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Freshman 101


Chapter 11


Liza and Liz went across town to this little dinner that she knew of that was open twenty-four hours a day. She ordered pancakes and Liz ordered bacon and eggs, they each ordered hot chocolate to go with their meals. They sat nursing their hot chocolate waiting for their food.

“Liz, I owe you an apology.”

“Liza, you don't owe me anything.”

“No, really I do. It wasn't right of me to have taken you to my place and take you like that. I didn't really need the shower, I just wanted to get you in there with me. I know what an awesome shower I have, and how much fun it can be for two people. I set you up when I asked you to join me. I should have just put the movie in and we could have just watched the movie instead.”


“No Liz, let me finish. I really do like you. You caught my eye the day you walked into Spanish class and approached the instructor. I knew looking at you that you were only a freshmen, you were so timid that day. I knew I should think of you as being off limits. But each day you sat down in front of me, and I each day my lust for you grew. I found out through Mary Jane that you lived with her. I began asking her questions. Grilling her on what she knew about you.”

Liza paused as the waitress brought their food. Liz wasn't so sure she was still hungry but began to pick at her food anyway. She noticed that Liza was picking at hers also. Then she continued on.

“Mary Jane basically told me that you had no relationship experience. That scared the hell out of me. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to react or how to approach you given that I am a junior and that you are just a freshman. Mary Jane and I set up the scenario so that I could get to meet you in a setting in which you would know that I was a lesbian. The plan was just that. Nothing more than that for last night. Then I was on my own. I was going to ask you to be my partner for the project that we have coming up in class. Give me a chance to know you more, and see if you might be interested.”

Liza paused for a minute eating some of her pancakes in silence. Liz wasn't sure if it was her turn to say anything or if she was just supposed to wait and listen some more. She decided to wait. Liz looked up from my eggs and saw Liza's eyes filling up with tears. She didn't know what to think about that. She just stared back down at her eggs pretending that she didn't notice and concentrated on eating her eggs which she really did not want anymore.

After a few minutes Liza continued. “Liz, we may have been able to pull one past Mary Jane and I will come clean with her on that another day, she deserves to know the truth. But I had no business taking advantage of you like that last night.”

“Liza, you didn't take advantage of me.”

“Liz, I knew that you'd never been in a relationship before. I knew you were a virgin. I took you into my shower knowing damn well that I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of you. That was not fair to you. I took advantage of you innocence last night and for that I am truly sorry. It was not how I wanted things to go. I am interested in getting to know you better and interested in having a relationship with you if you are open to that. But what I did last night was not the way to start such a thing. I hope that you can forgive me and at least give me a shot at being friends.”

“Liza it's my turn now.”

“Okay Liz”

“I made the choice to get in the shower with you. I thought you had a regular shower at the time, which would have been even more intimate than your shower. I made that decision all on my own. I was interested in you. I proved that at the club. I left Mary Jane and sought you out to find out who you were because you appealed to me. I didn't understand why, or what my thinking was, I just knew that I needed to meet you.”

Liz paused, picked up a piece of my bacon and ate it. Not sure where she wanted to go from here. Yet knowing there was more that she needed to say. Finally getting her thoughts together she continued on.

“I made the decision to let things happen in the shower. I could have told you no at any time. I chose not to. I chose to let you continue. I was overwhelmed by the feelings, everything felt so good. I didn't want you to stop, but that was still my choice. I chose all those things. You didn't force me to do anything.”

Liza stared at me in disbelief her mouth hung open.

“Liza we both played a part in what happened. It took both of us to create the situation and both of us to continue through. We share the blame here. I won't let you take all the blame here. That's just not right.”

They sat there in silence eating their breakfast a few minutes.

As they finished Liza looked at Liz. “Now what?”

“Let's get outta here.”

“Where you wanna go”

“I need to get some studying done Liza. I especially need to work on my Spanish I am way behind.”

“I am behind in Spanish too. What about working on it together?”

“Okay, sounds good to me. Where do you want to go?”

