Summary: This is another first time story set during the 3 rd season you can make up your own mind when. Gabrielle is in a bad mood lately and Xena is going to find out why!

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Subtext: YES!

Sex Rating: This is pretty explicit so don't say I didn't warn you!

Violence: One punch from the Battling Bard!



By: belabubble aka Guitar Warrior

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“Xena tell me you did not spend that much on this? Gabrielle was beside herself as she spoke to the cool and collected Warrior. She sighs as she places a piece of hair behind her ear and then scratches her nose. “ I could of talked him down by at least 4 dinars” She takes a bite of the pastry and makes a surprised expression of approval. “I will admit it's tasty.” She smiles and takes another bite. The stoic Warrior looks over at her companion and smiles. Arching her eyebrow she watches the bard chomp down the last of the treat and lick her fingers clean. “Well Gabrielle, if you like we can go back and tell the stand owner just how unfair the price was and give him back the remaining pastries.” Gabrielle glares back at her partner. “Oh no Xena, forget it. Why waste our time going back to that town just to be told there is no refunds!” Xena bursts out laughing and shakes her head. The bard continues to glare at her. “What is so damn funny Xena?” She places her hands on her hips and stops in her tracks. Xena stops walking and halts her horse. She smiles big and thinks Gabrielle is so cute when she is angry. “You are. You scarfed that cream puff down faster than it took you to complain about how much was paid and then you make up an excuse to not return the remaining lot.” Gabrielle's temper was rising. For some reason her anger was worse the last few months. With everything that had happened to her and Xena along with the remaining jealousy she had of Lao Ma on her mind, the last thing she needed was her partner making fun of her and treating her as if she was still a child. She was twenty one years old in the next couple of moons and she wanted the Warrior to start looking at her as a woman instead of the little tag along she found in Potidaea three years ago. Wow she thought three years ago seems like forever ago. The bard opens her mouth to say something then changers her mind and starts walking off, leaving her companion staring after her. Xena watches her stalk off, noticing that she is staring at the Bards behind. Clearing her thoughts, she catches up to Gabrielle and places her hand on her shoulder to stop her. “Hey. Stop!” Gabrielle halts and spins around to look at her best friend. Xena becomes serious and with concern in her voice she continues. “Gabrielle, what is wrong with you lately? For the past few moons you've been on edge. Like you are on a permanent moon cycle or something. You snap at me, you snap at Argo, you snap at every tavern owner, food store owner and passerby we meet on the road. Talk to me.” Gabrielle's anger begins to ease as she stares into the crystal blue orbs of her Warrior Princess, whom with concern is looking deep into her eyes. Yea right the Bard thinks, if only she was ‘my' Warrior Princess. “Damn you Lao Ma!” she curses under her breath as she looks down at the ground. Gabrielle's nostrils flare and her fists clinch into tight balls. Xena, not catching exactly what her Bard says, watches her fists tighten. She was so taken by Gabrielle's breathing that before she knew it Gabrielle's fist comes flying up at her and lands across her jaw. Xena stands staring with a stunned expression. The Bards eyes go wide and her mouth stands open with shock. “Xena! Oh my Gods! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I….I mean, I wanted to punch…but not you…I…” Xena rubs her jaw as the Bard stutters her words trying to explain. “Ok, that's it. We are setting up camp here and we are going to have a little talk. Got it!” She turns away from Gabrielle and leads her horse over to the area she thinks is best for them to set up camp. She begins to pull there things off of Argo's back. Gabrielle feels as if she will cry at any moment, but composes herself and follows Xena. She takes there bedrolls and begins to unfold them, then collects the necessary items they will need out of the bags. Xena turns, not looking at the Bard, but to were she can hear her. “I'm going to find us some dinner. Get the fire going will ya.” The Warrior marches off. Gabrielle sighs as she begins to collect the sticks. What is wrong with me, she thinks. I know things have been crazy and all but that stuff is supposed to be worked out. Why am I so mad all the time? I don't want to take it out on Argo or some passerby who looks at us funny or Xena, especially not Xena. I love her. I can't believe I hit her. She shakes her head as she starts to speak out loud of her thoughts. “I can't believe she let me hit her. She didn't even flinch to try and stop me! That is not like her and this is certainly not like me!” She mutters the words under her breath as she gets the wood together and starts the