Wasted Moments

By Heartstarter

DISCLAIMER 1: The characters of Xena and Gabrielle remain the property of MCA/Renaissance Pictures and Studios USA. No copyright infringement is intended and this is a non-profit story.

PLEASE NOTE: This story is the 4th in a series of 5… the stories before are called Hard To Say Goodbye; The Weekend Visitor and That Scroll and the story which follows is: The Fallout.

WARNING: This story depicts two women who are in love. There is also a graphic sex scene. If you don’t want to read about this sort of relationship, or for some silly reason it’s illegal where you live, then you should boycott this story. For everyone else: enjoy!

A quick note of thanks to everyone who’s written to me and told me how much they’re enjoying these stories - it’s much appreciated! Please keep sending your comments and suggestions to me at: ripley@corplink.com.au


"So, I want you to find Xena, tell her I - that’s Gabrielle - has fallen ill and she needs to return as soon as possible to see me. I’ve been asking for her."
"But you’re not ill."
"I know that! But just tell her."
"Okay… You sure are one weird lady, lady."
"Yes I am now will you just go?"
"Okay, I’m gone. I’ll deliver your message."
"Thank you."


How long is it going to take her to get here? I thought she was staying close by… ah… knowing my luck she’s probably found some great adventure to be involved in and my plan won’t work… wait… I can hear running steps coming this way… I think it’s her, oh shoot I’d better act sick… maybe if I lay like this, oh yeah, that looks good… okay, here she is…
"Gabrielle?" Xena pokes her head around the door frame.
"Mmm." I mutter. Xena shuts the door and comes over to the bed. She sits on the corner and strokes my hair.
"Gabrielle… Are you alright? I got a message saying you were very ill." I open my eyes and pull Xena down onto me.
"I’m fine!"
"I said, I’m fine… I just wanted to see you so I made up that story and sent the messenger for you!"
"You little rat! Why did you do that, you had me worried!"
"Well it serves you right… you only have to be away from me and you worry me! Besides I wanted to thank you for the scroll."
"You liked it huh?"
"Yeah, it was sweet and it sounded like a lot of fun. I wish I’d been there."
"Me too." Xena kisses me on the forehead and sits up. She starts to take off her armour, leaving only her leathers on and says,
"Can I lay down with you, I’m really tired." I sit up as well and reply,
"Sure, I don’t have any lessons today so we can spend the whole day in bed if we want!"
"Good…" As Xena places her breastplate on the floor she grimaces.
"Are you alright?" I ask.
"My breasts are really sore at the moment." Xena says.
"It’s because you do too much fighting with not enough support!"
"No I don’t! My leathers and armour are tight enough."
"Apparently not." I say with a smirk.
"No really, they are." Xena takes her right breast out of her leathers and says,
"Does it look sore to you?"
"No." I reply. I start to caress her breast gently, then I take the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.
"Is it sore here?" I ask.
"No." Xena replies breathlessly. She starts to kiss my neck as I move my hand from her breast to her bare leg. I run my fingers up and down the length of her thigh, slightly scratching her with my nails and then skip from the top of her thigh to her stomach. I rub her stomach a few times, before returning to her breast. Her nipple is now fully erect and stands out proudly from her breast, I dip my head to taste her nipple, letting my tongue run over the small wrinkles. Xena’s breath becomes ragged and she reaches down and takes off her undergarment. I continue with her nipple, watching her from the corner of my eye. She discards the garment on the floor and with her left hand, she runs her fingers through her folds. I can hear a little slurping noise and she moves within the wetness. She runs the length of her finger through the folds and plays with her clit a little. Then she puts her finger inside herself. In and out, in and out she goes as I become turned on by the sight. I stop sucking on her nipple and my right hand joins her left. My finger slides with Xena’s through the wetness and on the next downward slide Xena moves her hand from the wetness and my finger ends up inside her. She moans quietly from deep in her throat, so I go deeper. She moves forward slightly as I take my finger out. I bring it back up through her wet folds, then back down and deeply into her. Xena puts her hand on mine and together we go back and forth through her folds. Xena then takes her hand and places it on her nipple, pulling it and twisting it between her fingers. I start to move in and out of her quicker and soon we are both breathing hard. As Xena closes her eyes and keeps playing with her nipple, I kneel on the floor in front of her. I push her top half back against the wall and spread her legs.

