Three Simple Answers

by Harley

Business is fraught
with meetings galore -
confrontations, conflicts,
issues and more.

Over time I have learned
word economy is best.
It produces confusion
and makes them all guess.

Three simple responses
are all I require.
Three little statements
for any fire.

First on the list
"I know" is the phrase.
Simple yet adequate -
makes most go away.

"I don't know" is next
and can hold them at bay.
Followed with "I'll check it out"
can buy a day.

Last is my favorite.
It throws them for a loop.
Best stated with an innocent grin
it simply is "oops".

So, there you have it.
All you'll ever need.
Three simple statements
to cover most deeds.

Next time they hound you
for answers or the 'truth',
remember these choices -
my gift to you.

© jce 8/18/00

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