaving behind settling steam. Warmth and with energy crackling air.....


- 15 -


"And where exactly, young lady, have you been?"

Evelyn was standing in the middle of the hallway. Her hands on her hips. One brow disappearing behind her bangs. One foot tapping impatiently.

Liv walked past her and sighed dreamy. ".....in heaven...."

Lorenz who had been leaning against the doorframe of his room snorted and shook his head. "Yeah....that's what they all say." He smirked and moved back into his room.

Evelyn joined his laughter and followed Liv into the kitchen. "Are you going to tell me where you've been?"

The small blonde had taken a seat at the small table. Her green eyes somewhere far away. "With Rayne."

"Oh." Evelyn sat down. For the first time really noticing the band aid on her friend's forehead. "What happened?", she asked alarmed.

It took a moment before Liv realised what Eph was talking about. She touched the band aid and shrugged. "Some trouble at the bar."


"Hey...." Liv put a hand on Eph's forearm. Keeping her from jumping up. "It's nothing, really. And Rayne took care of it. Really.....I'm fine."

Blue eyes looked at her unconvinced but the redhead sat down again. Taking another long look at her friend. Noticing the sparkling in those eyes. Even brighter than usual. The soft flush to gentle features.

Resting her chin on her hand she sighed silently.

"You love her, don't you."

Liv looked surprised at her friend. She wasn't about to deny it.....because, yes. Yes, she was in love with the tall Brit. God.....was she ever. A small smile played around her lips. And this morning in the shower.....

Red brows rose as Evelyn noticed the blush on Liv's face.

Yes, she was in love with Rayne but she was surprised it....."Is it that obvious?"

At that Evelyn had to laugh. "Liv.....obvious isn't the right word....." The red head tilted to one side. Making a show of looking her up and down. "You are practically shining with it." There was an almost wistful tone to her voice and Liv frowned.

"You okay?"

"Yeah......yeah, of course." Eph got up and turned away. Getting a glass out of the cabinet she continued. "Oh....I almost forgot.....your parents called."

"Shoot....I was suppose to call them yesterday. I totally forgot about that. Mmh....." Green eyes peeked at the clock on the wall. It was 9:30. She had to be at the clinic in two hours. And then they had a class at the lab.

Well, her mother would be still home.

"I'm gonna call my mother now. Did they say something?"

Evelyn turned back around. "Naw.....just wondered why you hadn't called."

"Okay." She smiled at her friend and looked down at herself. "So, I'm practically shining, huh?"

Her friend simply nodded and smiled amused as the small blonde shrugged and straightened a little more. "Good."

Evelyn watched her friend leave the kitchen. The smile slowly turning sad. "....yeah, shining...." A soft, wistful whisper.


She heard the phone ringing for the third times until a gentle, warm voice answered.

The warm tone of her mother's voice always carrying countless memories of her childhood. Of days filled with music and laughter. With games and stories. Her mother always her rock in stormy times.

She smiled unconsciously.


There was a little silence on the other end and then a delighted sound answered her. "Hej! Hur mår du?"

"Mycket bra, mamma! Och du?"

"Fine, älskling.....I'm fine. We were a little worried you didn't call yesterday."

Mmh. What to tell. "Yeah.....I was with a friend. It got really late, so...." Well, it was true.

"Oh." A little silence. "Listen, älskling.....you have your spring break in two weeks, right? Your father was wondering if you are going to spend it with us. Or did you have other plans with Torben?"

"Um......no, no......Torben and I....we don't have plans. I....." Liv took a breath. "I'm not sure yet. How about I call you this weekend and tell you for sure?"

"Naturligtvis! I'm sorry, honey.....I have to leave here in a minute. Talk to you in a few days! Adjö!"

"Adjö, mamma!"

Liv hung up the phone and released a slow breath. Okay. So now she had to talk to Rayne. Usually she would have spent the free time with her family but now.......just the thought of not seeing Rayne for two weeks...

Mmh....Green eyes turned thoughtful. Maybe...


Rayne locked the door to her car and turned around to take a good look at the bar. Pale eyes narrowed as the took in the hurriedly taped window that had been broken yesterday.

She shook her head. Bastards.