“I'd offer that we could go back to my place, but we saw what kind of trouble that got us into last night.”

“Liza I think that we'd be just fine at your place. I've got a lot of other work to do today also. It'll keep me busy. Then maybe later we can go catch a movie.”

“You sure about this Liz?”

“Yeah, I'm sure.”

Liz and Liza paid their bill and headed out to Liza's house.


Chapter 12


Sprawled out on the living room floor with their Spanish books and workbooks Liza and Liz got to work on their Spanish.

“Hey Liz!”


“I need an original creative phrase. Help me out I'm blank.”

“How about—oh I know—‘no come la neive amarillo '”


“Hey I think it's pretty original. Especially here in Oregon where we hardly ever get any snow.”

“Okay, okay. Not eating yellow snow is a good idea and I suppose that is a really original statement no one else will have it. What did you use for yours?”

“Mine's boring but I love the way that it sounds.”

“Well what is it?”

“Una limonada por favor.”

Liza fell over laughing.

“What's so funny about that Liza?”

“There's nothing really funny about it, it's just the way you said it. The way it rolls off your tongue, it sounds so beautiful, but it's just a simple request. Ordering a glass of lemonade. You are right it is boring but it sounds great when you say it.”

Liz started laughing. She looked over at Liza, put her head down on the floor trying to hide her embarrassment. Liza saw through it but decided to ignore it anyway.

“Hey Liz, how'd you get so good at this Spanish stuff anyway. Here I am a junior and it's taken me three years to make it to Spanish II and I am just beginning to understand the stuff.”

“Well, when you take four years of it in high school, I guess that helps a lot.”

“You took Spanish for four years in high school? How could you stand that?”

“I love the language. It is intriguing to me.”

“You're weird Liz.”

“Yeah I have my quirks. But hey doesn't everyone. Tell me what quirky thing do you have?”


“Yeah you Liza.”

“I don't have any quirks.”

“You've got to have at least one come on. I mean look at your shower.”

“So you mean other than I am a lesbian and I like to have sex in the shower?”

“Well that would be a quirk, so yeah besides that, you said you wanted to get to know each other, what better way is there?”

“Well—I would have to say—okay I totally am into Thomas Jefferson.”

“No way Liza.”

“Yeah, every time I have to write a history paper on some historic person I always pick him.”

“Me too”

“What? You kidding?”

“No, I am totally serious. Wanna know what got me into Thomas Jefferson in the first place.”

“Yeah I do.”

“ I was in fourth maybe fifth grade. I was absent the day we got to choose which president we wanted to write our paper about. So I got what was left, Thomas Jefferson, well him or Taft, but all I could think about when I heard the name Taft, was taffy, so I choose Thomas Jefferson. In doing my report I learned the high reverence that Thomas Jefferson had for education. I knew I wanted to be a teacher even then, and that just really stuck with me. I forget exactly what it says, but his tombstone says something about education on it. I thinks that's really cool”

“Wow that's really cool Liz. He really means a lot to you. His tombstone says by the way ‘Here was buried Thomas Jefferson author of the Declaration on American Independence, of the Stature of Virgina for Religious Freedom, and father of the University of Virgina .'”

“That's right. I always liked it because it didn't focus on him as a president so but on the things that were important to him and especially because he's the father of the University of Virgina .”

“I always like him because he was so humble about his possessions. During the war of 1812 the capital was burned by the British, which housed the library of congress. Thomas Jefferson sold his personal collection of books to the library of congress. All 6,400 volumes. In 1800 before the capital was burned the library only contained 6,000 books. Of course though as soon as Jefferson sold the books he took the $23,000 he got for the books and began to re-amass his collection himself.”


“Yep it's the truth. But I think it is more amazing that he was so supportive of education.”

“Oh totally”

“I didn't know about that. Check this out Liza, you know that he established the University of Virgina which opened in 1825, but do you know anything else about the University.”

“I knew he started the University but that is all I can remember.”

