A Soul Such As You (A Note to Miss Ellie)

by Harley


Within this world of crushing chaos
exist a few souls that provide
a haven to the hurt, downtrodden, and lost -
who booster, sustain and ease strife.

Always there to provide support.
Always there to ease pain.
Always there to lend an ear.
In turn rarely asking for anything.

Giving and caring by nature -
they are unable to turn aside.
For those in need around them -
their support will not be denied.

You will not be able to save them all,
this is an unfortunate truth.
But how empty would be our lives
were it not for souls such as you.

Don't ever doubt your impact
in this world of chaos and pain.
For every person you touch
is made better in some way.

© (jce) 8/30/00

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