Midnight Flight

by Harley


My head rests against this cold window

as my eyes drift to the sky,

and I once again am reminded

how vast and alone is this night.

There is no differentiation

where the sky and land unite,

endless darkness save small stars,

and my loneliness takes flight.

Moonlight reflects on the planeıs wing

and my mindıs eye envisions your skin -

pale and soft in the moonıs glow.

I need to feel your touch again.

I suppose you are sleeping now.

Is it of me that you dream?

Do you feel the loneliness, too?

With you is where I yearn to be.

Home where my love waits

and passion inflames my core,

where my heart beats - my soul sings,

where I am made whole once more.

² (jce) 10/9/00

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