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Just Sitting Here


Sitting here next to my girl

My hand reaches out

Looking for that one little curl


Looking around for the one I love

Knowing and longing

Swimming so I flew like a dove


Swimming so fast through the water

My girl at my side

Longing for our little daughter


Longing to have the rest of my life

My hand finds the dark curl

Finding the wetness I so like


Finding her love I truly know

This is forever

Nothing will ever make it go


Nothing is here that I can see

No more loving

Pushing in and out of me


Pushing me away so far

Hiding behind her job

Taking my soul along with the car


Taking my heart in her hand

Not knowing what she's done

Smashing that loving band


Smashing my hope and my dream

Taking another on her way

Glistening wet with her cream


Hdum 10/30/10


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