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Circle of Love


The girls walk happily down the street

Not caring just who they meet

They are strong and proud

Just walking through the crowd.


Their love is strong for each other

Neither wishing ever for another

Those were the days they were so grand

Walking through town hand in hand.


One moves so far away

Love is strong with time to play

They find new ways to see

For they are happy as can be.


They get to spend a month together

They talk of babies and forever

The one goes home and life goes on

They visit in the early dawn.


Then came the saddening news

One far away had to choose

She slept around with another girl

The other devastated just cried and curled.


She knew that she did not think

For there was no plan for where she'd sleep

Her heart was broken torn apart

A love destroyed and forced to depart.


HDum October 14, 2010


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