These words are mine and mine alone. They belong solely to me. I'd love to hear what you think, tell me they're wonderful, they suck, they touched you, they made you cry. Just tell me





Morning has reared its head once again

A new opportunity, a new chance to begin


A new day filled with many choices to make

You have to decide which to leave and which to take


These choices are yours to do as you choose

You'd best make up your mind, can't afford to snooze


Each day is different, no two ever the same

Better make up your mind, someone's calling your name


You are in control, don't let others take charge

Find your direction and steer your barge


Today I choose to relax, to read and swim and play

The work still needs done, but I'll save it for another day


Your reaction to that is really no care of mine

I'm leading my life, I'm doing just fine


I made my choice, just me all alone

No one to account to, I'm all on my own


Sometimes it's lonely, alone in my world here

The choice is mine, I will not shed a tear


Friends are few and between each viewing

A decision I made after much thought and chewing


This morning a new day has arrived

There is not much, though I'm not deprived


Mornings head shows before the sun shall rise

The quiet time, my time, filled not with a surprise


This isolated world that I've managed to create

It suits me just fine, there's nothing to debate


It's truly better I know, for all this way

For what I want, there's no price you can pay


Alone in my world I shall continue to move on

It means nothing no more, I fear my heart is gone


There's nothing I can do, on this I have no control

Only to sit and wait, hoping my heart be given parole


This morning, this day, it's mine, it belongs to me

Yet unsuspecting I believe it was taken you see



HDum 7/13/11



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