Disclaimers. Universal and Renaissance Pictures own the copyright on the characters. I own the copyright on the story.

This story hints that Xena and Gabrielle are more than just friends

This story takes place early in the 5th season.

Thanks to the ex-guards, especially Stacia for the opening line, and Claire for the mantra.

Claire said I should make the disclaimers funny. So, knock, knock.

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by Harpy


The mist over the river slowly dissolves as the sun climbs over the horizon. A solitary bird calls raucously, breaking the stillness of the new day; a short while later its call is answered. A cow lows mournfully between mouthfuls of succulent, dewy grass. Soon, more sounds become audible to my ears. Sounds that were probably there all along. The sounds of life.

This is what we almost lost.

I pull my coat tighter around me against the chill as I notice the cloud of breath as Argo snorts.

More sounds of life reach me; the others are starting to stir. Joxer yawns and stretches melodramatically. He picks up his helmet and plonks it on his head. Amarice looks at him with badly disguised contempt as she secures her sword to her back.

And my love.

She looks at me as soon as she opens her eyes. It’s as if she knows exactly where I am and that I’m looking at her. We communicate without words. Affirming our love for one another with a glance, a tilt of the head, a smile.

We know that we will be together in this life, and in death, and the next life. Forever. We don’t need to say it, but we do.

"I love you," we whisper simultaneously as she walks towards me.

We reach out to each other slowly, almost hesitantly, as though we are strangers. The tips of our fingers touch; a power surges through our bodies.

Our fingers entwine and lock, drawing us closer.

"Together, forever," she says.

"Together, forever," I repeat.

It has become our mantra, our prayer of thanks to whatever force brought us together.

Finally, I feel her warmth as our bodies meet. We kiss, briefly, and embrace each other as we embrace each new day; grateful that we have one another, and content that there is more to come.


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