fire. Xena returns with a couple of fish. She is dripping wet from head to toe. Gabrielle's breath catches as she looks at the Warrior. Xena's eyebrow arches as she gives a look of ‘what' to Gabrielle. “Do you want to cook these or would you like me to just hold them the rest of the night?'' Her voice stays low and deep. Gabrielle collects herself then collects the fish and places them in the frying pan. She seasons them with some herbs from there bag and puts them on the fire. She pulls a couple of potatoes out of the bag and takes a small cutting knife and chops them up. “I'll be back. I'm going to go rinse these off in the stream. Xena, get out of those wet leathers and into a fresh night shirt before you catch your death!” Before Xena has a chance to say anything the Bard is out of sight. She sighs and throws her hands up in the air, then begins to remove her clothing. “What the bugger is wrong with that woman?” She speaks out loud as she works the leathers off. She stops and thinks about her words. “Woman?” She begins her thoughts again without speaking them. She is a woman and not a child. She has been one for a while now. I wonder if it is some sort of change she is going through that is causing her mood swings? I don't remember going through a mood change like that and I'm seven years older than her. Wow only seven. We are not that far apart in age. I started so young becoming the Destroyer of Nations. I was still in my early teens. She knew she had some strong feelings for Gabrielle. They started when she first saw her in Potidaea three years ago and have become stronger and stronger over time. Her thoughts were interrupted by Gabrielle re entering the camp. “Xena! Why are you just standing there naked! Get some cloths on!” The Bard was nervous and stumbling to not look at her. Going straight to the fire she throws the vegetables in with the fish, seasoning them then turns to retrieve her scroll diary and quill from her bag. She sets down on her bedroll and begins to find a spot to scribe. Xena puts the sleep shirt on, noticing her companions nervousness. Xena gets caught up in her thoughts once more. She is so jittery around me. We don't even bath together anymore. Is she scared of me? Great, maybe she is seeing right through me! The way I look at her with my eyes scanning her body. Has she caught me? I've been really bad lately. That would explain the punch earlier. She sees me undressing her with my eyes. The lust I hold for her. The constant want and need of her. How can I control these feelings I have for her? Those eyes, those lips, that chest and abs and oh that belly button of hers. Xena smiles and looks at every body part she is thinking of. Those legs and that cute sexy butt she can't see me looking at when she is walking in front of me. Xena begins to blush as she thinks of the next area of the Bards body. “Xena!” The Warrior jumps slightly as she is yanked from her thoughts and brought back to reality. Gabrielle is looking at her with annoyance. Xena controls herself and finds her voice. “Huh? What?” Gabrielle huffs as she sets the scroll diary and quill down and gets up to turn the items cooking over the fire. “I called your name four times before you answered me. You were staring at me, but not answering!” Xena blinks repeatedly and becomes nervous. “Bucchae Shit!” she mutters under her breath. Then thinks silently, does she know what I was thinking just then? I have got to get my hormones under control! “I'm sorry Gabrielle, I was just thinking.” Gabrielle spins around on one heel. “Ha! Yea I could tell you were thinking all right. What were you thinking about Xena to make you blush and look over heated like that? A certain woman, no doubt!” she spits out the last sentence with disgust. Xena's eyes go wide as she watches Gabrielle. “I've seen that look before on grungy, slimy, disgusting vermin of men we meet up with in taverns and out here on the road. That hungry look of lust and desire and you had it!” Xena looks to the ground, unable to look at her friend any longer. ‘She knows', Xena thinks. The Warrior sighs and sits down on a log. “I'm sorry Gabrielle. It's been a long time and” Gabrielle stops her. “Xena, I don't want to know. I have my own problems I'm dealing with!” She takes the fish and potatoes off the frying pan and on to two plates. She walks over and hands one to Xena, then stomps back over to her bedroll and begins to munch down on the meat. She stops chewing but continues to look at her plate as she speaks low and soft. “I don't need to know about your thoughts of Lao Ma. So save it!” Xena's eyebrow arches as she looks to the Bard. She thinks I was thinking of Lao Ma? She looks really pissed off. I thought we put that behind us. Why is she still mad about…?” Xena stops her thought and smiles. She is still jealous of us. Why? Could it be that she is…?” Xena stops again and gets a twinkle in her eye as she begins to eat her food. “When we are done eating we are going to have that talk my Bard.” Xena keeps her voice low and stern. Gabrielle, feeling defeated responds with a sigh, “Fine.”


