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My World


My world is spinning all around me

Spinning like a tornado and I am the eye

Each day it seems to spin a bit faster

Almost as if life is passing me by.


I see people coming and going

Yet I am standing very still

Their hands are reaching to me

Though none of them are knowing.


I am unsure which direction to turn

My mind is full of confusion

So much remains a mystery

Simple understanding is all I yearn.


I see options around every corner I look

How many are there? I don't know

Which direction should I turn to?

Will I find the answer in my book?


I occupy this space where I seem stuck

Everything has caved in around me

New things I see out on the horizon

I'm trying hard to reach them, good luck.


I cannot grasp them with my hand

They stand just beyond my reach

Sometimes they seem closer to me

Coming, fading, like a marching band.


I'm scared to let anyone in my world you see

What will they think when they land inside

Will they understand my world or run and hide

Yet I'm scared to let me world sit and just be.


HDum 7/22/11


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