These words are mine and mine alone. They belong solely to me. I'd love to hear what you think, tell me they're wonderful, they suck, they touched you, they made you cry. Just tell me





My minds flying high, wonderful and free
No strings attached, please just let it be
Give me my moment, I feel normal can't you see
Just this one moment, where I really feel free.

The world crashed around, no so such great luck
I screamed and hollered, but no one heard, fuck
Today's there not much I can do, It's done, I'm stuck
Why me I wondered, why me who has such bad luck

I looked to the sky, though saw nothing but black
So much was gone, my mind not sharp like a tack
Years later I don't understand, even when I look back
Some details are clear, while others remain black

Sometimes I don't get, why my that you did pick
Why me your so kind, when others threw me like a stick
I'm not one to complain, just scared you'll get sick
Then you too will wonder, why me did you pick

I wish I could go back in time, just to make things right
So far I'd have to go, I don't think I'd've stood a fight
Going back in time, seems would only mean alone at night
No it's not the answer, nothing can make it right

Right now is the time, today and here is the place
Filled with it's challenges, each one we must face
Can we do it? I don't know, a challenge I'd like to chase
For here in this moment, our only chance, the only place


HDum 7/13/11


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