Xena sits her plate down on the ground and stretches out, crossing her legs as she does so. She watches Gabrielle write in her diary. The blonde had finished her meal long ago. Sensing the Warrior's stare on her, she lifts her eyes to meet Xena's. “Finally finished. Took you long enough. Let me guess, it was too spicy or was it not spicy enough!” She shakes her head and looks back down at her diary, placing the quill in her mouth. A creased brow forms on her forehead. Xena gets up and goes over and plops down beside Gabrielle. “Oh please Xena, join me here on my bedroll!” she sighs as she places a piece of hair back behind her ear then writes on the scroll. Xena sets and thinks for a moment looking into the fire, then with one quick swoop she snatches the scroll away from the Bard. “Hey!” Gabrielle protests with anger all over her face. “Xena! That is my diary. You know you are not suppose to touch it. Give it back!” Xena holds the parchment away from the Bard. “Not until we talk.” Gabrielle fumes, “Ha! You talk, yea right, Warrior of so many words!” Xena stares at the obviously pissed off woman. “We talk or I start reading.” She arches her eyebrow and smiles big. Gabrielle's eyes go wide and her voice becomes shaky, but the anger remains. “You wouldn't dare Xena!” The Warrior brings the book into her lap and opens up to the page Gabrielle was writing on. “Try me!” she breaths out with confidence. Gabrielle's face shows signs of panic as she stumbles over her words. “Ok…Ok Xena! We talk.” Xena rolls up the parchment and begins to wonder what could be in there that Gabrielle does not want her to see. She smiles warmly. “I wouldn't read your diary Gabrielle, you know that. I just want to talk.” The Bards anger and panic subside as she sighs and places her hands in her lap. She shrugs, “I know Xena. Thank you. Let's talk.” Xena lets the scroll lay in her lap as she starts. “Gabrielle, why did you hit me?” Gabrielle looks down in her lap and begins to play with a loose piece of thread on her skirt. “I don't know Xena. I just started feeling all this anger build up and I needed to release it and you just happened to be in the way of that release. I'm sorry.” Xena takes a breath, watching the Bard continue to play with her skirt. Xena's voice goes low and deep. “Gabrieeelleee, look at me.” The Bard continues to look down not moving an inch. “Gabrieeelleee! Look at me.” Xena says with more intimidation. The Bard slowly looks up to meet her Champion's eyes. Unable to control herself she says with a shaky and barely audible voice. “What?” Xena looks deep into her eyes. Pinning her down with all the power she can muster. ‘I can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice', Xena thinks. ‘She wants the same thing.' “Gabrielle, tell me the truth. Why did you hit me?” The Bard could not take it anymore. Xena was staring right through her. She didn't care. It was more than she could hold in any longer. The anger once more built up in her. She creased her brow and through clinched teeth she began. “I hit you because you were with her! You love her more than you love me! I can never be what she was for you. You will never be My Warrior Princess, because she already claims you! And there is nothing I can do about it! But walk beside you each day, eat beside you each night, and sleep beside you each twilight! The only way to relieve my frustration is to go off when you are not looking and satisfy my burning desires I hold so secret. When I touch myself I have to imagine it is you. That that is as close as I will get to being with you. In my Imagination, in my dreams! Always scared that you will come looking for me one day and find me and be disgusted by me and turn away from me forever. I can't handle that Xena! I would rather be with you and not be able to be with you like I dream, then not be with you at all!” Gabrielle's tears are flowing freely as she forces out the remaining words. “So are you happy! Now you know!” She jumps up and runs off into the darkness of the woods sobbing. Xena is frozen in place unable to move or say anything as the Bard takes off. The Warriors eyes are wide and her mouth is agape. She finally finds herself able to blink and take in all that Gabrielle spilled to her. “Damn!” Xena says out loud. “When did she get away from me to masturbate and how did I not know about it!” Xena sets the diary down and sets off in the direction the Bard ran off in. “Gabrielle!” Xena yells out. “Gabrielle!” Hearing no response, she stops and listens closely. She hears a muffled sound coming from the bushes near the stream. She quietly walks around them and finds Gabrielle sitting on the ground with her head in her arms on her bent up knees, crying. Xena sits down next to her partner. “Gabrielle?” she says calmly as she touches the Bards shoulder. Gabrielle whispers through the tears in an almost inaudible voice. “Don't Xena. Don't touch me.” Xena feels the hurt in Gabrielle's voice. “Gabrielle, please. You didn't let me say anything.” Gabrielle raises her head. Her eyes are bloodshot. She wipes a few tears with the back of her hand and sniffs. “What do you have to say Xena? Go home little girl. You could never match