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I did not recognize your name

But I let you in all the same

By your boldness I was taken aback

It was gentle, not an attack

As you spoke I stood alone in awe

Time went on and then I saw

You are not in my life to hurt me

Taking me as I am, letting me be

I never found a person so easy to trust

You made it a simple little must

My world was turned right upside down

Gone the fearful moment and frown

I'd wandered through life all alone

Like a zombie or mechanical drone

You found that sparkle that had left my eye

Only to send me soaring in the sky

The words I spoke rang a haunting sound

Though only gentleness in yours I found

For a single moment I thought I'd run and hide

I chose to ride the wave and watch the tide

Greeted only by a friendship running deep

How could I turn, not listen, not speak

Nothing I said ever made you think any less

It was then that I knew I was truly blessed


HDum 6/11/11


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