These words are mine and mine alone. They belong solely to me. I'd love to hear what you think, tell me they're wonderful, they suck, they touched you, they made you cry. Just tell me


I'd Never Let In



She broke my heart

Shattered it in two

I said another soul

I'd never let in


I raised my guard

Higher than it'd ever been

Bound and determined

I'd never let in


I thought I'd give it a try

How much could it hurt

Only disaster, oh why

I'd never let in


I stood on solid ground

I made up my mind

You couldn't convince me

I'd never let in


Simply destined for life

Just my four legged friends

Forever to be alone

I'd never let in


I only opened the door

You were standing and waiting

Okay, okay we started to talk

I'd never let in


We spoke again and again

Always inching a little more

You started to crack

I'd never let in



Only gentle words you had

Taking my mean ones away

Softly was fading

I'd never let in


I stopped, looking at you

How did you do it?

You managed to kill

I'd never let in


HDum 6/11/11



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