Getting excited because Liz was enthralled with Thomas Jefferson and she now had a captive Audience.

“Yeah, it was the University of Virgina . He was in command of every aspect of the process. He was in charge of supervising the physical construction, the planning of the curriculum, even selecting an faculty which he made sure was international eclectic combination of people. He wanted to be able to close the gap between teacher and student to create a better learning environment. When the school first opened under his design there was no president of the school, it wasn't until 1904 that the school got their first president. And to think there were only forty student's when it first opened up.”

“Wow, can you imagine going to college and there being no president of the college, I think that the whole thing would fall apart.”

“The sad thing about the school open in March of 1825 was that it was just 3 months before Thomas Jefferson died. However; there is a really cool thing about his death”

Liza looked at Liz with a look of disbelief, “A cool thing about death?”

Liz continued on. “He died 50 years to the day of the signing of the Deceleration of Independence, July 4, 1826. An odd coincidence is that later that day John Adams died also.”

Liza didn't know quite how to respond to that. Liz sure was a wealth of information on Thomas Jefferson and she thought she'd known a lot. There was a moment of silence between the two till Liz spoke again.

“I'm almost don't with my Spanish Liza, how's yours coming?”

“I've got a lot to do, but I'll be working on it all weekend. You ready for a break?”

“Yeah you wanna go for a walk?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Liza as Liz picked up their stuff grabbed their jackets and headed out. They walked back the way they had come from the club just the night before. Liz remembering following Liza down the street with all the excitement she felt. She had a totally different feeling today. Today there was a feeling of peace and ease between her and Liza.

Liz came to a stop outside the club. She looked at the closed door.

“Guess we won't be hanging out there anymore. I don't think that I can get Alfredo to let me in again.

“Maybe not, but it was worth it the first night.”

“Yeah, twenty bucks was nothing compared to what I got.”

“You paid the door man twenty dollars to let you in last night.”

“Yeah, I did. Can you believe that. I thought that just the chance of learning you name was worth twenty bucks. That's all I thought I was going to get out of it.”

“Wow, I'm really impressed.”

“I was impressed that I got a whole lot more out of it than just your name.”

Liz blushed slightly as the two started walking again. They ended up in the park at the center of town. They went over to the swings and sat down. They didn't say anything just watched the children play. There were kids on the play structure, some in the sandbox, some on the merry-go-round and even some on the tires swing. They sat there in silence not saying a word. Liz didn't know what to think. This whole experience of being with a girl was new to her. Well in all honesty she realized that being with anyone was a new venture for her.

“Liza, I gotta be honest here. I don't know what to say or think about last night. I mean it was great and everything but I've never done anything like that before.”

“I know Mary Jane told me remember. It's okay to be nervous and unsure.”

“I just don't want you to get the wrong idea. I don't know that I am ready for a full on relationship with someone. Especially a sexual relationship. There are so many things that are important to me right now, school being my top priority, and I don't even know how I did on my mid terms of my first semester yet.”

Feeling a little confused and let down Liza turned to Liz. “Can we just say we'll be friends for now, and just see how things go. No pressure, promise.”

“Okay, but no pressure. I really don't think I am ready for this.”

“No problem.”

“Liza, I should probably be getting back. I need to find out what happened last night with Jo. I think she should be up by now.”

“Okay, no problem. Let's head back to my place get your stuff and I'll drop you off.”


They walked back to Liza's apartment in utter silence. Both afraid to speak. Liza afraid because she wasn't sure she could keep the promise of no pressure. She liked Liz to begin with and last night was so wonderful that she only wanted more. Unbeknownst to Liza, Liz was having similar thoughts. She wasn't sure that she could keep things just friends either. She'd been opened up to a totally new experience. And last night was wonderful. She didn't know if she could let that go and just be friends, but she'd seen others try and balance the life of a boyfriend and school and seen what a disaster it had become, just look at Jo. She didn't want to be in that position.