up to Lao Ma. So don't even try!” The Bards voice reflected the anger and pain that she obviously still felt over the woman that had meant so much at one time to Xena. How did I not see this. She is still jealous over all of this. Stupid Warrior! Xena thought. Xena smiles her half grin, showing signs of pain in her eyes for her Bard. “Gabrielle, you are not a little girl. You are a woman. A beautiful, strong, independent, intelligent, compassionate, loving and caring woman. You are more than my friend, more than my partner, more than my companion. You are my other half, my soul bond, my soul mate and I hope someday my lover.” Gabrielle stares at Xena willing herself to stay quiet and let her finish. “Gabrielle, I don't think about Lao Ma. That is history. She was a part of my past and I won't forget that, but I don't think about her. All I think about is the woman walking beside me, the woman fighting beside me, the woman eating beside me and the woman sleeping beside me. And if I would of known about you going off to do what you said you've been doing, I sure would have liked to of been beside you for that as well!” Xena gives a half grin to Gabrielle. The Bard blushes and giggles as she hides her face in her hands. Xena moves to sit in front of Gabrielle. She gets up on her knees and takes the Bards hands and moves them away from her face. She stares deep into Gabrielle's blue green eyes and swears she is drowning. “I've been in love with you forever Gabrielle.” She takes a hand and kisses the fingers. “All I can think about is you. When you walk ahead of me, I stare down at you wanting to jump off Argo and run to you, capture you in my arms and kiss you all over until the sun sets and rises again. You have no idea how frustrated I've been over wanting you.” Xena's voice becomes low and husky. Gabrielle's breath is heavy and her eyes fill with desire and passion. Xena struggles to finish saying what she knows she must get out. “Gabrielle, Lao Ma does not have a claim on me, but you do.” Xena puts her fist over her heart. “This is yours Gabrielle.” The Bard starts to shed fresh tears as Xena finishes. “It always has been, don't you know that?” The Warrior loses her composure and tears begin to form in her eyes. Gabrielle touches her hand to her mouth to catch a sob, then places it over Xena's heart. The touch sends Xena over the edge. She wanted to take Gabrielle right then and there, but she didn't want to rush things. She wanted there first time to be magical and beautiful. One that her and her Bard would remember forever. Xena stood bringing Gabrielle with her. “Come on lets get back to camp. By the way, dinner was not too spicy nor was it not spicy enough. It was delicious and I know dessert is going to be even better.” Xena smiles as she growls out the last sentence. Gabrielle was breathing hard as she stares into Xena's eyes. Only Perticas had been with her. One night, one time and it hurt like hell. Was this going to hurt as well? She didn't care she wanted Xena and she wanted her now. “Xena!” she breathed the name low and husky. Xena looked into her eyes and smiled. “Gabrielle I have to take care of Argo. Get the dishes taken care of and I will get the fire going stronger to last the night.” Gabrielle thought she was going to fall over from the weakness in her knees. “Huh? Oh ok. But that fire, it's already burning out of control Xena!” She shook her head as she grabbed the plates and frying pan, taking them to the stream to wash off. Xena chuckles as she takes care of Argo, then tends to the fire by adding some extra sticks. Gabrielle, having finished with the items places them back in there bag. She looks over at her diary still sitting on her bedroll. Smiling, she picks it and the quill up and places them back into her bag. She looks over and sees Xena cooing to Argo as she feeds her an apple and scratches behind her ear. I can't believe I've been so mean and angry all this time. If I would of just spoken to her, told her how I felt. Gabrielle shakes her head as she ponders. I hit her and she still wants me. I still can't believe that. I will have to tease her about that, but not tonight. Tonight my dreams come true. She smiles as Xena turns from Argo and looks to her. It was like slow motion as Xena moves toward her. Gabrielle swore she was gonna pass out and die right then and there. Wouldn't that be a bitch, she thought. All this time and then before I can get what I most desire, I drop dead. What cruel Gods at work that would be. Xena was standing in front of her as her thoughts finish. “Xena, I can't stand anymore. I'm going to fall.” The Warrior catches her as Gabrielle's legs give out. Xena picks her up and cradles her. Gabrielle throws her arms around her champion and surrenders completely. Xena walks back to the stream. “Xena, where are we going?” The Bard shows signs of confusion. Smiling Xena responds. “We've been walking in the heat all day. We both could use a bath.” Gabrielle giggles even though her frustration was beyond at this point. “I guess you are right Xena. I forgot we hadn't done that yet.” The Bard felt herself being placed back on her feet and before she could think, Xena had her sleep