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Unexpected Change


I was not looking anywhere

I was not looking for anyone

I was not looking wanting to share

I was not looking for life anew


You knocked on my door, I opened it

You knocked on my eyes, I opened them

You knocked on my heart, I opened it too

You knocked on my life, what else could I do


You spoke to me, timid and shy

You spoke to me, brave and bold

You spoke to me, like no other had

You spoke to me, accepting good and bad


I was scared, thought surely you'd run

I was scared, compassion unknown

I was scared, there was nothing to hide

I was scared, you saw right inside


I am thankful for unconditional love

I am thankful every time I see your name

I am thankful our worlds did collide

I am thankful you are far braver than I


We are blessed, we have each other

We are blessed, our lives are strong

We are blessed, we see what's real

We are blessed, with a special deal.


Time is passing, never standing still

Time is passing, life feels so real

Time is passing, I'll never forget

Time is passing, I have no regrets


I'm holding on, as tight as I can

I'm holding on, the outstretched hand

I'm holding on, seeing the morning dawn

I'm holding on, fearing the day that I am gone


HDum 6/11/11

Revised 6/24/11


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