Chapter 13


Liz let herself in the room noticing how quiet it was. Once she got the door opened she noticed that the bedroom door was closed. She set her backpack down on her desk and headed to the bedroom. In the bedroom she found Jo on her bed sobbing and Mary Jane on the floor next to her trying to comfort her.

“Thank goodness you here.” Cried out Mary Jane. “She's been asking you for hours. I'm going to take a quick shower and head to the library. Leave the two of you alone. I am sure you have a lot to talk about.”

“Okay, thank you for staying with her Mary Jane.”

“No problem.”

Liz walked over to the bed.

“Mary Elizabeth Catherine?”

A little startled by Jo using her full name which had long ago been dropped she looked down at Jo. “Yes, Jo I am here.”

“I don't know what happened to me. I was dancing with the tall brunette and then I remember she lead me outside. I didn't even get to tell Mary Jane we were leaving. We stopped some place and got something to drink. I don't know what it was. I thought it was a Sobe but the more of it I drank the stranger I began to feel. Then I don't know what happened. I just know I woke up in the brunette's room, at least I think it was her room. I was tied to the four posts on the bed. I couldn't move and then I realized that I was naked.”

Liz wasn't sure that she wanted to hear the rest of this story, but knew she had to be there for her friend. Jo's sobs grew as she told the story of what had happened. She had remained quiet knowing that she would need to hear Jo out, that Jo needed to get it out and that there was no one else Jo would go to.

Just then Mary Jane came out of the bathroom. “I'm going to go to the library and get some studying done Liz, I'll be back after dinner.”

Grateful for Mary Jane's understanding, Liz turned back to Jo. She tucked Jo's hair back away from her face as it had become matted against her cheek. Jo slowly calmed down and began to speak again.

“Liz, it was awful. I was there in this room, there was just one lamp in the corner that was one, no one was in the room. Then the brunette came into the room. She had this red teddy on with nothing underneath. She got on top of me. I could feel her, she was all wet, I could feel it dripping out of her onto my belly. I turned my head and closed my eyes, only to have my head brought back to facing her. She kissed me. When I didn't respond she just continued to kiss me, everywhere, all over my body. Then she began kissing me, well you know down there. I don't know what happened Liz. I couldn't control myself. I was bucking my hips she was talking but I was trying not to listen. She continued till I screamed out. I think I had an orgasm Liz. I am so ashamed. I didn't want her touching me, and yet….”

“It's okay Jo, it was just your body reacting to the stimulation, it had nothing to do with you.”

“Then she untied me, told me to get dressed. I did. I was scared Liz. She told me to go get in the car. I went and I got in the car. She drove me back to the club. When we got there she reached across me, opened the door and pushed me out. I landed hard on the ground. It was late the club was already closed. I didn't know what I was going to do. I got up and started walking back towards campus. I didn't know how else I was going to get home. Then Mary Jane found me with some other girls. I had just laid down on the bench and was crying, I must have fallen asleep because Mary Jane was shaking me, yelling my name. Then the girls helped me get into Mary Jane's car and she brought me here.”

“It's okay Jo, it's over now. You are here and you are safe now.”

“Then I saw you with that girl you left with. Then you left with her. I thought you were gone forever.”

“No we just thought you two'd been out having fun, and knew you'd want to sleep. So we left went and got some breakfast and worked on our Spanish a while. She's in my Spanish class. I am sorry I didn't know. If I'd known I wouldn't have left.”

Liz looked down at Jo and noticed she was still in her clothes from last night, well half in them anyway.

“Jo let's get you into the shower and then into bed so you can get some sleep.”

“You won't leave?”

“Nope not going anywhere.”

Liz helped Jo out of her clothes and into the shower. She couldn't help but to notice just how attractive Jo was, and how beautiful her body was. She was slightly stocky, but had a flat belly and firm muscles covered her body. Liz blushed having these thoughts about her roommate and best friend.

Once Jo had her shower Liz helped her into clean PJ's and into bed. Within minutes Jo was sound asleep. Jo slept for several hours. Liz true to her word, didn't go anywhere. She crawled up on her bunk and began the read one of her favorite books “The Beginning Place.” She'd read this book many times and each time she got lost in the book and devoured every last word.

