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Sex: Yes, this is a loving PWP story between two consenting adult women.

Violence: None

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It was one heck of a day at work and when I arrived home I went straight to out office/den to relax for a bit. I must have been more tired than I thought because the next thing I feel are soft lips upon my cheek waking me up.

"Hey, lover." I hear whispered in my ear followed by a tongue outlining the outside of my ear.

"Hey, sweetheart." A smile forms upon my face as I gaze at my beautiful lover.

Courtney usually gets home after I do and I take advantage of the alone time to rid myself of the frustrations accrued at work. I like my time with Courtney to be serene and loving. Don’t get me wrong, we do talk about our day and what’s bothering us even had some spats, nothing more than what an hour or so of alone time will cure. Fortunately those times are few and far between.

"On my way to my car after the meeting on the other side of town I passed by a store and decided to check it out." My lovely lady informs me from her spot upon my lap, which she had immediately appropriated upon her hello. "And…I…found…something…very…nice…" She finishes in a purr.

"Did you now?" I ask amused.

"Mmmhmm…and…you will wait right here until I call for you." She emphasizes her statement with a finger placed gently on my nose.

"Oh I will, will I?" Instead of an vocal answer her answer is a mind-numbing kiss. After her lips release their hold on mine I pant, "Ok, I will…phew."

With a laugh she leaves my lap. I hear her rummaging in the rooms and amusedly wonder what she is up to. I do so love her surprises, actually, we love our surprises to each other. We were high school sweethearts and after fourteen years together we still have the ability to surprise each other. I consider that excellent!

About fifteen minutes later I hear her voice telling me that my attire is ready and waiting for me in our bedroom. "Put it on then go back into the den, sit down and wait for me."

With a smile on my face I get up from the easy chair and head to the bedroom. I start to undress as soon as I leave the den. By the time I enter our bedroom, all I had to do was place my discarded clothes on the chair on my side of the bed...they never got there. I stood mesmerized by the object standing proudly on the bed. After a few minutes, or was it seconds, my feet carry me over to the side of the bed and my hands lift the harness and attached it to my hips. I then place the robe over my body and head back to the den.

My mind, however, refuses to waiver from this oh, so engrossing object my eyes had just seen and I was now donning. It was the biggest dildo I had ever seen or worn. My shocked and aroused mind would swear it was about 20 inches long but in reality I’m sure it was only thirteen inches long and three inches in circumference. To my happy surprise, a clit stimulator is attached for the wearer.

We have another dildo we 'play' with but it’s only eight inches long, two in circumference and no extra attachment. 'My baby wants to play dangerously', the thought came as my mind and body were at last getting synchronized.

I reach the easy chair and resituate myself in it, the robe covering me from knees to neck. A smirk makes its way upon my face when I hear her bare feet approach the den.

I see her walk into the room and head towards the desk, leaning against the edge facing me. Her tongue slips out between her lips, licking them, it is such a seductive action.

Of course, at this time my mind is no longer working and my lungs don’t seem to be working. Courtney is wearing one of my favorite outfits. A white crotchless, cupless lace teddy and she’s standing just a bit spread legged…just enough to tease me with a small peek at her golden pubic area. My eyes wander over the vision in front of me, my chest constricts and I hear the blood running through my veins pounding between that area between my ears so-called my brain

"Open your robe…let me see you." She requests.

Slowly I allow my hands to travel from the neck of the robe down until the edges simply slide of my legs and expose me to her. No words pass between us as her very aroused eyes meet mine then travel down my body while she slowly approaches the seat. Kneeling in front of me, she leans forward and slowly kisses my lips as her hands start a journey from my calves up to my hips. Her tongue glides over my top lip then the bottom. Her hands then travel further up my body to caress and fondle my aching breasts. Her lips move down my chin, up my jaw then down my neck.

I want to hold her and my hands move to stroke her lower back then slide down to knead her buttocks. A moan escapes but who from is not my main thought, does it really matter.

She makes love to my breasts, although she never touches my, desperate for a touch, nipples. My juices are flowing out of me with each erotic part of my ultra sensitive body that she touches. She is driving me crazy. She knows it, she's loving it and truth be am I.

