These words are mine and mine alone. They belong solely to me. I'd love to hear what you think, tell me they're wonderful, they suck, they touched you, they made you cry. Just tell me


Did I Give it Away?


I held my heart so very close

I would not give it to just anyone near

Many years went by and people too

Then came one, I thought I had nothing to fear.


I didn't know till after it was gone

My heart I'd given away, it she'd won

It felt right, I was safe and secure

Then came the news that she was done.


My world torn apart, I knew not what to do

Then into my life walked a special guest

Just where we stood didn't so much matter

A bond so strong we shared our quest.


Once again I guarded my heart close

I tried to find someone, I tried to look

None caught my eye, though I gave it a try

I learned to be content in my life and my books.


I buried myself in the computer and friends there

Then one close friend introduced a friend she knew

Things were hard, I was struggling, felt out of control

This friend talked with me and helped me through.


Our friendship branched along other avenues

Fans and friends of hers I got to know

Nothing real so to speak, just superficial

Still with my computer and books I lived so.


A few of these fans I began to get to know

Nothing deep, not superficial, acquaintances I'd keep

These were the regulars, always there

Involved in conversations, some light and some deep.


Friend requests started piling in one after another

Accepting them I went, my own list growing on

Then came a flood of them all at once

See the connection, my list grew long.


One such request was a silent passer by

My words had intrigued her, she wanted more

After accepting, we spoke one on one

I was astounded, nearly passed out on the floor.


From that day forward, we talked every day

No topic off limit, everything we did cover

No judgments were made, just acceptance of views

Though our opinions we found so close to each other.


Days turned to weeks and weeks into months

A friendship grew strong, even with lines of gray

My heart I guarded as strong as I could

Even with the lines of gray things were okay.


I awoke one day, only to find a mark on my heart

I was scared, without knowing had I given it away?

I cannot answer, I do not know, only that the bond is strong

I wish I did, that I understood, but that I cannot say.


HDum 7/12/11


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