These are my own words. They tell a story of 4 years. This starts and ends in the same place in time.

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Taken by complete surprise

Out of nowhere popped in my life

Took me for a little spin

Can you see the sparkle in my eyes


My world had fell apart

Injury took so very much away

Left nothing but her and the kids

Kicked and stomped on my crumbling heat


Took all my might to stand up tall

Kids amazing took it in stride

Starting over without even a bed

Turning tides found a friend to call


Moving forward one step at a time

Everyone faltered all around

New ones came and quickly went

Thoughts turned to never having mine


Wandered blindly on my own

Broken heart still loved and shared

No one touched, held all away

Looking for guidance, throw me a bone


He came around an amazing friend

Made me sad sitting all alone

Never give up came his caring voice

Can't imagine what's around the bend


So I waited, holding my head high

Buried myself deep into the night

He made my dream come true, trombone

While holding my breath just getting by


Finally the long battle I did won

Though softball came with every breath

School was ending, summer coming soon

Things very hard, but oh so fun


All of my hope really was gone

On my screen day after day awaiting

Though linking I was meant to be alone

Scared to death my heart she'd won

Can't explain what's runnin' in my head

Time is relative, this I do know

Holding my breath, my heart keeps pounding

The face that I see when I lay in my bed


Always waiting with such anticipation

Like an addiction I can't let go

Nothing to hide, don't even know how

Looking for always that participation


Talking each day as time goes by

No topic of conversation off limits

Trust and Safety sitting at my side

Can you, can you see the sparkle in my eye?


HDum 6/6/2011


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