And The Music Goes On

By Heidi Dum


Join Heather and Jade as they tackle the struggles and curveballs of everyday life and the death of Jade's father. Through the laughter and tears can their love for each other keep them together through even the hardest of times?

These characters are mine and mine alone and are of my own creation. Any and all resemblance to real people and or actual events is purely coincidental. This story contains graphic language, as well as sexual relations between women. If either of these things offend you, then this story is not for you.

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Thank you for choosing my work for your reading pleasure.

Chapter 1

Heather rushes into rehearsal late again, embarrassed that the conductor has already started working on the first piece. She looks up and sees that Todd has saved her a chair in the back in the middle of the trumpet section. Heather is grateful for Todd, he never gives up that she will make it and always has a chair and a stand ready for her. Heather hurries to dig through her bag to find her music after grabbing her trumpet and mouth piece. Working her way around the back of the orchestra Heather makes her way to her seat next to Todd and whispers a barely auditable “thanks.”

Jade watches Heather come in and shakes her head not understanding why the beautiful blond is late every week. Her job at the school officially ends at four but Jade knows Heather is always staying late to work on grading or lesson plans. Jade knows Heather doesn't keep track of time, she tries her best to help with giving Heather a reminder call at five that she needs to get going to make it to rehearsal on time, yet week after week Heather is late. Jade turns back to her music waiting for conductor Dr. VanLewis to finish going over the trombone part knowing that the clarinets will be next. She fingered her part and tried to get the rhythm and timing right. She glanced up towards the trumpets, as Dr. VanLewis cuts off the trombones, and caught Heather's crystal blue eyes giving her a shy smile.


Heather waits patiently by the piano as Jade cleans and puts away her clarinet. Jade descends the risers towards Heather. Watching Jade as she moves smoothly down the steps and her long red curls bounce lightly with each step, Heather can't keep from being drawn into Jade's green eyes. Heather darts her eyes to the ground as Jade's eyes lock with hers.

Heather and Jade walk out to their cars together. “Heather, what happened? Didn't you get my message?”

“I was in the middle of grading tests, I only had three left, so I finished them.”

“Heather, you know you can always bring that stuff home, it doesn't bother me one bit.”

“I know Jade, but I just don't want to take up our time with my work.”

“Have you eaten yet?”

“No, why don't I stop and get a pizza on the way home?”

“Okay, sounds good to me, I'll see you at home Heather.”

Jade made the twenty minute drive to the small town they lived in in utter silence. She couldn't bring herself to turn on the radio and wasn't in the mood to listen to one of her books on tape. Left alone with just her thoughts, she let them roam, going wherever they may. As was typical, they landed on Heather. Today she wondered how Heather ever got things done on time at work when she was so absent minded about everything else in her life. Jade wondered if she'd even remember to pick up the pizza on the way home. Jade knew that Heather's life revolved around school and her students. She may have been Jade's partner, but she was married to her work. Jade knew this and did her best to accept it, but still struggled with it regularly.

Pulling into the driveway Jade saw Heather's silver Neon already there, confirming her doubt of Heather remembering to pick up a pizza. She thought to herself ‘At least there are still leftovers in the fridge from Sunday night.'

Jade closed the door to her silver Navigator and headed towards the front door carrying her clarinet and music in one hand. She opened the door, only to be greeted by the smell of hot pizza. Shaking her head in amazement, she wasn't going to question how Heather was able to get hot pizza and get home before her. She knew that Heather typically drove faster than she, but that still didn't explain it. Jade walked into a dark house a little confused. “Heather?”

“In the den,” came Heather's reply.

Jade stowed her clarinet and music in the closet next to Heather's trumpet and music, then made her way to the den. Heather not only had the pizza, she'd gotten out plates and had a cold beer sitting on the coffee table waiting for Jade, her own cooler in her hand half gone. “You want another one before I sit down, Heather?”

“That'd be great, Raspberry, please.”

Jade grabbed the Raspberry cooler from the fridge on her way through the kitchen into the den. She sat the cooler on the coffee table and took the one in Heather's hand and set it on the coffee table, joining the fresh one. She leaned into Heather, kissing her gently knocking her off balance, causing her to fall on her back, Jade following on top of her. Heather parted her lips accepting Jade, pulling her close as she wrapped her arms around Jade's back. A soft moan escaped from Jade's throat. Heather spread her legs, allowing Jade to slip between them. Jade pressed herself against Heather's hot sex, feeling the rush of endorphins run through her body as she became ever so wet, wanting more of Heather. Jade lifted herself up off Heather slightly and slid her hand up under her shirt, cupping her breast.

