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I see a smile shinning bright

I know it's aimed at me

I look it over once or twice

Making sure it's what i see


I shoot a smile across the room

Sending my message through

It's caught with a simple glance

It's fresh like the morning dew


She walks right over next to me

Pulling over the stool

She sets her hand upon me knee

Says hello and how are you


I see the twinkle in her eye

I cannot pull my own away

My girl she says to me

Do not worry I will not stray


I lay my hand a top her own

And finally say a soft hello

There's that smile that I saw

So very sweet and mellow


She looks into my own green eyes

No words are needed here

Will you be my girl tonight

I can see how deep you care


I do not know what to say

I nearly fall upon the ground

She steadies me with her hand

A friend I think I've found


We leave the quiet club tonight

Walking hand in hand

I let her lead as I follow

Going to a distant land




She opens up the door for me

In the car I start to climb

She tucks my head me

Feeling red, how could I be so blind


We drive right down the street

Going to a place unknown

I've given her all my trust

My future I shall be shown


With a glance says follow me my girl

I look around, nice enough

Up the stairs we climb and climb

I see though she is soft yet she is tough


She leads me through a darkened place

Smiling soft, come her my girl

I think what else can I do

I cannot think my mind is in a whirl


She lays me down on something soft

Face light with that bright smile

She traces the lines of me face

Soft and gentle for a while


I smile back right up at her

Knowing where this leads

Come close my girl she whispers

To her command I heed


She lowers herself down

My body taking all her weight

To her I will give so free

With a kiss she seals my fate


Her head slides down to my shoulder

Resting there not a motion made

I listen softly to her breath

Her breaths begin to fade


I wonder what has happened here

She's sound asleep on me

I hold her close feeling her

Even this fulfills my need


HDum 5/23/2011

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