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It was going to be a fun night. Halloween always tends to bring the beast in everyone, that is…the party beast…and I was ready to party. I was enjoying my time in college, quite a bit of studying but even more partying.

My friend Wanda and her boyfriend James are hosting a costume party and I was one of the lucky ones to have received an invitation. Now…what to wear. I’m not one of those people that go all out and spend a lot of money on a costume. I do have some costume paint, so I can use that and just decide whether to be a bum or vampire. Heh, easy, cheap and no fuss. After all, I am going to wear the darn thing for just a few hours and have no sentimental meaning, like a wedding dress or something of that sort. Besides, I’m a student that has no major source of income at the moment. The school, dorm room and my books are paid for by the grant I applied to, and any extra expenses are taken care of by my part time job. I decide on being a bum, my clothes are old enough to accommodate the disguise.


Karen, Sue, Becky and Janice, the group I hang out with, pick me up a few hours later, even though the dorm is within walking distance to the party, and we head to Wanda’s and a night of hot, wild, monkey sex…well, we can dream, anyway. No, I do not feel like a fifth wheel because Karen and Becky are the only couple among us; the rest of us are still looking for that special person. Karen and Becky live together in an apartment close to school, while Sue and Janice live in the same dorm as I, but on different floors.

We arrive at Wanda’s a few minutes later. The house is an old two-story brownstone with two sets of eight steps leading to the porch to the front door of the house, which has been made into two separate living areas. The area where Wanda and James live is an older section of town built as homes for professors when the school was first founded in the early 1900’s. Since then, the school has grown in size and the majority of the houses have been turned into some sort of business or apartments, and very few remain as they once were.

We disembark from the car and walk up the steps to the front door, walking inside since the screen door is the only barrier between us and the fun within we are able to hear as we walk up.

“Hey, guys, glad you could make it,” is directed to us when Wanda sees us enter. “Make yourselves at home. The drinks are in the area over by the fireplace, and munchies are on the table in the kitchen, which I know you know where that is. Anything else you might want, you’re on your own. Have fun!” With a hug, she leaves us to our own devices.

“Let’s party!!!!”

After getting something to drink Sue, Janice and I – Karen and Becky are off to dance or more than likely glide against each other – stand, glancing around for any available solo ladies that might like to spend some time with us…not as a group, but with us as individuals. The idea of participating in an orgy might have crossed my mind more than once, but as for actually going through with it…nah…I’m really not into sharing. Anyway…on with the perusing for a possibly available and willing body…

Janice is the first to spot someone to her liking and strolls away to pursue that opportunity. Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of blonde from the bedroom door that has been left ajar, that when I turn to see who it might be, it is gone. I shake it off as part of my imagination.


It is now after midnight and not having found someone to hold our attention for long, Sue and I continue our idle chit-chat with Karen and Becky joining us every time a song not to their liking is played. I once again catch a glimpse of blonde hair, but this time it is within the crowded room. When I look to hopefully see whom it belongs to, I see her.

She is a vision. She is wearing a flimsy, light blue, satiny floor-length dress, which I definitely notice fits her like a glove, full head of wavy blonde hair cascading down her back to her waist. She is talking to one of the girls, whose name I do not know, but have seen in my dorm, her back to me, so I can not see her face.

“Earth to Pam…”

I have been too entranced in my study of the vision a few feet away and have completely ignored Sue. “I’m sorry, Sue, what were you saying?”

“Nothing…I just noticed you seemed to be in your own little world. Did something or should I say…someone…catch your eye?”

“Someone…” I respond, tilting my head towards the figure in blue.

“Oh my…wow…what a body… Wonder what the rest of her looks like.”

“Beautiful…” I sigh out.

As if having heard my sigh, the figure turns to face in our direction, her mirth-filled eyes capturing mine, her lips formed into a smirk. She turns her head to her companion, then turning back starts walking our way.

“Uh oh…” Sue echoes my mind.

She is walking towards us…or should I say me…for her gaze has not abated from mine. My eyes are transfixed upon her starkly pale, cherubic face that enhances the redness of her lips. As she draws nearer, my heart constricts at the beauty advancing our way. Aside from her wavy blonde hair and perfectly shaped body, I finally get a clear picture of the color of her eyes…a green so pure they would put newly sprouted shamrocks to shame. She stops a couple of feet away…our gazes still intent upon the other.