As Jade cupped Heather's breast, she lost her balance and tumbled off the couch, hitting the coffee table; knocking Heather's cooler over as she hit the floor. Heather erupted in a soft giggle as she was trying to keep a straight face. The cooler poured off the coffee table and down Jade's back. Jade's laughter soon erupted and followed by Heather's as she lost her battle in keeping a straight face.

Jade got control of herself first, “Guess we'd better just eat our pizza before it gets cold.”

“You know we're not finished with that right?”

“I am sure there is more to come, there always is Heather.”

Heather grabbed a plate and a slice of sausage, olive and mushroom pizza, her own personal favorite, and handed it to Jade, noticing that Jade had taken off her cooler soaked shirt, then grabbed one for herself. Jade grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV. Jade quickly found an episode of Law and Order SVU.

“Oh! Olivia!”

“But of course, Heather.”

“She is so hot.”

“You can say that again.”

“She is so hot.”

“I didn't really mean to say it again, Heather.”

“Well, you're hot too.”

“Thanks darling.”


Chapter 2

The alarm blared as Jade shook Heather. “Heather, come on turn that thing off and get up.”

“Just five more minutes.”

“You've been saying that for fifteen minutes; now get going before I go get the cold water.”

Heather groaned, but rolled to turn off her alarm and get out of bed. She made her way around the bed and into the bathroom. She contemplated the tub briefly and decided she'd better stick with the shower.

Jumping into the shower, Heather was met with icy cold water. “Fuck.” Once again Heather had turned on only the cold water, forgetting to turn on the hot water. She quickly turned off the cold and turned on the hot water, she was awake now for sure.

While Heather showered Jade made her way to the walk in closet that was as big as a standard bedroom, she was glad that this was one decision they'd made when they'd had the house built, for there was plenty of space for both of their belongings and built in dressers. “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” Jade thought to herself, before contemplating what she was going to wear to the office. She knew that she should wear something a little more casual, as she'd be spending most of her day down at the Rec center so heels were out. She surveyed her choices and finally decided on a long green skirt with a cream colored tailored shirt and her new black flats. Just as she pulled these items down and laid them on the bed she heard Heather turn off the water. Jade headed for the shower, knowing that if she didn't hurry she too would be late this morning. She didn't know how Heather did it. She'd be dressed and out of the house before she'd even be out of the shower.

Heather was standing in front of the sink brushing her teeth as Jade walked in. Jade waited patiently for her to finish, then kissed her gently on the lips. “Have a good day with the kids darling.”

“It's always a wonderful day when I get to spend it with the kids. Today we are learning about fractions, using the pizza game.”

“How come they never had such fun things when I was learning fractions?”

“That's because you never had a teacher like me, doll.”

Jade groaned as Heather flaunted her creative teaching methods once again. She was indeed good and very effective, but did she have to know it too?

“I'll see you tonight darling, remember we have reservations at six, no staying late today.”

“Okay, I'll come straight home. Have a good day.”

With that, Jade headed to the shower and Heather into the closet, each off to start their day.


Jade showed up at the Rec center, only to find that there was a problem down at the pool. Wishing now that she'd chosen a pant outfit, she traipsed down to the pool to see what was going on, lifting her skirt as she descended the flight of stairs.

Jade walked into the pool office only to find Nancy on the phone. She waited patiently for the pool director to finish her call. Nancy hung up the phone and turned to face Jade, her face turning twelve shades of red seeing the city manager standing on the other side of the desk.

“They said upstairs there was some kind of problem with the filters again Nance.”

“Just the usual Jade, the sand is leaking into the pool again.”

“I thought we fixed that problem when we replaced the sand in the filters last summer.”

“So did I Jade, but the filters are leaking sand again. I've called the company that repaired the filters and they are coming out tomorrow to figure out why they are leaking sand again.”

“Sounds like you have it all under control then.”

“Yeah, I think they are leaking sand because the bearings need replacing in the backwash vaulves.”

“Does it only shoot out sand when you backwash Nance?”

“Mostly, some trickles out when we're not backwashing, but I think that's just left in the line.”

“Mind if I have a look?”

“Sure, go ahead Jade, I'll come with you, just let me tell my guard.”

Nancy hurried off to tell her guard that she and Jade were going down into the pit to look at the filters. When she returned, she led the way across the back deck to the engine room door so they could look at the filters.

Jade cursed herself again for choosing the skirt as they climbed down the stairs into the pit, and then down the ladder to the filters.

Nancy showed Jade the main filter and how there was sand all around the valve. Jade grabbed the wrench and turned the valve to open on the pipe to bypass the filter line completely, and then she loosed the nut at the base of the filter where it led back into the pipe heading towards the pool. The little water that was left in the line sprayed all down the front of her. Wiping her face with her shirt sleeve, she said nothing. She dismantled the entire mechanism and looked at the bearings.



“See here where the bearings are not snug, and they are beginning to rust, and you can see the sand between them.”