She just returned from the Polizeipräsidium to finish the report. They had told her that the boy wasn't pressing any charges against her for breaking his nose. Most likely his parents would have to pay for the broken window...and that was it.

It had pissed her off big time. So she was in a really bad mood as she entered the bar and was greeted by a cheerful Matthias.

"Well, hello there, stranger."

"Did you call someone to take care of the window?"

Her friend looked at her surprised. "Of course. He will be here in half an hour to fix it. What kinda questions is this anyway? You're okay?"

She sighed. "Yeah.....just returned from the police. Pissed me off. Sorry."

Matthias shrugged. "Hey....that's okay." They headed towards the small office in the back of the bar. Sheets of paper thrown all over a heavy, wooden table. Soft music playing in the background.

Rayne took a glass from a small counter and filled it with water. Taking a deep swallow she exhaled slowly.

"What do you think....should we keep the bar closed tonight?"

Pale eyes studied a poster on the wall thoughtfully. It was announcing the concert of a quite popular German band. "Mmh.....good question. I don't want those bastards to think they scared us off, though."

The blond man bit his lower lip and perched on the table. "Got a point there."

"Tell you what.....tell Ahmed to have three more of his men there tonight. Just to be prepared. I don't really think they'll be back but let's just make sure."

Matthias was already scribbling something down and then nodded at his friend. "Okay. Will do........" Dropping the pen he turned back around and a saucy smile played on his lips. "Soooo....how was the rest of your night?"

A dark brow rose and unreadable angular features looked back at him.

"Aw, c'mon....huh? I'm your best friend, Ray. If you can't tell me anything....who could you tell it to?" His voice was teasing and he saw the little sparkle in those pale eyes.

But the tall woman didn't respond.

"Okay.....look. I don't have a love, not to mention sex-life so all that's left for me is yours."

That prompted a deep chuckle from the tall Brit and she shook her head. Brushing dark locks back she smiled.

"Liv would kill me."

Matthias shrugged. "Maybe, but I would know it at least...." His blond brow wriggled suggestively.


"Yes, Ma'am."

They laughed. But then the tall German turned serious. "I know, I said that before but I really am happy for you......." Affectionate pale blue eyes peered back at him. "I think she is good for you."

Good for me. Rayne rolled the words around in her head. Then serious pale eyes met Matthias'. "I think, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

The pale head in front of her tilted to one side. "You love her."

Rayne choose to ignore the soft blush that was creeping up her neck as she nodded. "Yes."

"Well." Matthias got up from the table and took a step towards her. Smiling broadly and somewhat smugly. "Just make sure to send me an invitation for the wedding, okay?"

And barely evaded the hand that was reaching for him. He laughed and shook a finger at his friend. "Hey.....can't blame a man for trying to be prepared."

Pale eyes narrowed and he wisely backed away. Recognising the look in Rayne's eyes. "You wouldn't hurt your best friend, now would you?"

A bunched up piece of paper flying past his temple was his answer and he turned. Sprinting towards the backdoor. Hearing the low chuckle as Rayne followed him.


Still a little out of breath Rayne sat down behind her office table. Shaking her head at herself. But it had been fun. She had caught him in the men's room and he had left it drenched with cold water.....

A satisfied and happy smile played around red lips and pale eyes closed as the tall frame leaned back in the chair. Just enjoying the quiet.

Trying to remember the last time she had been this exuberant. Mmh.....It seemed centuries ago.

Pale eyes opened. Yeah.....Liv was definitely good for her.

Yellow beams of sunlight fell into the small room. A slight green hue to them since they broke through treetops heavily covered with leaves.

The dark head tilted to one side and then she got up. Coming to a halt next to the window. Pale eyes tracing the scenery they found outside.

The backyard was flanked by three other building and formed a huge square. Three tall and old beech trees taking up part of its space. Benches and a few tables surrounding the old trees. When the weather became warmer they had planned on using it as a sort of extension of the bar.

A handful sparrows were sitting on the ground. Fighting over half of a roll. Chirping loud and agitated.

Rayne smiled and leaned against the window frame. A strange peacefulness settling inside of her.

A soft sigh and then she returned to her work.

Pale eyes noticing her calendar and she brushed idly through it. Stopping when she found a sheet that was marked with a black pencil.