I don’t know how much time has passed, when I suddenly hear Sue voice, “Hi, I’m Sue.”

Without breaking eye contact, the woman states, “I’m Lisa.”

Her voice is like soft music to my ears, gentle and soothing.

“I’m Pam.”

I move closer to Lisa, needing to be near enough that if I so desire, I can touch her without having to reach too far for her. Though the neediness that has invaded my being confuses me, I can not diffuse it from within. I have never felt this strongly for someone I’ve just but seen…but I can not help feeling as I do. I have only dreamed…fantasized…about having these feelings for someone. I have never believed in love at first sight, but at this moment, I just can’t explain it.

“Would you like to dance?” I ask after a slow song penetrates the trance-like stage I have been caught in.

“I would love to.”

I take Lisa’s hand in mine and lead her to the area designated for dancing. As she slips into my arms, my entire body tingles as she places her arms around my shoulders and leans into me, bringing our torsos into full contact. My cheek gently rubs against the hair at her temple, my nose takes in the sweet smell of lilacs from her hair and my arms tighten a little more around her, wishing to bring her within me.

What type of spell has she cast about me, I have no idea. Do I really care? I am enjoying the company of this woman and am wishing with all my heart that she will be mine - and not just for tonight. The song finishes and we disengage from our embrace and once again we lock our eyes.

“Would you like to go out to the porch, it’s a bit stuffy in here.”

“Lead the way,” she replies, a smile upon her lips.

I lead us out the front door to the porch where there are already a few people talking or engaged in some other activity. I see an unoccupied corner to our left and head in that direction, sitting on the ledge facing each other upon our arrival.

“Are you a new student at the university, Lisa? I ask because I haven’t seen you before and I’ve been attending for the last couple of years,” I asked, somehow certain that if she had been a student for as long as I have been, our paths would have crossed before now.

“No, I’m not a student…anymore, haven’t been for some time now.”

“Do you live close by? I’d really like to see you again.”

“I’d like that too, but for now, let’s just enjoy the night, the music and the company.”

With that, Lisa gets to her feet, settles herself between my legs as her left arm wraps itself around my shoulders while her right hand embeds within my hair and pulls me towards her lips. Our lips automatically open to the other and the first taste of her tongue is an explosion of delightfully arousing sensations that have me at the point of climaxing then and there. It is sweet and soft…intense yet tender. We explore one another’s mouth while our hands do the same to the reachable parts of our bodies. And though I have more access since I am sitting, I go no further, lest I scare her off. I want her for more than one night, so she will have to lead this dance.

We keep making out for what seems like seconds to me, when she breaks the kiss we were presently engaged in and tightly embraces me.

“I have to go,” she whispers breathlessly in my ear.

I take breath before answering, “Ok, may I walk you home or give you a ride?”

Releasing the embrace, she looks at me with a soft, sweet smile. “Just stay here,” she tells me as she walks backward towards the front door, never losing eye contact. Opening the screen door, she starts crossing the threshold when I hear her last words before she disappears inside the house. “I love you.”

I sit at the ledge dumbfounded by what I heard coming out from between her lips. My mind begins to reel with that information. I did hear her correctly, right? Nah, she couldn’t feel the same way, it was just my wishful thinking. We just met, there’s no way these feelings can take root after just a short time. But even through my mental tirade, giddiness, along with what I was sure was a cocky smile, invaded my body. After a couple of minutes of waiting for Lisa to come back out, even though she never answered my question, I still hope she will come back and allow me to take her home.

I go in the house to look for her. Searching through every room in the apartment and asking the people, including Sue since she knows what Lisa looks like, still at the party if they have seen Lisa. I find no sign of her. I do, however, find Wanda and ask her the same question. Unfortunately, she has had a bit too many drinks and can not fully concentrate. Sad and a little heartbroken, I leave the party and walk back to the dorm even if it is almost dawn - it wouldn’t be the same without Lisa there.

I sleep the day away…my dreams full of the blonde-headed vixen that has stolen all rational thought from my mind - repeating a night of kisses and touches that have me delirious with desire - yearning for the ultimate culmination that only we can bring to one another.