Her folds glisten with moisture and she smiles as I run my finger through them and push a finger inside her. I take my finger out and put it in my mouth, closing my eyes at the taste of her. I hold open her folds as I lower my head to her centre. I let my tongue flicker over her clit as she arches herself into me. I let her push herself into me for a moment, until I take control and take my head away. She is about to protest but I shake my head. I am still holding her open so I lower my head again and drive my tongue deep into her centre. She moans loudly and clutches her hands to my head. I keep my tongue still as she moves on it. Then I take it from her and start to run it over her clit.
"Harder." She breaths. I obey and within a few seconds I am rewarded with her calling my name and pulling my head hard to her. She shudders for a long time before she is finally still and it is only then that I move my head from it’s special place. She opens her eyes and smiles at me. I smile in return and I move up next to her, pulling her down until we're laying on the bed with her on top of me while she catches her breath.
"What can I do for you?" She asks me, licking her juices from my chin.
"Nothing, I’m fine." I reply.
"Are you sure? I thought you were getting in to it before."
"I was, but I don’t want anything in return. It was to say thanks to you for the scroll."
"Well okay, but you let me know if there’s anything."
"I will. Thanks." I slide my arm under Xena’s neck and she snuggles into me.
Gods this feels so good… I really miss this. Being at the Academy is great but… I don’t think I want to be here, no I’m sure that I don’t want to be here… but how do I tell Xena that without her getting mad? Maybe if I just say something now then she won’t get mad… I’m sure she’s still in that ‘afterglow’ thing anyway… okay here goes.

"I want to leave the Academy and be with you again."
"What!? No Gabrielle you can’t." Xena sits bolt upright and stares at me.
"Yes I can Xena." I also sit up until we are nose to nose.
"Gabrielle you’ve only been here 3 weeks. That’s not long enough."
"Yes it is Xena, I’ve learnt all the basics of storytelling and writing, but now I need something to inspire me to write again, and how can I do that when I’m here?"
"I’m sure there are plenty of people here who are fascinating, why don’t you write about them?"
"I don’t want to write about people here I want to write about you and I and what we do and who we help and where we go."
"No Xena, I’ve made up my mind. I’m leaving the Academy."
"I won’t see you throw away your life…"
"I’m not throwing it away! I have all the basic skills I need, now I need subjects. I thought you’d be happy that I wanted to be with you."
"I am… but… I don’t want you to make this decision lightly. Really think about the opportunity you’re throwing away."
"Xena, I can always come back later in life, you know that."
"I know.. but the answer is no."
"I can’t believe that you’d rather me stay here and be alone and lonely than be with you."
"I never said that…"
"You may as well have."
"Look, I just want you to spend some time thinking about this, give it a few more weeks. I didn’t want to tell you this yet, but I’m going to visit Ephiny. I want to see how Zilandra’s going. It will probably take me a couple of weeks to get there and back, I wasn’t going to leave until after the weekend, but now… I think I’ll leave tonight. I want you to stay here until I get back, just see how it all goes and if you still want to leave when I get back then I won’t stop you, but please just give it a chance."
"I can’t believe you’re going to leave me again, well I guess I know where I stand with you."
"Gabrielle just don’t alright, this isn’t an easy decision for me to make, but I just think that if I’m not here right now it would be better for you."
"You know Xena you don’t always know what’s best for me."
"This time I think I do." Xena starts to pull on her armour and weapons. I sit on the bed and pull the covers over myself.

Good one Gabrielle, really smooth. Now you’ve got to deal with the consequences Xena is going to leave you again and you’ve got to stay in this stupid place alone with nothing to look forward to for another two or three weeks. Great, brilliant.
"It’ll be okay Gabrielle, this will turn out for the best. You’ll see."
"Yeah, whatever."
"Please don’t be angry, I only want what’s best for you."
"Then why don’t you trust me enough to know what that is."
"Because I think you’re following your heart too much and not your head."
"Is that such a bad thing, following my heart?"
"I... ah... Look, the weeks will pass by so quickly that I’ll be back before you know it." Xena says quickly.
"Sure." Xena bends down and kisses me gently.
"Thank you for today. I’ll see you soon okay?"
"Yeah. I would say anytime, but we both know that’s a lie."
"I’m sorry Gabrielle."
"Me too." Xena opens the door and walks halfway out before turning around again to look at me.
"I’ll send word if I’m going to be longer than three weeks." I just nod as she closes the door and leaves.


Please stay tuned for the next exciting instalment in this Xena and Gabrielle series... called The Fallout... Proudly brought to you by Heartstarter and Ripley. Enjoy!

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