Finally Jo woke. Liz felt her stirring on the bunk below. Put her book up and hopped down sitting on the edge of the lower bunk. Jo rolled over and turned to look at Liz. A smile spread across her face.

“I'm hungry.”

“Well let's get you dressed and we'll go find some dinner.” Liz smiled hopping her friend would be okay now that she had gotten her story out and had gotten some sleep.


Chapter 14


Finals were fast approaching. It was dead week, next week would be the true test of the semester as the first set of finals were to be taken. Mary Jane, Jo and Liz were all studying feverishly for their finals. Liz was spending gobs of time with Liza studying for her Spanish final which she was just sure she was going to fail. True to their agreement they had remained just friends the remainder of the semester and even were signed up for the same Spanish class for next semester too.

Mary Jane was nervous about going home for winter break. Everyone at school knew that Mary Jane was a lesbian. She'd been able to be herself and come out to everyone she met. She went to the club nearly every weekend and had a large following of friends there. Any of whom she could get if she wanted, but she didn't want any of them. She'd managed to avoid Mary Sue most of the time, seeing her only a few times in passing. Mary Jane was only became more frustrated thinking about going home where she had to hide her true self from her parents, knowing they would absolutely freak. Mary Sue had figured out that she was a lesbian their senior year. Hence the last minute decision to not room together. Mary Jane was glad for that decision, she had been able to be herself and that was a relief to her. However, facing an entire month at home where no one knew, and she hoped Mary Sue wouldn't say anything. She hadn't said anything their senior year, so Mary Jane didn't think she'd bring it up over winter break, but there was always the possibility and the thought that she wouldn't didn't relieve her worry any.

Mary Jane returned to the room about five. She noticed that Jo and Liz were gone. She knew that Liz was studying with Liza and assumed since it was dinner time that Jo was eating dinner and then heading to the library like she did nearly every night. With excitement she tossed her backpack on her desk and went in and took a quick shower.

Mary Jane had been working hard all semester while having fun at the club on the weekends. Her “fuck buddy”, Jaquie, had dropped off the face of the earth a few weeks ago. Mary Jane was unable to get a hold of her and she hadn't been showing up to the history class they had met in. Mary Jane didn't know what to think about it, but had decided she didn't have time to worry about that when she first started not coming to class.

She walked to the drawer that contained her underwear. Deep in the back she found a little red plastic box. From the box she pulled out her finger lady. She then walked to her bed and threw the covers back and laid down with nothing on. It was her favorite way to sleep, but this wasn't about sleeping. This was simply about pure satisfaction and putting out that burning fire that had been aching between her legs all day.

Mary Jane slide her finger lady on her middle finger, pressing the button to turn it on. A small smile spread across her face. She ran the finger lady across her left nipple first then her right. Feeling the heat grow in her sex. She had missed this since Kelly had disappeared. Not wasting any time just wanting to feel the release before Jo got back she reached down and slid her finger lady between her slit, feeling the heat and wetness that lie waiting there for her. Letting her finger lady drift and explore losing herself in the pure feelings that consumed her body made her mind go blank as she drifted into her own little world.

Mary Jane didn't hear the door open or Liz and Jo enter into the room. The first that she knew they were present was when she heard their mutual gasp. Turning several shades of red she was afraid to turn her head to face them.

“Um, Mary Jane?” Asked Jo.

Mary Jane remained very quiet. Thinking maybe if she didn't respond they would just turn around walk out closing the door behind them.

“Mary Jane?” Asked Liz.

Many Jane realized they weren't going to go anywhere. She turned her head facing them. She gave them a very hesitant “Yes?”

Jo responded first. “Would you like some help with that?”

Mary Jane didn't know how to respond to this. She knew that both Jo and Liz had decided that they too were lesbians and they spent a lot of time with Mary Jane at the club, but never imagined anything happening with her roommates. Her face she knew was turning red again. She wanted to say yes, oh gawd she wanted to say yes, but would that break some kind of unspoken rule.