shirt off and was loosening the ties to Gabrielle's skirt. She felt it fall to her feet as she steps out of it. Gabrielle was in a trance as she scans Xena up and down. She had seen the Warrior many times before naked, but this time it was different and the heat she felt was the lust she new was building up in her. She felt fingers go around her panties as they slid down her legs. The Warrior was facing her womanhood and Gabrielle suddenly became shy. She looked away and caught the attention of an owl sitting in a nearby tree. Great, she thought, nothing like an audience! She was brought back to the situation at hand as she felt Xena unfastening the ties on her green carpet shirt. Xena was taking her time pulling the strings out one by one and Gabrielle was feeling weak again, but managed to stay up right as she felt the shirt open and the night air hit her chest. She felt the slow process of Xena bringing the shirt down over her shoulders and letting it hit the ground. Xena's eyes were all over her, devouring every inch of her. The Bard closed her eyes and titled her head back as the Warrior whispered in her ear. “Get in the water Gabrielle.” Xena's voice was low and husky. The Bard trembled as she walked into the cool water with Xena close behind her. Xena lifted the soap she had snagged when she was tending to Argo. She lathered her hands up and instructed Gabrielle to turn around so her back was facing her. The Bard obeyed, bringing her head forward with a moan as Xena washed her back and shoulders. “Mmm, Xena that feels wonderful.” The Warrior was messaging her shoulders, then ran her hands down the Bards arms and back up. Xena smiled as the moonlight bathed golden light onto her soon to be lover. She directed Gabrielle slightly out of the water so that her hands ran over the Bards bottom. She grabbed both cheeks and messaged gently. The Bard moaned deeper. “Xena, your killing me!” The Warrior moved directly behind Gabrielle and whispered in her ear. “I always thought you had the best ass I ever saw, nice and firm.” She slaps one side. The Bard sucks in a breath. “So gorgeous.” she slaps the other side then wraps her arms around the Bards waist pulling her right up against her. Gabrielle let out a long moan as she swore she saw sparks of light flash before her when her back came into contact with Xena's front. “By the God's Xena, what are you doing to me?” She breathed the words out heavy and deep. Xena smiles and rubs the soapy hands over Gabrielle's belly into one of her favorite spots, her belly button. She then runs her hands up the sides of her love, felling the giggles begin as she does. “Xena! You know I'm ticklish. Stop that!” Xena laughs and brings her hands back around and moves up to cup the perky young breasts. She lathers around the mounds avoiding the spots wanting the attention. Gabrielle whimpers, sending Xena into overdrive. She runs her fingers over the nipples insuring they are nice and clean. Gabrielle's head falls back and Xena takes the advantage and bites down on the bards neck. “Xena, please! I can't take it anymore. I need you so badly!” Gabrielle was ready to cry from frustration and Xena knew she couldn't deny her young love much longer. “This is intoxicating Gabrielle. You are an addiction! Here.” Xena lathers her hands once more then hands the soap to Gabrielle. “Finish up. I'm going to get myself washed and we can get out of here.” The Bard says nothing as she begins to wash herself. When it comes time for them to wash there women hoods they both find it painful to accomplish. Gabrielle whimpers as she rubs gently. “Xena, it's not going to take me long. I'm going to cum before you even touch me down here.” Her eyes were heavy and the desire had reached the boiling point. Xena finishes and they both come out of the water. Xena grabs there cloths from the ground and hands them to Gabrielle, then in one quick motion she picks the Bard back up into her arms. “Whoa!” Gabrielle's eyes go wide as she smiles and laughs. Xena carries her over to the bedrolls and gently lays her down. The Bard flings the cloths over her head and with her pointer finger she invites the Warrior to come and lay down with her. Xena gives a side ways grin as her eyes travel Gabrielle's body up and down. Gabrielle knows she will have to take matters into her own hands and before Xena knows it she is flipped onto her back with the Bard staring down at her. “I'm done being patient Xena. I want you and I want you now!” Gabrielle's voice was steady and low. She growls as she attacks Xena's neck. She nibbles all the way up to her ear then whispers to her, “You going to Cum for me Xena?” The Warriors eyes shoot open. “Gabrielle!” She looks at her Bard like she is possessed. Gabrielle smiles big “Oh that's right Warrior Princess, say my name! Scream it to the God's. Make sure they all know who you belong to!” Gabrielle attacks Xena's lips. The kiss is hard and animalistic. Xena lets it take over her as she plunges her tongue into Gabrielle's mouth. The Bard moans loud and fights for control as their muscles are engaged into a seductive dance with one another. Finally Gabrielle has to break to catch her breath and as she does