Two Little Girls


Two little girls didn't play with dollies and toys

They ran around climbing trees with the boys


They ran and jumped and climbed all over town

When they were apart they were so very down


No one knew the secret they held

No one understood and so no one teld


As they grew older they knew not the same

Different than the other girls playing silly games


The towns men looked and they stared

The girls little secret left them so scared


The girls moved away a single room they had

They shared their love no longer feeling bad


Within this new life laid a world of unknown

Things only imagined no cover to be blown


Their love hot it grew to something so big

Others were jealous but nothing was rigged


As school came to the end so near

The girls had each other and nothing to fear


Then one came to know and she broke down

That living apart was a life full of frowns


She gave up the job for she worked so long

To be with her girl just where she belonged

And so they lived just with one another

Their life a secret from every sister and brother


As times passed along their love grew proud

They couldn't help but to proclaim it so loud


By then they were old and times so new

That no one cared or didn't have a clue


They looked at each other and began to wonder

Why such time passed afraid of the thunder


To the friends and their families they did pronounce

A lave shared together and simply announced.


HDum October 12, 2010


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