Ode to Gabrielle

by Heruda

My sweet Gabrielle

Mighty queen of the Amazons

I cherish the day you came into my life

How could I have known you would change my life so I have learned so much from you

And I have grown as a person because of you We have been through so much Pain, heartaches, defeats, anger, death

Yet you still keep pushing forward

And pulling me along with you

Oh wonderous bard

Whose words have lightened my heart so many times You keep me laughing with your stories

You make me cry with them as well

My sweet Gabrielle

Whose hair is as golden as the sun

And eyes the color of the trees

Your smile can make the most dreary of days go away I have thanked the gods everyday

For having sent you my way

My sweet Gabrielle

What would I do if I should lose you some day


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