Xena turns the tables and flips Gabrielle onto her back. The Bard looks deep into her lovers eyes. “Take me Xena. Make love to me. Make me yours. Make me cum Xena.” The words were spoken in Gabrielle's deepest voice, low and primal. It was all Xena could take. She kisses Gabrielle again before moving down to the Bards collarbone. Her tongue leads a trail of wet fire down the middle of the Bards breasts. Xena captures a nipple into her mouth and sucks ferociously. Gabrielle is squirming and opening her legs up trying to get the warrior to move down further. Xena would not be rushed. She switches to the other breast, which is obviously way more sensitive than the other one. Gabrielle was losing her mind. “Oh Xena! Oh Gods yes! Suck it. Suck it baby. Ohhh!” She begins to buck her hips against Xena. She could feel the wetness rubbing on her. Xena reluctantly abandons the breast and moves down her belly and inserts her tongue into the belly button. Gabrielle's head is moving from on side to the other. “Xena please. I need release. It hurts!” She looks down at Xena with pleading eyes. The Warrior smiles. “I'll give you release baby. I'll give you what you want. Tell me Gabrielle, what do you want me to do?” Gabrielle whimpers, still looking at Xena. “Make love to me. Please, I need you now!” Xena moves between Gabrielle's legs. “How do you want me to make love to you? You want my tongue to pleasure you? Tell me Gabrielle!” The Bard is screaming inside. “Yes. Gods yes Xena! Oh Please.” Xena dips down and takes a long sniff of her lover. She flicks her tongue once over Gabrielle's opening. “Xena!” the Bards hips fly off the ground. Xena then dives into her Bards canal and then up to latch on to the enlarged pulsating nub waiting to be claimed. Xena sucks and flicks the nub with a hunger she had never felt before. Gabrielle is thrashing about as both hands grip into her bedroll and hold on as if for dear life. “Xena! Oh Gods! I'm cumming I'm going to cum for you Xena. Cum all over you! Ohhh…ohhh XEEENNNNAAA!” Gabrielle screams so loud Xena was sure everyone in Greece heard. The Bard shudders several times then calms as Xena lays her head on the Bards belly. Several minutes pass and Xena hears Gabrielle's breathing return to normal. She thinks the Bard is asleep. She rises up to her young love staring down at her smiling. “Xena, you just about killed me! You are such a tease you know thaaaattt ohhh!” Gabrielle feels a new wave of passion hit as Xena attacks her womanhood again, sucking and pulling. Gabrielle was immediately thrashing her head side to side. This time Xena holds the nub in her mouth while she plunges one, then two fingers into Gabrielle. The Bard cries out and moves her hips to the rhythm the Warrior has set. “Oh Xena. I love you!” Xena lets go of the nub, but continues her strokes as she looks down at Gabrielle. She kisses her passionately and tenderly, as she increases the strokes she adds a third finger. The Bard moans into the Warriors mouth. Xena plunges her tongue in and out of Gabrielle's mouth matching her strokes with her hand as she does. Thrust after stroke after thrust, Xena not wanting to hurt the Bard but wanting to see if she could push Gabrielle further breaks from the kiss and looks deep into her lovers eyes. She adds a fourth finger driving hard and fast into the young woman. Gabrielle cries out in pleasure and her hips take a life of there own. She was panting and bucking into Xena's hand. “Xena! Fuck me! Oh, Harder! Harder! Oh, Ahhh!” Gabrielle shudders and convulses then crashes back down onto the bedroll, drenched in sweat. Xena lies to the side of Gabrielle and braces her head up on her hand as she watches the Bard's breathing go from erratic to calm for the second time. Her eyes were closed and a smile was plastered all over her face. Xena leaned into the Bards neck and laying her head down she whispers just loud enough for her to hear. “I love you my beautiful Gabrielle. Forever, I love you.” She slowly brings her hand out of the Bards love canal. Gabrielle moans and shudders again. “Oh Xena. I never thought it could feel like this. You made love to me so good. I'm fluttering and I don't really know what that means, but I am.” She giggles. Xena chuckles into Gabrielle's neck then gives her a few kisses on her pulse point. “I think I'm fluttering as well my Bard. You know I had no idea you would be a loud lover, a talkative lover yes, being a Bard and all. But wow Gabrielle, you are loud and responsive to everything.” Xena rises up and rests her head once more on her hand as she smiles down at her love. Gabrielle's eyes open and looks up at Xena with a twinkle in her eye. “Hey, I can't help it. You were driving me crazy and I've been frustrated for a while now so that was pent up desire Warrior O' Mine! I told you it wouldn't take me long. I was beyond ready!” Gabrielle smiles mischievously and continues. “Are you complaining that I'm loud?” Xena's eyebrow arches up as her smile gets bigger. “No Gabrielle, not at all. In fact, I like it very much. She dips back down growling and nips the Bards neck. Gabrielle jumps and squeals. “Ahh Xena!” She giggles and traces a finger down Xena's neck to