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Traveling Together


In this single episode of this single life

We can do nothing more than play the cards we're dealt

In the end it doesn't matter what we think, saw or felt

Is it all planned out? I do not believe so

But when the time is right, surely we'll know.


Our soul passes on from one life to the next

We have no control what those lives may hold

Some souls travel together I'm told

Some can remember and even see

While others just fee it and know it to be.


Travelling souls from then to there and to now

When I speak to Annabelle she opens my eyes

I go to her, she helps me find the ties

Only once has it occurred that she came to me

She took me to a market, something I must see.


Beyond the market she showed when I was unsure

But true enough she had many times to show

Okay, Nice, but what now? What does this mean I know?

Have our souls really travelled together for so long

Annabelle says yes, and it will continue to go on.


Letting this sink in, questions begin to rise

Why now? Not before? Was so much pain needed first?

Yet oddly enough driven together to quench a thirst

So many years into this life we finally met

What now? Is there a choice? Or destiny is set?


HDum 7/12/11

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