Gabrielle Was Her Name

by Heruda

Sitting by the lake one glorious day

I contemplated my journey ahead

All at once, behind me somewhere

I heard a melodious voice singing in the wind Turning around to see who it might be

I saw a young woman with sun-golden hair and a staff in her hand As she approached the lake

She noticed I was there

With a radiant smile on her face

She came closer to the lake

We said our hello's and her name was Gabrielle She was on her way to Athens

To meet her good friend

Neither one of us in a hurry

She told me some stories, both funny and sad And I was awed by the knowledge she had

Before we both knew it

The morn had slipped by

We said our goodbyes and started our separate ways But more stories I wanted to hear

So to Athens I followed the bard

Gabrielle was her name

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