her chest between her breasts and past her belly button. She begins to run her hand through the patch of dark hair. Xena's breath catches as the desire builds up again. “Gabrielle.” Xena's voice is husky and urgent. Gabrielle smiles up at Xena. “Spread your legs Xena.” The Warrior obeys quickly. Gabrielle's hand moves down and into a mop of wetness Gabrielle had not felt even on herself. “Gods Xena, you are soaking with wetness!” Xena's eyes are hooded and half closed. She opens them and stares back down at her love. “It's because of you Gabrielle. You do this to me. You make me this way.” Gabrielle continues to rub her hand up and down Xena's canal. The Warriors hips move with the Bards touch. She finally stops her movement but catches one of Xena's breast hanging down in front of her and sucks greedily as if she was a new born baby. Xena's breathe catches and a whimper escapes as she tries to rub herself against Gabrielle's paused hand. The Bard lets go of the imprisoned mound and looks down at Xena's hips. “No Xena!” She removes her hand from the area. “You set the pace with me, now I'm going to set it with you.” Xena looks down at Gabrielle with pleading eyes. “Gabrielle, please!” Gabrielle pushes on Xena's shoulders till Xena is lying down. The Bard straddles her Warrior and sits up. Xena thinks she has died and gone to the Illusian Fields as she looks up at Gabrielle in the moonlight, on top of her, hair blowing lightly in the wind as she smiles down at her. Before Xena could say anything, Gabrielle in a predator fashion crawls up Xena's body and captures the Warrior's lips. Xena goes to wrap her arms around the Bard when Gabrielle breaks the kiss. “No Xena. No touching.” Xena's eyebrows shoot up to her forehead. “What!” Gabrielle holds Xena's hands in her own and interlaces there fingers. “I'm going to make love to you Xena. I won't be distracted by your hands on me. Please let me do this.” Gabrielle was serious in her request, again looking down at Xena. “But…Gab” Xena's lips were stopped by Gabrielle's fingers. “Please love, just give me a moment to feel you and concentrate on you.” Xena closes her eyes and sighs. “Have your way with me Gabrielle.” The Bards eyes become cloudy and lust filled. “Oh I intend to Xena. I intend to.” She kisses her way around Xena's neck and collarbone up to the Warriors earlobe. She latches on with her teeth and gently nibbles on it. Xena's hips begin a life of there own as she struggles to not touch her Bard. Gabrielle lets go of the ear and moves back down to her chest kissing all over until she captures a nipple and bites down lightly, flicking the swollen nub mercifully. Xena gasps. “Gabrielle. That's right baby, just like that.” Gabrielle smiles as she lets go of one and captures the other doing the same thing to it. The Bards hands roam up and down Xena's sides. Releasing the breast she raises back up and slides herself down further to were she is sitting on Xena's mound. She looks at Xena and in a commanding voice says, “Xena, look at me.” The Warrior opens her eyes and latches on to Gabrielle's. She can feel the wetness that has formed on Gabrielle. The Bard begins to move against the Warrior. Rubbing her wetness against her own. Xena watches in awe at Gabrielle on top of her grinding and riding her. The Bards head fly's back to look up at the stars. She moans. “Oh! Xena. Do you like this?” she whispers just loud enough for the woman to hear her. She keeps her head tilted back and looking up. Her hair cascades down over her breasts. Her hands placed on the Warriors side and stomach. The sight of Gabrielle is almost too much for Xena. Unable to take it any longer, the Warriors hands grab hold of both sides of Gabrielle's hips. “Yes Gabrielle. I'm sorry, I have to touch you.” Gabrielle keeps her head back as she begins to move at a faster rate as Xena guides her hips right where she wants them. Gabrielle finally looks back down at Xena and with over heated passion she captures Xena's mouth and kisses her hard, continuing her lap dance without pause. Long moments pass and finally needing air, Gabrielle breaks from the kiss and raises back up. Xena moves her hands from the Bards waist and grabs hold of Gabrielle's breasts. “I love you Gabrielle.” The Bards head rolls back up again, as she sighs in pleasure from her Warriors touch. Her hair fly's back and down over her shoulders as she continues her seductive dance on the Warrior for a few more beats. Then swinging her legs down and laying completely across the warrior she attacks Xena's neck. Biting down at first then licking a trail of hot breath around and down to Xena's nipple latching on and twirling her tongue around it. Her hand cups the other one and tweaks the nipple, rolling it around between her fingers. Xena's eyes close shut as her breathing becomes labored. “Gabrielle! Baby, your driving me to insanity. Your mouth is oh…your tongue is hot and…” Xena can no longer talk. She pushes on the Bards shoulders encouraging her to move further down. Gabrielle releases the breast and looks up at Xena. “I'm not ready yet Xena. You are not rushing this. Good things come to those who wait.” She smiles mischievously. Xena opens her