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Designs Of The Heart

Part 7

by Heartbrkn


Chapter 21

The move didn't quite go as planned, neither did Jack's social life. The day of the move Jack got very sick. Desi and her father transferred all the boxes to the new apartment within hours. The first thing to go was the bed, where Desi tucked her sick partner in for the remainder of the day.

"I am so sorry, babe. I can't believe I am sick on one of the most important days in our life." Cried Jack.

"Yeah whatever," answered the not so believing girl friend.

Grabbing Desi by the arm, pulling her down on the bed next to her, Jack was hurt. "What do you mean whatever?"

Not knowing if this was just a planned sickness, or for real, the green-eyed woman was pissed regardless. How can she be sick today of all days? I would think my lovely girlfriend would be very careful NOT to get sick. Is she that scared to move, that she made herself believe that she was ill? I will personally strangle her if I find out anything different.

"Jack, how do you expect me to believe that this wasn't planned?"

Pulling Desi closer, she answered, "Desi, I swear this is not made up or planned. I am ill." Starting to get a little perturbed at the accusations, Jack pushed her aside. "You know what? I am going to get dressed and help us move anyway."

Knowing the guilt trip was working, Desi, decided to give up this fight. Pulling Jack down to the bed by the back of her shirt, "Ok, Ok, I believe you."

Staring this beautiful person in the eyes, Jack knew her girlfriend was lying. But for the sake of argument she let it slide. "I love you, and the last thing I wanted to do is be laid up in this bed."

Not being able to resist those piercing blue eyes, or those succulent plump lips, Desi was getting wet. Laying her baby down, Desi started kissing her neck. "Even if you are laid up with me?" Teased the horny little devil.

"Well now, that is a total different scenario," answered Jack submissively.

"So I guess that means I get to take advantage of my poor, sick little dyke." Desi said matter-of-factly.

Not being able to hold out any longer, Jack sat up, pulled off her shirt and Desi's shirt. Cupping both of those beautiful breasts in her hands, a she whispered into the brunette's lips, "Maybe I'll just take advantage of you." Squeezing Desi's nipples, and tugging at them lightly, "Something tells me you would like that."

"Something, huh?" moaned the turned on woman. "Could it be this?" asked Desi as she led partner's hand down her torso, to the area that was just begging for attention.

"Mmm, you think?" answered Jack.

Jack had one hand around Desi's waist to hold her up and close. The other hand was fondling the wet folds of skin the green-eyed beauty was prime and ready. Rubbing the swollen nub was making Desi even wetter than she was to begin with. Wiggling out of her jeans, Desi wanted to make access a little easier for her lover. Jack slowly inched her way down, accepting the invitation of entry. By the gods, she is drenched in her juices. Deciding to play with fate, Jack teased her a little then stopped. Searching for something on the side of the bed, Jack found what she was looking for. All the while Jack kept kissing Desi so as not to break the mood.

Nuzzled in her girlfriend's neck, high on the scents that were being released, Desi was weak with emotions. "Why did you stop?"

"You'll see," snickered Jack as she made her way back down to the middle of Desi's legs.

"I can't wait," moaned Desi.

Returning to the wet mound, Jack wiggled her thumb at the base of the opening. Desi was moaning with acceptance. Deciding to replace her finger with something she thought would be a little more satisfying, Jack inserted a dildo. "Relax my love."

Not knowing what exactly was happening, nor caring, Desi's body responded beyond her belief. Totally relaxing her vaginal muscles, her body invited the dildo to explore.

Digging her nails into Jack's back, Desi was high on endorphins. "By the gods…oh my…this feels sooo good my love," Desi managed to scream.

"Shh…we don't want our new neighbors knowing our business yet, now do we beautiful?" whispered Jack.

"But babe, how…do...You…expect me to …do that?"

Deciding to take things just a step further, Jack's aggressiveness was going to kick in. She slid her hand up from her lover's waist, to the nape of her neck, grabbing a handful of hair. Jack was firm but not too hard.

"Well my dear, if you don't want me to stop fucking you, you best keep it down. The only time I want to hear you is when you're coming. And when that time draws closer, my love, then and only then may you let it out. Do we understand each other?" commanded Jack.

Green-eyes stared into blue with acceptance. I have never seen this side of Jack before. I think I really like it! I love her so much. Can you love someone too much? Stop thinking, Desi and enjoy the moment while it is here. "Yes we do," answered Desi submissively.

"Good." Jack continued to sexually arouse her partner.

Desi was reaching high levels of arousal. Keeping quiet was getting harder and harder for her to do. "Jack, I am …coming."

"Yes, my dear come for me. Show me how much you love my cock inside of you."

Riding the phallus came naturally for Desi. Digging even harder into Jack's back, Desi exploded into ecstasy. Jack held her lover close, not letting her lose her balance while her legs quivered. "Are you ok?" Whispered the concerned girlfriend.

