Long Overdue Thank You

by Harley


When our lives our touched

By the soul of another

Like the flicker of a flame

Or the crossing of a shadow -

Often missed before it is gone,

More often than not

The impact is not known.

Our lives touched for brief interludes

Before you were gone.

I never really thought you saw me

No more so than anyone.

How profound your impact

And yet you will never know

How with six spoken words

A healing gift you bestowed.

We spoke of an afterlife

And the disposition of souls.

A universal collective -

A communion of the whole.

I sought to comfort.

Some hope to share.

That your battle though lost

You would not end here.

You suddenly turned to me

And looked me in the eye.

You said "Youčre such a gentle soul."

Disbelief - my reply.

I think my heart stopped

So profound was this balm.

A lifetime of disparagement

Somewhat eased and calmed.

I never told you

How you touched me that day.

I never thanked you

For taking some pain away.

I hope we were right

About what was to be.

That you are happy,

And your soul was set free.

(JCE) 7/26/00

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