eyes looking at Gabrielle who begins to place soft kisses all over the Warriors chest and belly. “Gabrielle, good things come to those who don't wait!” The Warriors voice was urgent and strained. Gabrielle growls as she nips her way down one side of the Warriors thigh. Xena's hands capture the Bards hair and she grabs hold. Gabrielle moves up and stops to inhale Xena's scent. She dips her fingers into the Warriors cave, running them up and down once. She withdraws them much to Xena's dismay. The Bard rises back up to face Xena. She smiles big at her Warrior and puts her fingers into her mouth sucking greedily on them. “Mmm” she closes her eyes in utter ecstasy Xena goes into a trance watching Gabrielle lick her juices off of her fingers. Gabrielle opens her eyes as she pulls the cleaned off digits out of her mouth. “Oh. Xena. You taste like ambrosia. Mmm” She runs her tongue slowly over her lips. Xena's mouth is slightly open as her breathing becomes shallow. She can see the teasing glint in Gabrielle's eyes. Oh she is so getting me back for what I did to her, the Warrior thinks. Gabrielle comes back down on Xena's lips kissing her hard, plunging her tongue into the Warriors mouth. Both women moan loud and deep. The Bards hands are all over the Warrior as Xena Grabs Gabrielle's bottom with both hands. Pulling her as close has she can into her body. Gabrielle rises up looking back at the Warriors hands. “You just can't follow instructions can you my Warrior?” Xena smirks and shrugs while arching her eyebrow. “I never promised anything Gabrielle and I never will. Besides you are as ready as I am my Bard.” Xena shoots her eyebrows up and down. Gabrielle giggles and shakes her head. “What are you gonna do about it? I am having my way with you!” She places her finger on the Warriors chest to emphasize the ‘you'. She kisses Xena's neck and bites down flicking her tongue over the flesh she captures between her teeth. Xena smiles wickedly and grabs Gabrielle by the hips and in one fast motion that the Bard cannot prevent swings her around so that there heads are between each others legs. Gabrielle's eyes go wide as she looks around to Xena who cannot be seen as she is diving into her Bards mound. Gabrielle sucks in a breath at the contact. “Xena! You…ohh.” She tries to clear her head enough to focus on Xena as she dives into her Warriors love nest. Xena breaks free of her hold on the Bard and takes a deep breath as the contact on her hood almost becomes too much. “Gabrielle, oh that feels so good. Yea…just like that.” She finishes in a rasp then dives in for a second helping of Bard. Both women are in a fiery passion, devouring each other and battling over who will make the other one climax first. Finally, Xena starts to buck under the Bards contact. Gabrielle inserts two fingers, then three while holding onto the swollen nub. She pounds her hand into Xena. The Warrior lets loose of her Bard and breaths out. “Yes Gabrielle. Yes. Harder! Harder! Ahh!” Gabrielle is like a mad woman attacking Xena. She lets loose of Xena's hood and continues her stroking in and out of her Warrior through clinched teeth she breaths. “Xena you like that? Huh? Cum for me Xena! Cum for me!” Xena explodes in climax as she screams out her lovers name. “Oh! Gabriiiieeelleee!” The Bard holds on tight till Xena's shudders subside. She removes her fingers slowly and starts to swing around as Xena catches her, keeping her in place. “Xena?” Gabrielle questions. “I may be finished Gabrielle, but your not.” Xena dives back into Gabrielle's hood, plunging two fingers in as she does so. “Oh Xena…Ahhhh…” The Bard exhales every word as she meets every thrust of the Warrior. “Now Gabrielle, your gonna cum for me and when you do my beautiful, sexy Bard, you scream my name. Scream it so loud all of Greece will hear. So cum Gabrielle. Cum for me baby. Scream for me.” Gabrielle was grunting and breathing as xena spoke. “Oh…Xena…Oh…Gods…You…Are…Going to…Kill…Meeeee….OHHHH” Xena was lost in Gabrielle's every word with every thrust. “That's it baby. I feel it building up. I feel you cumming.” Gabrielle felt the climax take over as her head raised up, lifted by her hands pressed on the ground between Xena's legs. “Ahhhhh…Xeeeennnnaaa!” She comes crashing down completely spent. Xena spins her back around to face her. Gabrielle collapses on top of her Warrior, breathing hard. Xena grabs hold of her as she grabs the blanket on her bedroll and covers them up with it. She kisses her Bards neck, cheek and head. Xena wraps her arms around the Bards waist and holds her tight. Gabrielle's eyes flutter open. Xena looks down “Hi” The Bard smiles. “Hi yourself, my big bad Warrior.” Xena chuckles. “Big bad Warrior, thought I did pretty good.” Gabrielle giggles. “Oh you did. You were bad in a good way. Mmm.” She snuggles closer to Xena letting her head rest in the crock of Xena's neck. “That was amazing.” The Bard whispers. Xena smiles as she looks up at the stars. “You are amazing Gabrielle.” Both women fall asleep while thanking the Gods for an uninterrupted night of total and complete bliss that neither one had ever felt before.




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