I Traverse This Road

by Harley


I traverse this road

my eyes to the sky

as morning dawns,

illuminating the clouds in

a kaleidoscope of colors.

To the east the sun

in all his glory

rises above the

mountain range -

provider of light and warmth.

To the west the moon

in all her splendor

pauses gracefully in

her descent -

guardian of the dreamtime.

I am reminded of

how small I truly am

in this realm of

physical time and space -

within these earthly bounds.

I watch as the moon

departs the morning sky.

And as a child

I beg her not to go

for I need her comfort.

I face the sun

and welcome the light -

excepting the warmth

even as I mourn

the moons departure.

I yearn to leave my

earthly bounds - to

transcend beyond

to a spiritual plane.

To soar ever skyward.

It is not to be today

and I will traverse this road

and the next and the next

with my eyes skyward -

comforted by my dreams.

(jce) 9/15/00

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