The Light

by Harley


From the peripheral inward

the darkness spreads.

Shadows expand and take form.

Life, like a flame, flickers and wanes.

Darkness pervades to the core.

The spirit cringes as

the darkness grows -

retreats to a haven inside.

Waiting and watching and on alert -

pained and lonely and tired.

The spirit lies weeping

lost and alone.

The despondent soul falls.

The heart fails, the spirit breaks

as the darkness encompasses all.

A pinpoint of light, not

fully perceived

a hand extended in the dark.

A flash, an ember, to re-ignite

Hope to flame and fears to depart.

The light a lifeline, a

gift freely given.

Boosted the spirit does rise.

Light elucidates the soul as

Hope once more takes flight.

(jce) 9/22/00

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