Just A Typical Day

by Harley


Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored.

So far two hours of this.

New systems ---- old problems.

I really could care less.

Oops, faded out there a moment.

Was he talking to me?

Okay, donıt let on and

stay calm ­ "Excuse me?"

"Of course, we can deliver".

"Weıre on schedule as planned".

Please donıt go and ask me how

I intend to make it happen.

Heıs like a bandy rooster-

struts to and fro.

Too bad heıs dumb as a rock.

Oh Lord, another hour to go.

Okay, I can make it through this.

Wear my Œthatıs fascinatingı expression.

The ground just opened and swallowed him up

thanks to my imagination.

At last, this hell is over.

Iım almost out the door.

My day is finally half over.

Only four more meetings to go.

(JCE) 7/28/00

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