These words are mine, and mine alone. They belong solely to me. I'd love to hear what you think, tell me they're wonderful, they suck, they touched you, they made you cry. Just tell me


Lost and Found


All my dreams had faded away

Only my life chose to keep me

My eyes were closed I'd given up

Never look back and no, never stop


Day to day I carved a lonesome path

Superficial so I would not stray

There were friends who came and went

No one getting close to break my defense


I opened my door, saw you standing there

Thought you're just like the rest, have to protect

Out came your words, timid and shy

No longer had I anything needing to defend


Life is not over I began to see

At least one other good person around

I wasn't scared, I wasn't frightened

Even though my life was forever changing


You showed me the way through your kind words

Taking away the ones which I'd found delight

Not a judgment or run did you make

Just standing still a hand extending in friendship


HDum 6/11/11


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