“It's up to you Mary Jane we are willing if you'd like some help.” Liz stated.

In a meek voice Mary Jane whispered “Yes.”

Jo and Liz looked at each other and smiled. Taking their clothes off as they crossed the room to Mary Jane's bed their own sex began to grow hot just thinking about what they were going to do. They had both discovered their sexual beings this semester and were very happy, but like Mary Jane were wondering if this crossed some kind of unspoken rule.

By the time Liz and Jo reached Mary Jane's bed there was a trail of clothes across the room where they had dropped their them as they removed all them as they approached Mary Jane's bed. Jo kneeled on the floor near Mary Jane's head, while Liz sat on the edge of the bed down by Mary Jane's hips. Liz ran her hands up and down Mary Jane's legs while Jo took Mary Jane's breast into her hand, gently caressing it. As her nipple became hard Jo took it into her mouth flicking her tongue across the harden nipple. A slight moan escaped from Mary Jane's lips. Liz took this as her cue and ran her hand across Mary Jane's mound, winding her fingers through her tight wet curls. Mary Jane spread her legs farther apart encouraging Liz. Jo covered Mary Jane's lips with her own. Taking her tongue deep into her own mouth, feeling it slid across her own tongue, capturing the next moan with her mouth as it escaped from Mary Jane.

Jo got up off the floor slid on top of Mary Jane straddling her waist. She took one breast in each hand and gently caressed them as she began to rock her hips. Liza continued to slide her fingers though Mary Jane's curls then slid her fingers down finding Mary Jane's lips and that hard little nub she stopped to gently run circles around it. Mary Jane arched her back pushing her sex against Liz's hand.

Taking this sign Liz slid down on the bed. She replaced her finger with her mouth. Licking along that slit, and then sliding it open, tasting the sweet nectar pouring out of Mary Jane. Sliding her tongue deep in her hole Liz shuddered at the pure pleasure that she felt seep through Mary Jane. She took Mary Jane's clit into her mouth. She flicked her clit with her tongue ever so gently. Mary Jane raised her hips towards Liz's mouth. Liz took Mary Jane's clit into her mouth sucking on in as she flattened out her tongue and let it glide over Mary Jane's clit. “Oh, Yes!” exclaimed Mary Jane.

Liz took this as her cue and slowly increased the speed of her tongue. Liz increased the pressure slightly as Mary Jane moaned again, the moan was slowly followed by screams of pleasure coming from Mary Jane.

All three girls collapsed on the bed. Mary Jane overwhelmed by the sensations running through her body, yet feeling a bit embarrassed that she'd been caught in the first place. As she began to catch her breath she began to think what would be coming next. Gathering her courage she asks “Okay who's next.”

“Oh no, this is all about you. There is no who's next.” Replied Liz.

“Yep, all about you.” Added Jo

“I don't know what to say that was totally awesome.”

“Let's just say that it was totally awesome and call it a night, it's late time to hit the sack.”

Jo and Mary Jane looked at Liz.

“What time is it?” They asked in unison.

“Almost midnight and personally I have an eight am class.”

Mary Jane tried to figure out the time line. It had been dinner time when she'd hoped in the shower like five. There's no way. What time was it when they came in? How long did it last? Did they all fall asleep on her bed. Mary Jane was overwhelmed just at the thought.


Chapter 15

Finals were over. Jo, Liz and Mary Jane were packing to head home for the winter break. Jo looked over to see Mary Jane sitting on her bed starring at the wall not packing a thing. She looked over at Liz who just shrugged her shoulders.

“Mary Jane what'cha thinking about?” asked Jo quietly not to scare her out of her thoughts.

Mary Jane wasn't sure how much she wanted to tell Liz and Jo. They had accepted her just as she was, and well in fact it was she who had helped them come out of their shell and realize who they really were. “Just thinking about going home.”