"I am more than ok. I love you Jack. Love you more than you can imagine."

"Baby I love you too. Now I think you should get dressed so we can unpack our stuff into 'our' new home."

"What about you? Wouldn't you like to release some of that tension?" teased Desi.

"Oh, I have. While you were riding me I was watching and that alone had me come more than once."

"I see," blushed Desi. "Ok, let's unpack."

Snatching up her clothes Desi couldn't help but wonder. She was so sick she couldn't help my dad and me move. She even got upset when I called her on it. But heck, I'll be damned if she was sick while we were having sex. Now why is that? Did she suddenly recover? Do I ask her, chance another fight? Or let it slide? Am I being immature? I think relationships are more trouble than they're worth sometimes. Time will tell…

Chapter 22

May 1989

The unpacking slowly continued for the first few weeks. It was as if neither one of them had any real desire to do it. Something always came up that was either more important, or just came first. Jack worked all day, and Desi found a job a few block away from the apartment in an Animal Clinic. It was always her dream to work with animals. She had a real love for them.

Their quality time together was getting scarce. By the time each of them got home, they had enough time to eat dinner together and crash on the couch for an hour. On this particular evening Jack was PMSing wickedly. She felt unloved and unwanted. Scooting over next to Desi, Jack placed her head on her girlfriend's lap.

"Babe, what's happening to us? We haven't spent any time together in about a month," said Jack.

"Honey, we live together. We see each other every day. Yes, we are both working our asses off but you need to work to get the finer things in life."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I just miss you is all." Jack answered sadly.

"I miss you, us, too. But we have our whole lives to spend together. Things will get better my love, you'll see," convinced Desi.

With that both women got up and headed to bed. They both needed to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready for work. They said their goodnights, and Desi rolled over and went to sleep. Jack lay there, looking up at the dark ceiling. I need to release myself. Can I do this quietly, without waking Desi up? If she wakes up and catches me I'll just die! Taking the chance, Jack reached down under the cover and started rubbing her swollen nub. All she could think of was Desi sitting on her face. The images of it- the delicious scent and the beautiful wet folds of pink skin, were going to get Jack the orgasm she needed at the moment. Flicking her clit and little quicker, Jack came silently, but the mood was broken quickly.

"Feel better now?" asked Desi.

"Huh? What do you mean?" answered the shocked woman.

"Come on babe, I know what you were doing. It's ok, it's normal, we all do it," said Desi matter-a-factly.

"Des, I don't know what you are talking about. I just shaved my bikini area this morning and was just itching the newly grown hair,." was all Jack could think of. Geez, I can't believe this. I am sooo busted!

Knowing her partner was obviously embarrassed, she gave in to the fib. "Oh, ok, sorry my mistake. Good night babe, get some sleep."

"No problem, good night Desi."

Knowing that Desi didn't believe that lie for one second, she was happy the she dropped it instead of making a big deal about it. Feeling Desi playing footsie with her, she figured she started a sexually mood.

"Babe, are you in the mood to play footsie with me?" Teased Jack.

"Hmmm, what? I am not playing anything with you," answered the obviously awake woman.

"Huh? If your not…" Jack jumped out the bed, as did Desi.

Lifting the comforter off the bed, Desi and Jack both saw the biggest water bug they had ever seen in their entire lives.

"EW..EW..EW, that was playing footsie with me," Jack said with disgust.

Being the braver one in the relationship, Desi placed a baseball cap over her head backwards, grabbed a lighter and a can of hairspray and started chasing the bug.

"Bug Busters!" Joked Desi as she lit the bug on fire.

Jack couldn't help but laugh at her partner, standing there in PJs. She looked just too darn cute. Nothing seemed to scare or disgust her.

"BBQ water bug, anyone?" teased Desi.

"You are so gross! Just flush the damn thing down the toilet bowl. Please." Pleaded Jack.

"I see someone is afraid of bugs. Big bad Jack doesn't like water bugs playing footsie with her, now does she?"

"Come on babe, don't tease. I don't like any bugs, especially ones that like my feet," joked Jack.

"Oh yes, that's right. You hate feet and bugs. What a combination to put someone in the mood, huh? Ok, Ok I'll throw the darn thing out." Said Desi.

"Thank you."

Desi grabbed a paper towel and threw the thing down the toilet bowl. It is pretty disgusting. But, my baby looks so sexy when she is afraid, and I had to play with her.

"Ok, all gone. Bye, bye buggy," smiled Desi.

"Can we go back to bed now, Hon?" Asked the skeeved out woman.


Both women got back into bed. Desi rubbed her girlfriend's head until she fell asleep. Don't worry, my love, I'll protect you. I'll protect you for as long as you will allow me to, for as long as you put me first in your heart, for as long as I am the only one to occupy it…

To be continued....

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