Another sigh. This one different, though. Almost sad.

She closed the calendar and dropped her hands to the surface of the table. Just then the door opened and a pale head appeared.

"Hey, Ray.....do you have a ........You're okay?" Matthias noticed the faraway look on Rayne's face and took a step closer.


Pale eyes lifted up to him. An unreadable expression in them. "I'm fine. What is it?"

Her friend debated with himself but decided to let this go. Rayne was a very private person and his wasn't about to push something she obviously didn't want to talk about. He had learned that lesson long ago.

"Um....just wanted to let you know that I talked to the boys and everything will be taken care of tonight."


An uncomfortable silence fell and Matthias cleared his throat. "Okay....then....um....I'll just leave. I think, I will be back around seven. See ya."


Hesitantly he closed the office door wondering what had caused the sudden change in Rayne.


The sun was very slowly disappearing behind trees and buildings. Painting the sky in a palette of colours. A soft pink dissolving into a deep blue that itself was taking over by black.

The light reflected on the calm water of the small lake at the outskirts of the old city of Lübeck. Ducks and a few swans circling around in carefree abandon. Brushing their beaks through their feathers. Reaching for pieces of bread passers by had thrown into the water. Unaware of a pair of pale eyes watching them.

A tall form sitting hunched over on one of the benches lining the lake. Long dark locks kept back in a loose tail. A few stray locks whisked around playfully by a soft breeze.

Listening to the sound of waves brushing on shore. Reminding her of so many days and nights spent on her father's small trawler. As a child she used to hide there. Still able to remember its smell of old oil, diesel, salt and ocean. Freedom...

God, she had loved going out on sea with her father. The low muttering of the engine carrying them out of the small harbour. High-pitched cries of seagulls accompanying them on their way.

Her father's hoarse voice shouting. Laughing.

His face weathered and marked by the sun and the salt. His smiling eyes almost as pale as hers. The unruly beard that always framed his features.

A small smile played around red lips. It had been the best time of her life.

He had loved the sea. Just as much as he had hated it.

And in the end it had killed him....

The smile vanished and the tall frame straightened. Alerting a few birds to her presence. Pale eyes watching as they scattered away.

A sigh. To find the reminder in her calendar that his anniversary of death was coming up in a couple of weeks had been....it had overshadowed the happy feeling that had settled inside.

She had promised her mother to visit. Maybe spent a weekend up in England.

The sun had disappeared completely behind the outlines of the city. Only a line of deep orange hinting at its presence.

Rayne took a deep breath. Tasting dust and cold air. The sounds of cars and bicycles passing by behind her drifted to her ears. A steady carpet of noise that she had already become used to.

Pale eyes closed.

She felt the cool wind brush across her face. Heard the soft humming of a fly. The quacking of the ducks. The sighs of branches overhead.

The soft crunching of footsteps.

And then the wind carried a very familiar scent to her...


The dark head turned and took in the small blonde standing a few steps away with an almost desperate relief.


Liv smiled and took two steps closer. But still to far away to touch. Realising that Rayne reached out with a hand and smiled. Needing to feel the small frame close.

Receiving a bright smile in answer and felt a warm hand slip into hers.

Liv sat down next to her. Without prompting cuddling immediately close to the tall form. They sat in silence - just enjoying their company and the last traces of the sunset.

With a soft hiss a lamp nearby went on. The birds took off in a silent flight and the ducks huddled together nearby bushes. They faces hidden between feathers.

Strange, Rayne thought, how safe she felt. Sitting here with Liv. And then she started to talk. About her father. About how much he meant to her and how much she missed him still. How his death had been a shock to her mother and her.

That she usually tried to be home around the day of his death. Just to be there for her mother.

Liv listened quietly. One hand entwined with Rayne's much larger. Feeling the soft trembling. After the taller woman finished they again sat in silence.

The blonde head tilted to one side and then searched pale blue eyes. Trying to find a way to approach this.

"So, this means you will leave for England in a few weeks?"

"Well," Rayne shrugged. Quiet without conscious thought brushing stray blonde locks out of Liv's face. "..yeah....I really want to. But...."

A smile was her answer and dark brows wrinkled in confusion.

"That's great." The small form next to her moved a little to look more squarely at her. "I....because I'm going to spend a few days with my parents, too."

