Disclaimer: The story is mine, the song isn’t, just borrowed for a challenge back in 2004.

Sex: Yes, not too much, just a tantalizing bit

Original Italian lyrics by GB deCurtis
English words and adaptation by
Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman
Music by E deCurtis

When we kiss my heart’s on fire
Burning with a strange desire
And I know, each time I kiss you
That your heart’s on fire too
So, my darling, please surrender
All your love so warm and tender
Let me hold you in my arms, dear
While the moon shines bright above
All the stars will tell the story
Of our love and all its glory
Let us take this night of magic
And make it a night of love
Won’t you please surrender to me
Your lips, your arms, your heart, dear
Be mine forever
Be mine tonight.

Shasta was in her junior year in college the first time she laid eyes on her. Soft, curled, sandy blonde hair that stopped at the middle of her back. Lips not too full yet not thin, svelte body whose hips gracefully swayed from side to side as she walked, eyes of green with small dots of golden brown thrown in, and stood, possibly, at 5’3” in bare feet. Sadie was the most beautiful woman Shasta had ever laid eyes on.

She had had crushes before and had even had girlfriends, but they never stayed around too long. They just hadn’t inspired what she was looking for. However, one look at Sadie and all types of rampant feelings ran through her being, feelings she felt deep within should be felt for someone whom you would gladly spend the rest of your life with. But why would someone like Sadie give someone like her - an ordinary, overweight, 5’6”, brown hair, brown eyes, glasses wearing female who had nothing to offer anyone - a second thought. In her mind she was not good enough for anyone, especially for such a wonderful woman as Sadie. After all, Sadie was one of the pretty people…and had a boyfriend…who seemed to always be with her.


It was the first day of school and Shasta, as usual, had chosen a seat at the back of the room of her anatomy lab class, which was a requirement in her field of study, that of becoming a Physical Education teacher. However, she really didn’t understand why she needed this class since she just wanted to teach not operate. But she would do anything to accomplish her goal and that meant taking the class. And from where she was sitting, she could see everyone, as well as, if she liked a girl, ogle her without being too obvious.

“Ooo, Shas, look what just walked in…mm, mm, mm. What I wouldn’t give to have someone like that,” her friend, Gina, remarked, making Shasta look up from her backpack where she had been about to pull out a notebook for note taking.

When Shasta looked up, it was right into the most expressive green eyes she had ever looked into, which to her, moved off to look in another direction too soon. Shasta’s eyes followed the owner of those expressive eyes until she realized the young woman was headed to the back of the room…where she and Gina were seated. The blonde and the young man, who had followed her in, sat at the lab table next to them.

Gina leaned over, tapping shoulders with her, and whispered, “Why don’t you say ‘hi’ to her?”

Shasta shoved her friend softly back, a smirk upon her face as she whispered, “Shut up, Gina. Besides, she looks taken.”

Sure enough, when Gina looked beyond her friend’s shoulder, the young man had one arm wrapped around the object of their conversation. “Hmm, too bad, what a shame. Bet you that if I had a night alone with her, I could change her mind.”

Unintentionally, Shasta burst out in laughter, one of her hands immediately covering her outburst. Looking around the classroom, she noticed the eyes upon her, including those of her neighbors at the next table. Raising her arms as she felt the heat travel up her face, she intoned to her fellow classmates, “Sorry, didn’t mean to disturb you.” Then turning to her friend, whose body was shaking with silent laughter, whispered, “You wench. I can’t believe how full of yourself you are,” and turned to look back at her classmates, who had luckily gone back to what they had been doing…except for her neighbor, who was looking at her with an amused expression on her face. Shasta smiled back apologetically as well as shrugging. The blonde smiled, shaking her head, then turned her attention back to her boyfriend.

Being the first day of class, the professor passed out the itinerary, explaining it and what was expected from each student, as well as letting the class know that the outer tables would be partnered with the inner tables, each row having four, which meant Gina and Shasta, would be partnered with the blonde and her boyfriend. The professor then dismissed them until the next class session, which was the next day, since it was a summer class.

Oh boy, six weeks of having her near and not being able to do anything. I’ll never survive. Shasta laid her head on her desk groaning, then turned to look at Gina, who was sporting a big smile on her face, and groaned some more. I will definitely never survive.

Shasta suddenly sat up straight when she heard a soft, sweet voice. “Hi, my name is Sadie and this is my boyfriend Peter. We’re your partners.” Sadie introduced them as both held out their hands.

“Hi. This is Shasta and I’m Gina, nice to meet you,” Gina responded while Shasta just nodded, though both did take the outstretched hands. Shasta shaking Peter’s first, since he was directly in front of her, then taking Sadie’s firmly as well. Feeling the warmth radiating from the skin as Sadie held her eyes with her own, Shasta released the hand before it became inappropriate. Or tried to, but Sadie held on for a few seconds more, confusing Shasta with the action though she didn’t show it.

“Well, it seems like it’s going to be a fun class,” Gina stated. “All that blood and gore. Skinning frogs and gutting them…arr.”

“Gina!” Shasta cried out laughing. “You sound just like a demented pirate!”

Gina leaned over towards Shasta with a pencil in her hand, pretending she was going to stab her, her face a comical snarl. The three classmates laughed at her antics while holding their stomachs, Shasta also holding Gina’s hand that held the pencil.

“Hey, you guys look like you’re having fun,” a voice from behind Shasta intoned as arms wrapped around her shoulders possessively.