Liz and Jo were a little shocked by this statement. They were nervous about going home because they'd gone away as college freshmen nice little girls and were returning home very different people, both very aware of their sexual identity and very comfortable in their own skin. Jo was more worried than Liz. Liz had never dated anyone. Jo had gone off to college with her high school sweetheart, both were going home as new found lesbians and unsure how they were going to break the news to their parents let alone the rest of their family and friends. Mary Jane on the other hand was very up front from the beginning of the year that she was a lesbian. Jo and Liz both thought there must be something bad that went on at home that Mary Jane just simply did not want to return to. After all her sister had not been seen since the day she had moved in, which they thought was quite weird, but had never questioned. Both Liz and Jo's heads were spinning trying to imagine what it might be that had Mary Jane so preoccupied.

Deciding that Mary Jane wasn't going to say more without prompting Liz asked “Thinking about seeing your sister? It's weird I haven't seen her at all since the day you moved in.”

Mary Jane's jaw dropped. Did they know, had Mary Sue said something to them? “What do you know about my sister?”

“All I know is that she was more than pleased that you were not rooming together and that she hasn't been seen all semester. Is there something at home that you want to talk about.?”

Tears started to roll down Mary Jane's cheeks. She covered her face with her hands and put her head in her lap. Liza and Jo immediately rose and went each sitting on one side of Mary Jane with their arms resting softly on her back. They didn't say a word. Just sat there and waited while Mary Jane cried it all out.

Once Mary Jane was able to pull herself together she began to tell Jo and Liz about things back home. “Mary Sue, my sister remember, she is the only one from back home that knows I am a lesbian, she'd been nice enough to not say anything to anyone, but I don't know how long that will last. I fell like I need to be true to myself and that I needed to come clean and tell my parents the truth. It terrifies me to tell my parents. My father is the minister at the local church and I just know he would never approve. Let alone what the people of the town would say about him were they to find out that their minister's daughter was a lesbian.

“There was this one girl in high school that I dated. No one knew we were actually dating, everyone had just thought that we were good friends, friends that were attached at the hips. She went to the church. Someone at school found out that she liked girls, not even that she had a girlfriend, just that she liked them. They told her parents something, they took her to the church counselor who tried to convince her that she was just confused and needed to spend more time with boys and less time with me. Then her parents forbid her to spend time with me anymore and that had been the end of that. I haven't heard from her since she called to tell me what happened. Dad preached about it one Sunday during church without naming any names, talked about the demons the devil tempt people with and how they had tempted this girl and the sins that she had committed.

“ Mary Sue figured out that I was a lesbian and had been involved with the girl their father had preached about. When she found out she came to me and told me that she no longer wanted to room with me at college. We called the admissions office and changed our rooming preferences without even telling our parents. I've seen Mary Sue a few times on campus but she had ignored me completely. We've had one conversation all semester and it was about if I wanted to ride home with her for Thanksgiving since we both had cars and it seemed silly to take both cars. I simply told her that I wasn't going home that I had to study for finals that were coming up, that I had several hard classes and Istayed on campus during Thanksgiving.”

Liz and Jo looked at each other. Neither of them knew that Mary Jane had spent Thanksgiving by herself in the dorm room and both felt guilty.

“I don't think Mary Sue said anything at Thanksgiving because I never heard anything from my parents, but they didn't call to say Happy Thanksgiving either, so I don't know. However; now I am sitting here packing, I am supposed to meet Mary Sue in a half hour for the three hour car drive to our parents house. A month at home with my sister and parents, I'm not sure that Mary Sue will still not say anything. I'm sure she has seen how out I've become during this semester and I'm sure that would be the crack in the ice that broke off the tip of the iceberg leaving me standing on a small chunk of ice free floating in the ocean. I'm so scared that Mary Sue will open her mouth and tell my secret.”

