Note To Self

by Harley


Dance with the Leprechauns.

Skip stones on a pond.

Laugh with abandon.

Make up a song.

Follow the Fairies.

Join a pillow fight.

Skip down the hallway.

Watch a lava light.

Steal cookies from the kitchen.

Fly to the moon.

Deep-sea dive in the pool.

Play the spoons.

Save Dodge from the bad guys.

Ride off in the sunset.

Talk to the animals.

Play with an erector set.

Stomp in a puddle.

Climb a tree.

Swing real high.

Watch a honeybee.

Spin real fast.

Balance on a beam.

Run everywhere.

Have a daydream.

Watch the clouds.

Pet the dog.

Chase a mouse.

Catch a polliwog.

Escape to Pooh Corner

And the Chocolate Factory.

Sing along with the Muppets.

Read a bedtime story.

(JCE) 8/1/00

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