I Seek

by Harley


I am but a mortal

Searching like anyone else

For a space in which I can dwell

And remain true to myself.

I seek respite from convention.

I seek freedom from condemnation.

I seek emancipation from the stereotype.

I seek my souls liberation.

Please, goddess hear me

Your ancient wisdom bestow

Of knowledge and understanding

That I may also then know.

Internal/external to a higher plane

My soul yearns to fly.

To understand the mystery

That is the essence of my life.

I seek relief from mankindıs ignorance.

I seek liberty from pretense.

I seek release from earthly bounds.

I seek my heartıs rebound.

Great universe I request your gifts.

I seek that I might become

More than this lifeıs dimension

A compassionate and spiritual one.

A source of illumination

To any who pause to listen.

An illustrator of environment

To any who seek a vision.

I seek to admit my limits.

I seek to forgive the past.

I seek loves understanding.

I seek loves path.

Know this, then who hear

That we all contain the whole

Of the mystery within us

Our part of the universal soul.

(JCE) 1/10/00

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