As much as Mary Jane was worried about Mary Sue telling her parents, she knew that it was time that she told them herself. “I know I should really tell them myself, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I don't think I'll be going home for the summer, or for any break after this one, so this seems to be the last real family time I'll have. I feel like I owe it to them to be honest with them. I feel like I owe it to myself to be honest with them no matter what the consequences. I figure the worst that could happen would that my parents would disown me especially dad and that would be the last I'd see of them. I don't mind that so much, but I know I have to time things just right or else I'll have nowhere to go during the break. Dad wouldn't care he'd kick her out regardless.

“I'm not worried about school because I have a full ride academic scholarship, I would just have to make sure she kept her grades up. For that I am grateful. I don't have to depend on her parents for money like Mary Sue does. Yeah they send me spending money and that was nice to have, but I figure I can always pick up a part time job around campus even if it was just one shift a week and that would make up for the spending money my parents send. There were plenty of places around campus that are always hiring.”

Liz and Jo had sat quietly not saying anything until Mary Jane stopped talking. Neither was quite sure what to think and neither had realized they too may have grave consequences to face with their families, but nothing like what Mary Jane was facing.

“You know Mary Jane, I know it doesn't mean a lot but we're both here for you. We're on your side.”

“Totally.” Added Liz.

“It may not seem like much either, but I have a car at home, I can come get you. We can call the college, I know there are some kids like foreign exchange students and students from out of state on scholarship that stay over the break. I bet they would let you come back early. You wouldn't have nowhere to go. I am only an hour east of you. Really I would come pick you up and bring you back. I'd offer to bring you to my house but I don't know how my parents will react when I tell them either. But if they don't flip out on my, you're welcome to come to my house and stay in the guest room. I just don't want them to get the idea that you're my girlfriend or anything, because that I know would really creep them out.”

Mary Jane was surprised by Jo's offer. It offered her a little relief as she heard her sister honk outside waiting for her.

“Shit,” looking around “I'm not even packed.” Mary Jane opened up a couple of drawers and dumped them in two of her suitcases. Yeah everything shoulda fit in one suitcase but she'd run out of time to pack.

“I gotta go she won't wait long. Thank you guys.”

Mary Jane pulled them both into a group hug and kissed each one of them on the cheek.

Once Mary Jane was gone Jo looked over to Liz, “How do you think our parents are going to react. Is it going to be bad like Mary Jane thinks her parents will react?”

“I don't know Jo. I really have no idea what my parents are going to say. I haven't even decided if I am going to tell them. I mean, I don't have a girlfriend, I'm not bringing anyone home with me to meet them. Maybe it will be better if for right now I don't say anything at all.”

Jo looked at Liz. Was this the same girl that she'd seen with Liza all semester? The one who started out with a hot fling, but put on the brakes and said she just needed to be friends. Jo couldn't believe that Liz was thinking about not telling her parents.

Jo continued to pack and started to think. Maybe Liz was right though. Especially since her and Josh were still together when they went to college. She'd told them that they'd broken up shortly after school started, but why stir up trouble if there was no need. Was this something that her parents really needed to know right now? Probably not.

“Hey Liz?”

“Yeah” Glad for the break in the silence.

“Maybe you are right. Maybe there is no reason to tell my parents right now. I don't have a girlfriend. I haven't even made out with a girl really, why hurt them if there isn't a need?”

Liz walked over to Jo and gave her a hug. “It's up to you Jo, but it has to feel right or it will be a big mess that much I do know.”

The girls grabbed their bags headed out to wait for their parents. As they headed through the door to the living room they were pressed up against each other, Liz didn't want to move a warmth spreading through her body but she realized with their duffles that they were not going to both fit through the doorway at the same time. They both stepped back reaching out as they both lost their balance a little pulling themselves towards each other. Jo pushed Liz's red curls out of her eyes and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek, but Liz turned her head and Jo's kiss landed square on her lips. Both girls pulled back in surprise and blushed.

Jo gathered her thoughts first “umm, we're not going to fit through the door at the same time with our bags, you go.”

Liz walked through the door as Jo followed. Jo couldn't help but noticing how firm Liz's ass was as she followed her through the door.

Part 5


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