When I next awaken, it has been more than twenty-four hours since the party. I decide to go see Wanda, hoping she knows how to get in touch with Lisa.

“Hey, Wanda, how you feeling this fine day?”

“Pam, I’m great. I heard you found yourself someone during the party,” she teasingly announces.

“Yeah, well, that’s why I came over.”

“Oh, you didn’t come to see my pretty face?” she continues to tease.

I just raise my eyebrow and smirk. We’re pretty good friends and will tease each other unmercifully, sexual innuendo included. James just takes it in stride now, though it took him a while when he first met us.

“Ok, ok. So what’s up?”

“I’d like to know if you know how to get in touch with Lisa.”


“Yeah, the girl I met at the party. Oh, Wanda, she was great…and I’ve got it real bad.”

“I don’t know Lisa, Pam. Maybe she came with someone…”

Just then, there was a knock and then the opening of the door, interrupting the conversation.

“Hey, Gwen, what you up to today?” Wanda greets the girl I recognize as having been the one talking to Lisa.

“Not much, still recovering from that great party you had. I came by to see if by chance I left my glasses here.”

“Aha, you’re the one who owns it. James and I were trying to remember who was wearing glasses last night, with no luck, though,” Wanda says, chortling at the events. “By the by, this is Pam, Pam this is Gwen.”

“Hi, Gwen, nice to finally know your name.”

“Same here.”

Wanda looks at both of us in askance.

“Pam and I live at the dorm, but had never been properly introduced,” Gwen answers the silent question.

“Yep, we’d say ‘hi’ or a wave of the hand, but that was it…different floors and no classes together, so far.”

“Ah, I see, ok.”

The three of us look at one another, then started chuckling.

“Hey, Gwen, did Lisa come to the party with you?” I ask after the unfounded chuckles die down.


“Yeah, the girl you were talking to that night. Long blonde hair, light blue dress…”

“No,” Gwen says simultaneously with Wanda’s, “Repeat that, Pam.”

“Repeat what?”

“The description of the girl…Lisa…”

I close my eyes and concentrate on Lisa’s image, which is still plain as day within my mind.

“Long, wavy blonde hair that reaches down to her waist, sweet looking face, although a bit pale, but I think that was make-up, floor length satiny blue dress. Let’s see, I’m 5’10” and the top of her head reached my cheekbone, that would make her around 5’7”- 5’8”. Nice, sweet tasting red lips, and the most perfect body I have ever seen. She smelled like fresh lilacs…”

“Ok, ok, we get the picture,” Wanda interrupts me and then just sits, staring at me in wonder, without another word.

We sit in silence for a few minutes more, then Wanda says, “Pam, this…um…woman you just described…uh…she sounds very much like…um…well, I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“Like what, Wanda, just spit it out,” I utter, annoyed.

“I think the best way would be to show you,” she replies as she gets up from the table.

When she returns to the table, she places what I identify as a newspaper clipping before me. “That’s Lisa!” I exclaim.

“Go ahead…read it,” Wanda instructs.

Town Gazette

September 3, 1989

Student Accidentally Killed During Couple’s Squabble

Lisa Hardy, 22, a junior at the local university was shot and killed

during a domestic argument between her roommate Sharon Pendleton

and her boyfriend Thomas Nickleby. Mr. Nickleby pulled out a gun

and shot Miss Hardy after she got between him and Miss Pendleton to

try and stop him from beating her anymore. Mr. Nickleby had been

Drinking and then went to his girlfriend’s house to confront her with rumors

of infidelity. Neighbors called the police and Mr. Nickleby was immediately

arrested at their arrival.

I just sat in my chair dumbfounded. My mind could not, did not, want to accept what it had just read. There was no way possible that Lisa was dead. That what I saw, felt, talked to was an apparition. She had not been a figment of my imagination, because here she was, in black and white, her eyes still staring into mine.

“May I?” Gwen asks.

Breaking me out of my stupor, I hand over the piece of paper. “Wanda, this happened over ten years ago. And even though the girl in the picture looks like my Lisa, I just can’t believe they’re the same person. By the way, why do you have this clipping?”

“When James and I first moved into this place, it was great…no problems. But then we started noticing things missing or that they had been moved.”