"Oh." Rayne wasn't quiet sure what to make of this and waited. An uncomfortable tightening on her stomach forming.

That dissolved into a ball of warmth as soft lips touched hers.

"And I want them to meet you."


The large room was lit only by two small lamps placed next to a very comfortable looking leather couch. A deep blue thick blanket resting on one arm. Magazines and books laying on a small table in front of the sofa. Next to them two cups. The scent of coffee still lingering in the air.

In one corner a TV set was running. It was turned to a music channel, currently playing soft music that drifted through the quiet. Weaving a soft carpet of sounds.

Through huge windows a thin slice of the moon was peeking inside. Its pale light curiously creeping along the floor. Across two pairs of shoes. Socks. Trousers. Shirts.

Brushing slowly moving bodies. The soft rustle of sheets. Soft whispers. Moans.

It had started with a kiss.

And neither of them had been able to stop.

Neither of them had wanted to stop.

Craving each other's touch.

Rayne moving her hands underneath the thin T-shirt Liv was wearing. Revelling at the warm skin. Soft flesh she found. The small frame arching as she worked the shirt of. Followed by her bra. Swallowing at the sight.

Getting rid of her own clothes she slowly lowered her taller frame on top of Liv's. Drowning in deep green eyes.

Closing her own eyes as she felt tender hands caress her face. Trace the shape of her cheeks. The outlines of her ears.

Down her neck. Brushing along her chest. Leaving goosebumps in its wake. Heard the soft whisper drift up to her. "I did that?"

She opened her eyes. Again taken aback at the beauty of Liv's features. She rolled to her side and took one of the small hands. Placing them on top of her heart. Knowing that the small blonde would be able to feel its fast beating.

"Yes, you did that......" She kissed soft lips. "And so much more."

Liv marvelled at the tanned and soft skin she was touching. Caressing it. Tracing a faint scar she found.

Just to close her eyes as she felt curious fingers mapping her body. Unable to suppress a moan as she felt soft lips make their way down her chest. Arching into the taller frame as chills rippled her body. Caused by a soft tongue tracing her breastbone.


Hearing the low chuckle as Rayne took her time exploring the treasure before her. Wanting to imprint every single inch into her mind.

Wanting this moment to last forever.

There hadn't been a candlelight dinner. Nor softly playing violins. No whispered words of commitment.

And yet........listening to the soft sounds escaping Liv - feeling her trembling body, she decided, there couldn't have been a more perfect moment than this.


"Oh God...."

It took a moment before she came down from a wave that had carried her safely away. Blinking blue eyes open that had darkened into a deep blue she looked into smiling green eyes.

Feeling those soft hands touch her face. "You are so beautiful." Words that tickled her lips as Liv kissed her.

There were so many things she wanted to say. So many words that were waiting to be said. But all she could do was wrap her arms around the small frame as Liv cuddled close.

She took a couple of deep breaths and then moved a little. Wanting to look into those incredible green eyes.

Amazing how they moved from blue into green. With just the slightest hint of grey. Those gently curving features. Tiny, soft hairs covering smiling cheeks.

Lifting a still trembling hand she smoothed out pale brows.

"Jag älskar dig." The words coloured by a strong accent.

It took a moment before the expected blush worked its way into Liv's face. And then the blonde head buried into her chest. Liv able to feel as well as hear the low rumble of Rayne's gentle laughter.

"Didn't think I would look it up, huh?" A teasing tone in the low voice.

Whatever answer the small blonde had was muffled since Liv hadn't moved from her 'hiding place'.

"Isn't it true?"

That brought the blonde head up and serious green eyes looked at her. "It is true!! God...." Green eyes dropped. Fingers tracing skin dampened by sweat. "You don't know how much....."

Rayne smiled and ducked her head to catch Liv's gaze.

"I think, I know what you mean."

They looked at each other in comfortable silence. Two hearts and souls joined in a ancient dance of emotions.....

And then they said in unison.

"I love you."

Somewhere outside, slowly swallowed by pale lines of clouds the moon went to sleep. Chuckling softly......



To be continued in part 5


>>>>>My heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one in the horrible tragedy on September 11th 2001 and to everyone who is still hoping!!!!<<<<<

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