With a bit of a nudge I assist her onto the chair, which is wide enough to accommodate the both of us, placing one knee on either side of my legs. That small move brings induces a groan out of me when her body accidentally comes in contact with the dildo, which in turn moves the stimulator. I feel even more juices emit from within my opening.

Courtney looks up into my eyes and leans in for another breath stealing kiss. She knows I'm ready and have been for a while just as I know she’s just as ready. Still looking into my eyes, her right hand releases my breast and reaches down. I groan again when I feel the attachment move against my aching clit. She places the dildo between her legs and glides over it, allowing her juices to coat it before placing it where she most needs it. After she’s satisfied that it is well coated, she places the tip at her opening and takes her time taking it in.

We both moan at this move. My hands during this time are supporting her, making sure she doesn’t fall yet slowly guiding her closer to me. Kissing, licking, nipping each and every part of available skin.

Once Courtney allows her body to get used to the dildo, she slowly starts to thrust her hips trying to get her body to take it all in.

"Oh, Allison…" She grunts, "…it feels so good."

Her hands resume their position upon my breasts, her eyes never leaving mine, engulfing them and pinching the nipples.

"You feel so good."

Her movements become more rapid and I dare to allow myself to move my hips to join her. After a few minutes, her hands slide down to my ribs then to my hips as she slowly straightens up allowing more room for the penetrating dildo. We are both grunting and just when I feel that our bodies are about to explode…she stops.

"Wait…not yet…" she pants.

"Courtney…" I whine.

"Please, baby, indulge me…I think you’ll like my idea."

"I always love your ideas, sweetheart, even when you torture me."

"You mean…especially when I torture you." She smirks. "Ok, don’t move."

Next thing I know and without having lost connection with the dildo, Courtney managed to straighten her legs then turn herself around, which had us back to front. My lady is very agile and limber. Of course, all her movements were killing me. Each and every of her wiggles and waggles caused the dildo to move, which incited the stimulator to constantly move against my swollen clitoris.

Her knees bent once again, Courtney placed her hands upon my thighs and sat.

"Oh yeah, oh Allie…"

I had a grasp of Courtney’s hips when she leaned forward, her hands still upon my thighs, pulling away then I guided her back impaling the entire dildo back into her. We repeated the gesture over and over both of us thrusting into each other until I quickly moved my right hand drenching my middle finger with her juices and placing it against her puckered opening, impaled her with it.


Courtney is lying against my chest, smiles on our faces, breathing and heartbeat back to normal, her hips start to move once again.

"Nope." I say before she moves further. "My turn."

I move her away from me and disengage her from her impaled position. I help her to stand with me closely behind. I lead her to the desk, turn her to face me and lift her to sit then lie back upon the flat surface. Leaning over her my mouth attacks hers while my hands assault her breasts in feverish delight, my hips causing the dildo to glide over her clit with enough pressure to entice a response but not quite producing the ending needed.

"Allison, don’t tease me." She grunts.

When I finish attacking her mouth, I set my sights upon her breasts, taking turns with first one then the other. I indulge for a few minutes then I force myself to move down to her hidden treasure. I take my time once I get there. Running my tongue over and around her labia then sucking her inner lips deep into my hungry mouth. I then introduce one of my fingers into her opening feeling she is wet, very wet.


"Please what, baby?"

"Fuck me…fuck me hard…the way only you know how…please…"

With one last kiss to her clit, "Allie!!" I stand up, lean over and hungrily kiss her mouth while at the same time guiding the dildo to her saturated opening. "YES!!"

Standing up I place her legs over my shoulders and my hands on her hips. Slowly I start to thrust against her with the pace picking up speed when the dildo becomes completely encompassed with her juices.

"Oh, Courtney, I love to fuck you. I love the way you are always so wet for me. Just look at me going in and out of your beautiful…wet…pussy. Oh yes, baby,…come with me now!!"

We both once again reach our pinnacle with me ending up atop her after lowering her legs. When my breathing and heart rate are back to normal, I pull out of her and place a loving kiss upon her lips.

"I love you, Courtney."

"I love you too and…rest up for a while cause…then it’s my turn." My one and only states as her eyebrows waggle up and down.

The End

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