“Yeah, little things, you know. I would leave my hair brush on the dresser like I usually do and then I would find it in the bathroom or another room. A cup, a book, things like that, you know. James and I would question each other about it, but naturally, would deny doing them. Then one day, I felt a really weird chill down my back, you know, like someone walked over my grave. Anyway, I turned around and there she was, over by the bedroom door. I asked who she was, but never received an answer. After a few times of this happening, I finally asked our landlord if he had ever had any complaints. He said no. However, I was not to be deterred. So I told him what had been occurring and, reluctantly, he told us what happened ten years prior. So, I looked the story up in the newspapers and that’s what I found.”

“And you still live here?” Gwen asks, astonished.

“Aside from those little moving tricks, she’s never done us any harm, so, why not,” Wanda replies with a shrug of her shoulder.

Heartsick from learning this news, I thank Wanda, say goodbye to both women and leave. My mind is awhirl from all the information it has received, my heart refusing to believe, but it was a once in a lifetime dream come true. How was I going to go on knowing that the woman who made me feel all the wonderful sensations on that mystic evening would never be a part of my life?


I somehow manage to get myself into some semblance of life preceding that Halloween night. I did attend all parties hosted by Wanda at her house in hopes of seeing Lisa again, but to no avail, and graduated two years later.

I found a great job with a wonderful out-of-town corporation as an Investor Relations Coordinator, which allowed me the opportunity to travel and meet people. I did take advantage of the conferences I attended in not only learning new things, but going out with the variety of women that attended these conferences as well. I also dated women in the new city I had moved to. However, Lisa was never far from my mind…or heart.


Three years later, I find myself moving back home. Of course, this decision was helped by the knowledge that the house where I met Lisa had become available. The apartment had become available due to Wanda and James getting married shortly after graduation and moved to James’ hometown so he could slowly start taking over the reins of the family business. But at the time, I was financially unstable and felt it wasn’t the right time. Time for what…I didn’t know then, I still don’t know now.

This time, I will not let the opportunity pass me by. So I did some wheeling and dealing with the owner and buy the property. I hired a contractor to remodel the house, reopening the second floor to be part of the house once again. Despite the fact that Lisa has not made an appearance or let me know she is close by, the house makes her feel she is within reach. I know I’m deluding myself, but…I love the house and the memory it brings from that night so long ago.


Karen, Becky, Sue and I kept in touch through the years, but have not been able to get together due to the demands of our jobs. Karen and Becky opened their own computer programming business while Sue is working her web design business. It is going to be great seeing the gang again. I have missed them and their emotional support.

I moved into the house in mid-July and it is now mid-October. There has been no indication that Lisa is around. During the nights my dreams are filled with Lisa. Feeling her hands caress my body, her lips kissing mine, her tongue leaving a sweltering path from my neck to my nether region. Then I awaken fully aroused, my arms reaching, searching for her, craving for more of her touch. But all I find is empty space. I begin to think that the entire thing has been as I had thought five years earlier…a once in a lifetime dream come true.


The girls decided that since Halloween was a few days away, a party is needed. So they make the plans and invitations, giving me my invitation until the day before the party…nice of them to invite me, especially since the party is being held at my house.

“Guys, you can’t do this…there is no way I can get things ready by tomorrow evening! I have to clean the house, buy food, buy…”

“Pamela, quiet!” Becky cuts into my tirade. “We already have someone coming in the morning to do the cleaning, although I can’t see why, it’s spotless. And…the food and drinks have been taken care of…they’ll be delivered tomorrow as well.”

“Well, it was nice of you to let me know the day before,” I mumble as they snicker.

“We figured that since we have access to the house again, we can restart having Halloween parties like we used to when we used to go to school and at least for one night forget that we have adult responsibilities. It’ll be fun, you’ll see,” Karen states.

“Yeah, Pam, you never know, you might fall for one of the women we invited,” Sue says. “And believe me…we invited plenty of single women. I’m pretty sure more than one will want to fall for you…right into your bed,” she finishes, with a wink.

I smirk, wiggling my eyebrows, and we all start laughing.