“Yeah, I see that.” Nancy wasn't exactly sure what she was looking at, she was still amazed. She didn't know which valve bypassed the filter without looking it up, let alone know how to take the thing apart.

“Those bearings are your problem. So when the filter guy shows up, be sure to tell him that they didn't replace the bearings on the filters, and the O ring doesn't seal either so that will also need to be replaced. They shouldn't charge us for this as it should have been taken care of this summer when they changed the sand. It will be much harder to do now.”

“Okay, I'll be sure to tell him. How did you learn so much about this stuff Jade?”

“I worked at a pool while I put myself through college, I've seen it all, done it all, even changed these things out myself, though wouldn't want to do that today.”

Jade put everything back together, righted the valve so that water passed through the filter again and headed back to the ladder. Thinking about her skirt, she looked at Nancy in her shorts and T-shirt. “After you.” Pointing towards the ladder, thinking once again of the impracticality of her skirt.

Nancy headed up the ladder, followed by Jade, then up the stairs and back on deck.

“Anything else you need while I am here Nancy?”

“Jade, I know the budget is tight, but we need to order more guard shorts, but Paul just says there's no money. I have new guards without guard shorts, he comes down and threatens to write them up if they are still not in proper uniform the next time he comes down. I can't get them in proper uniform if I have no guard shorts to give them, Jade.”

“I'll figure out somewhere to pull some money for the shorts Nancy. Go ahead and order what you need, use a Purchase Order and have them send the bill straight to me.”

“Thanks Jade.”


Heather was trying to explain to her sixth graders that one-third was really less than one-half. She pulled the pizza pieces out of the sack and lined them up on the whole pizza. She pointed to Alex and asked him which piece he'd rather have. Alex looked at Heather with a sly grin on his face.

“Miss. Adderson, We just had lunch, so I'm not very hungry, so I'd rather have the one-third slice of pizza.”

Heather felt slightly defeated. but realized that Alex did indeed grasp the concept.

In the back of the room Jessica slowly raised her hand. “Yes Jessica?”

“Alex is right Miss Adderson, if he's not hungry he'd rather have one-third because one-third is less than one-half. If you put the one-half piece on top of the whole pizza, there is exactly the same amount of pizza not covered up, as what is covered up. Then if you put the one-third slice on the part of the pizza not covered by the one-half slice you'll see that there is still some of the whole pizza showing. Therefore one-third is less than one-half because of the left over piece.”

“Nice job Jessica, can you come up and put the slices on the board and show the class what you are saying?”

Jessica hesitated not wanting to be in front of the front of the class. Heather nodded her head at Jessica to reassure her. Jessica slid her chair back on the tile floor and gingerly moved to the front of the room.

Jessica placed the magnetic whole piece of pizza up on the board, followed by the half, repeating her explanation, followed by the one-third piece on the opposite side of the one-half piece. She then pointed to the uncovered part of the whole pizza and said “Because this piece is not covered, we know that one-third is smaller than one-half. If the one-third piece covered the whole side that the one-half doesn't cover and overlapped the one-half piece, then we would know one-third is bigger than one-half.”

A smile spread across Heather's face, “Thank you Jessica.”

Jessica headed back to her seat in the back of the room. Heather turned to the whole class. “Does anyone have any questions about why one-third is less than one-half?”

No one said a word and no hands were raised in question. Heather wasn't sure if this was a good sign or not. “Each table group has their own pizza with pizza slices, as a group you are going to use the pizza pieces to determine which fraction is bigger for each problem on your worksheet. Notice that the size of the fraction is written on the back of each slice of pizza. Do the best you can to work with your table groups, I will wander around the room, but if you cannot come to an agreement, feel free to ask me for help.”

Heather distributed the worksheets to all the students and placed the extra worksheets on her desk.


When the final bell rang, Heather took the time to write the names of the absent students on a worksheet for them and filed them in their folder, then placed the remaining worksheets on top of the stacking file shelves near her desk. She centered her calendar on her desk and put all her pens in the can Jade had decorated for her. Looking around, feeling that everything was neat and ready to begin a new day, the last thing she did was turn the page on her lesson plan book to the next day's lessons and laid it on the desk next to her calendar. With one final look, she headed to the wall cabinet, opened the long one and pulled out her jacket. Locking the cabinet, she walked to the classroom door, locked the classroom door and headed towards her car, remembering that she had reservations with Jade for dinner.

Heather turned up the stereo as Katy Perry came on and sang along with the radio as she drove out of the school parking lot. Lost in the music, Heather was home in no time at all. She noticed that Jade was not yet home. Feeling proud of herself she headed into the house, looked at the clock, it was only four-thirty, she decided she had time to take a shower and change into fresh clothes for dinner.


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