Hold Me. Thrill Me, Kiss Me



Disclaimer: The story is mine, the song isn’t, just borrowed for a challenge back in 2004.

Sex: Yes

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Words and Music by Harry Noble
Hold me, hold me,
Never let me go until you've told me, told me
What I want to know and then just hold me, hold me
Make me tell you I'm in love with you
Thrill me (thrill me), thrill me (thrill me)
Walk me down the lane where shadows will be
(will be) will be (will be)
Hiding lovers just the same as we'll be, we'll be
When you make me tell you I love you
They told me "Be sensible with your new love"
"Don't be fooled, thinking this is the last you'll find"
But they never stood in the dark with you, love
When you take me in your arms
and drive me slowly out of my mind
Kiss me (kiss me), kiss me (kiss me)
And when you do, I'll know that you will miss me
(miss me), miss me (miss me)
If we ever say "Adieu", so kiss me, kiss me
Make me tell you I'm in love with you
(Kiss me) kiss me, (kiss me) kiss me
When you do, I'll know that you will miss me
(miss me), miss me (miss me)
If we ever say "Adieu" so kiss me, kiss me
Make me tell you I'm in love with you
(Hold me, thrill me)
(Never, never, never let me go)
(Hold me, thrill me, never, never, never let me go)
(Hold me, thrill me, never, never, never let me go)

We just got home from having spent a few relaxing hours drinking a couple of drinks, but mostly dancing at our favorite nightclub. She has been teasing me all evening, holding me very close, taking nips of my skin wherever it was accessible to her eager lips. Running her hands through my hair then letting them drift to my shoulders down to the top of my breasts, where she detours to the side of my ribcage and down to my waist, then to my rear, where she applies pressure, bringing my center in contact with the toy she decided she wanted to wear tonight. I had been ready to succumb to the release if she had allowed the pressure to continue. But just as I was ready for release, the song would end and she would pull back, making me groan in frustration.

The same teasing events transpired throughout the evening, as well as she not allowing me to sit down to try to calm my raging emotions. Or to go to the bathroom alone where I could have entered a stall and brought forth my release. At those times she would enter the stall with me, allowed me to do my business and, before I could straighten my clothes, would reach out her hand and touch my hot core. Stroking it softly, placing one finger at my opening and rolling it over and over without ever entering me. Then just as I’m about to explode, she stops, replaces my underwear, gives me a nice, sweet kiss and walks me out.

Now we’re at home, never turning the lights on, but heading straight to the bedroom. And feel myself delirious in this euphoria she has placed me in. I am more than ready for whatever she has planned for the rest of the evening. And to prove my readiness, I move to begin to unfasten the buttons of the blouse I am wearing, but her hands stop my movements. I look up, only to see her head slowly moving from side to side, telling me no as a smirk crosses her lips. Her hands then move to my head, running her fingers through my hair and then to my shoulders. I realize the teasing has begun once again and hope that this time she will allow my release.
Her hands travel down to the top of my breasts, this time allowing her thumbs to caress my nipples, which have been achingly sensitive all night long. I gasp at the delicious feel of her touch. She then runs them down to my hips and my ass, where she applies pressure, bringing my ultra sensitive mound to make contact with the bulge inside her pants. Then while one hand stays on my rear, the other goes to my back and she just holds me as we both grind into each other. My hands assist to bring her closer to me as they place their own pressure upon her ass and knead her perfectly shaped globes as I grind myself into her.

Her hands then grab at my shoulders and push me slightly away. I groan my frustration out, yet my hands never give up their purchase upon her ass. She now starts to unfasten the buttons on my blouse while her lips and tongue run a course from my ear to throat. And with each open button, her tongue glides down to the skin revealed. As the last button is undone, she has shifted us to where she is able to sit on the bed. My hands shift to her head, where they bury themselves in her hair while her hands wrap themselves around my torso, moving slowly over the expanse, then stopping and undoing the catches of my bra. Now unhindered, her hands once again move over my skin, bringing me to her waiting mouth where she takes possession of one of my nipples, laving it thoroughly before releasing it and encompassing the other. Releasing the second nipple, she places her face between them, her hands moving to the sides of my breasts and pressing them onto her face.

Without moving her face she does, however, move her hands to my hips. She undoes the button and then the zipper of my pants, lowering them until they pool at my feet. Her hands move to my ass again, where she proceeds to knead my globes, lifting me a little while her lips, finally leaving the haven they were in, journey down my belly to arrive at the apex of my legs, commencing a soft biting torture through my underwear. My fingers gather a firmer hold of her hair, the thought that I could possibly pull her hair out crossing my mind for an instant. I try to open my legs further, but the pants wrapped around my ankles make it impossible.

She continues her teasing and my hands slither over her back, feeling cloth barring them from touching her skin. Using my nails as best I can, I start gathering the material until I feel the edge of her T-shirt and pull up. Yanking it off her body in one smooth move as well as dislodging her grasp on me. She proceeds to lower my underwear, taking them, the pants and my shoes off completely, immediately replacing her hands on my ass once again.

One of her hands slithers down one of my thighs and goes under it, lifting my leg and placing it over her shoulder, giving her full access to my cunt. Opening her mouth wide, she voraciously attacks my cunt, her tongue probing my inner and outer lips, but never touching my nerve bundle. All that comes out of my mouth are moans and grunts. My hands having taken a firm hold of her back, my nails digging into her skin. Just as I feel my lone supporting leg about to give way, she begins to lie back, taking me with her, where I end up kneeling over her face.

I want to touch her as well so I lean back, rampant feelings coursing through my body as this position allows for more territory to be accessible to her mouth. I undo the button and zipper of her jeans, then slide my hand down between her underwear and skin until I reach her toy, taking it in my hand where, with the help of her hot juices, I start to glide my hand up and down its shaft. That action causes her to moan and her mouth takes a firmer hold upon my inner lips, sucking them in until I feel the pull on my skin to where they are attached. Oh yeah, I felt that all the way to my toes.

I feel her hand pull on my knee, urging it over to the side so I can turn around, our bodies creating that magical number with which we can provide mutual gratification. But before I can offer her that which she seeks, I force her pants and panties down her legs as far as I can reach. She lifts her legs to assist in my goal, though it is hard for me since she has not left my pussy except for the moment when I shifted positions. With my wanting access to her small bundle of nerves, I undo the belt of the toy and move the shaft in alignment with her body knowing that the smaller part is within her. After gazing at her love chamber with what I am sure is a look of intense pleasure, I proceed to ravenously attack that which has been denied to me until that moment.

I lave the entire area of her chamber available to me, once in a while passing my tongue over the small hard bundle whilst ever so lightly moving the phallus in a circular motion. Her hips and torso jerk up, lifting me along with her. Then I feel her fingers entering me, making me shudder, and push back trying to impale myself even further.

We start sucking each other’s bundles with abandon. Her fingers within me move in and out with purpose as I do the same with the toy. The vibrations from her moans add to the delightful sensations already coursing throughout my body. Soon after, I feel my body shake with the powerful orgasm she has finally allowed me to experience - she climaxing the same time as me.

With one final shudder, I lift and turn my body, molding it to hers. Her arms wrap around me, then places one of her hands upon my cheek and lifts it up to place a sweet, loving kiss upon my lips.

“You know, after all these years…I am still very much in love with you,” I state after the kiss.

She smiles, tightening her arms around me. Just before I drift off to sleep, I hear her sleepily say. “I’m very much in love with you too.”

The End


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