It seems as if the house is full of hundreds of women, which I’m sure is only forty or fifty, with the odd man thrown in. The men, as I, are enjoying the scenery of the banquet served before us. Where to start, where to start… There are redheads, brunettes and blondes in all shapes, heights and sizes, and all wearing some sort of costume. Ooo…you should see the Lady Godiva outfit; unfortunately, it’s a skin colored outfit. Oh well. Maybe later in the night I’ll get to see the true color. Heh…

The party has been going for some hours now, the midnight hour having tolled a few minutes before, and everyone seems to be having fun. I’ve met and danced with a different assortment of ladies and there seems to be possibilities with some of them.

A chill runs up my spine when I feel a couple of hands caress my lower back and travel up to my shoulders. I try to turn around to see who it is, but am stopped by the hands upon my shoulders and the quiet words, “No, not yet. Let me enjoy touching you. It’s been so long.” Another chill travels down my back when my mind recognizes the speaker…Lisa.

I try to comply with her request for as long as I can, but I need to see her, to verify with my own eyes that she truly is here and the need to satisfy my desire to feel her within my arms once again. This time I feel no resistance when I turn in her direction, her left hand remaining in place as I turn. And there, before me, with a smile upon her face and looking exactly the same as the day we met…is my heart’s desire. The woman I thought I would never see or hold again.

“Lisa,” comes out from between my lips in reverence.

She raises her right hand to caress my face, “Hi, Pam.”

My eyes close while my face leans in to the tender touch. My entire body tingles, rejoicing in the never forgotten sentiment. Opening my eyes, I lift my hands, wrapping them around her arms and pulling her into an embrace I never want to release ever again. I forget about everything else…the party, my friends, the guests…all I’ve ever wanted and needed is here within the circle of my arms. Raising my hand, I place my fingers on her chin and tilt her face to mine so I can place a gentle kiss upon her too-long-yearned-for lips. My tongue glides over her lips, seeking entrance, which is instantly granted, and the kiss escalates into a turmoil of hunger that can only be appeased by the culmination of our coming together.

“Stay with me,” I plead when the kiss is broken to supplement our lungs with more air.

“Yes…” is her reply.

Having dismissed the goings on around me since setting my eyes upon Lisa, I take her hand and lead her upstairs to the bedroom. Once I close the door I stand before her and pull her to me, initiating another kiss, my hands busy working at taking off the barriers keeping me from feeling her skin upon mine. I help her recline upon the bed and just stare at the perfection before me.

She is truly a work of art and I am the lucky person to be bestowed with this gift. Lisa reaches her arms out to me and I can not, will not, deny my body the need to feel her.

We kiss, we caress, we taste, we venerate. On this night, five years after our first meeting, we claim one another.

“I love you,” I proclaim before I fall into a sated, restful sleep.


Whoever said or thought that someone could be happy creating a life with a ghost was impossible doesn’t know a thing. Lisa and I have been together for ten years now, since that fateful night she returned to me.

I once asked Lisa why she just didn’t stay with me since the first time we met, and her reply was that we weren’t ready. She wasn’t prepared for the rejection she knew would come once I knew the truth about what she was, and at the time I just wasn’t ready to accept the situation. I have to agree with her. Even though I missed her during my remaining years in school, my mind still questioned the rationality of the situation. But once the irrationality turned to reason, I was prepared to accept her as whom or what she was. And am I ever happy I did.

It has been a glorious decade having Lisa in my life. I come home from work and she’s there waiting for me. At night, we lay together, holding on to each other, reaffirming our presence to one another. My heart feels so full with the love she readily offers - I have no cravings for anything more.

It’s a truly unusual situation, but I wouldn’t change it for any living person.

As for Karen, Becky and Sue, they thought I was mentally unstable for a long time and tried to help me ‘come to my senses’. However, once I introduced them to Lisa and they realized that, to a point, she was real and she was here to stay, they worked on getting to know and accepting her. Lisa could not leave the property, something about this being the place her soul was bound to, so the girls came over often for dinner, games or just to talk in their aim in gaining these goals. They also saw how happy and content I was despite the extraordinary circumstances. How could they argue with what their eyes were telling them? And in the end, all four became the best of friends.

Every Halloween they, including Lisa, still plan a party. As for me, I’m still left in the dark about the plans until the day before. It’s a ritual I can live with as long as Lisa’s by my side. I got the girl of my dreams. I require nothing else.

The End


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