Lovers Dance

by Harley


Tender beginnings-

a gentle kiss.

Hands floating

igniting flesh.

Lips seeking, connecting.

Eyelids close.

Fingers caressing.

A neck exposed.

Fingertips tracing

an invisible line.

Primordial instinct.

Passions arise.

Flesh pressed to flesh.

Limbs intertwined.

Tongues dancing, tasting -

seeking to dine.

Embers inflame.

Senses arise.

Sweet nectar flows.

Passion takes flight.

Ancient rhythms awake

body and soul.

Heart pounding rhythm.

Guttural moans.

Two become one -

a loverıs dance

Souls rebound.

Ecstasyıs climax.

Soothing words.

and gentle caress.

Lovers phrase.

Lovers spent.

Come dance with me -

my love, my life.

Together our passions -

our souls reunite.

(JCE) 1/12/00

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