Hurricane of Life

by Harley

The ocean's fury is
unleashed upon the shoreline
as wave upon wave
continues, unrelenting in its assault.

The air hangs heavy with mist and salt.
The wind lashes across the beach
whipping everything in its way -
abrasive, corrosive to all it touches.

Pier pilings stand firm,
but sway with the sea's onslaught -
creaking and groaning,
but not relinquishing their hold.

And I sit in awe of it all.
The power, the fury,
the absolute force of nature.
This symbolism of my life.

For am I not like the pilings?
Do I not sway under life's fury?
Do I not continue to stand nonetheless?
Salty tears are lost among the ocean mists.

© (jce) 8/31/00 Title by TC

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