Shasta, surprised, looked over her shoulder. “Oh. Hi, Delia, what’s up?”

“Hey…” Gina greeted, suddenly bored.

“Just came to see if you were ready to go to your next class. We could walk together,” Delia replied.

One of Shasta’s eyebrows rose as she asked, “Isn’t your next class over at the Liberal Arts building?”

“Well, yes.”

“We’re headed to the Psychology building, Delia, on the other side of campus. There’s no way you could make it back in time for your class.”

“I can still walk with you there. It’s the first day of school, anyway,” Delia responded, shrugging her shoulders.

This time both of Shasta’s eyebrows went up. “I don’t think so. We’ll catch you later.” Getting up from her seat and grabbing her backpack, she guided the other three across the room and out the door.

Once out of the room, Gina asked Sadie and Peter where they were headed and, to both her surprise and Shasta’s delight, said the Psychology building. As they walked, Peter and Gina became involved in a conversation about their favorite science fiction character. Sadie matched Shasta’s pace, neither talking until Shasta broke the silence.

“So…what are you going to be when you grow up?”

Sadie, caught off guard by the question, burst out in laughter, which for some reason made Shasta inordinately glad. “Sorry, that just sounded so funny. I want to be a teacher, elementary Phys. Ed., to be precise, with a minor in English. What about you, what are you going to be when you grow up?”

Laughing, Shasta replied, “A vampire…” The response made Sadie misstep, which, in turn, made Shasta grab her arm so she wouldn’t fall. “Sorry, just kidding. Surprisingly enough, Phys. Ed. as well, though all levels, and am going to try to drain all the energy from the students before they drain mine. And my minor is Spanish,” she added with a sheepish grin.

“Hey, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to teach at the same school.” Silence, then she continued. “Hope I’m not way out of line here, but…was that your girlfriend…back there.”

Shasta looked at Sadie and, after a moment, answered, “Um, no…though she wishes to be again.”


“She was way too possessive for my taste. She wanted me to be only with her, not visit with my friends or even talk to them - or anyone else, for that matter. I didn’t think it was right. We were only dating, not in a serious relationship. Even if we had been, I wouldn’t have liked to abandon my friends. Why couldn’t we both enjoy their company? I would have enjoyed meeting her friends.”

“I agree with you. Aside from family, our friends are our next best supporters.”

Hmm…my being a lesbian doesn’t bother her. “I haven’t seen you around campus before, are you a freshman?”

“No, Peter and I went to the community college first, then we transferred here. This is our first semester and we’re juniors. What about yourself, you a freshman?”

“No, junior also, and I can’t wait to graduate. Too much school is finally getting to me,” Shasta answered while Sadie nodded in understanding as they enter the building for their next class.

“Here we are,” Peter announced.

“You’re kidding…” Gina and Shasta say with huge grins on their faces.

“No,” he replied, both he and Sadie giving their new friends puzzled expressions at their reactions.

“Alright!” Gina exclaimed. “This is our next class as well.”

“That’s great, let’s go find our seats,” Peter states as he grabs Sadie’s hand and leads them all to the back of the room, where they manage to find four seats.

After the Psychology class, the four classmates discover they will also be together for their next and final class, Kinesiology. Shasta was happy with the fact, but also knew she was setting herself up for disappointment. Sadie would never be hers. Oh well. It’ll be nice to talk to her and get to know her. Oh, it is gonna be torture not to be able to really The semester continued with the four classmates going to classes together, often getting together after class to study. Each set of friends introduced the other to their group of friends and would regularly get together during the weekend, as well as giving each other the time needed for themselves.



The summer session ended and the fall semester began, the four friends once again having classes together, though not all due to the differing minors.

Ever since the two weeks between the semesters, Shasta had commenced dating as if it were going out of style in hopes of finding someone to help her exorcize Sadie out of her system. However, her dates were not ending the way she wanted them to end, in her date’s bed. She had tried a couple of times. But after Sadie’s image came to her mind at the most inappropriate times and all romantic feelings of the moment stopped, she didn’t try again, although she did keep dating.

She and Sadie became good friends, on quite a few occasions having gone to the mall, to a movie or out to eat whenever Peter had a class or had to work. Shasta also discovered that Sadie was a touchy-feely person, seeming to want some type of connection with the person she was with. On these occasions, when it was just the two of them, Shasta would allow her mind to fantasize that they were on a date. She knew it was a bad idea, but could not help herself. She wanted these fantasies to help her overcome the pain she knew was waiting for her once they went their separate ways.

Aside from Shasta’s failed goal and her feelings for Sadie growing day by day, their junior year went by without any major incident.


Their last year began in high spirits, especially Shasta, who felt that once graduation came and they went their separate ways she would be able to forget Sadie and move on with her life.

“Hey, girlfriend, you ready to party?”

“I’m as ready as I am every year, Gina.”

“Oh, Shas, you’re no fun,” her friend said with a mock pout.

“What do you mean ‘I’m no fun’? I go to all the parties you drag me to. And we do have fun, especially you, who has to be carried home most of the time.”

“Yeah, it’s been a ball so far,” Gina stated, laughing.

“And I just bet this year is going to be even worse in the party department.”

“But of course, Shas, it’s our final year. We have to make as many memories as possible.”

“I think I can live without memories of me falling on my drunken ass, thank you very much.”

“How about getting the girl of your dreams?” Gina asked quietly.

After a few seconds to allow the pain the question causes to seep through her system, Shasta just as quietly responds, “Ah, my friend, that’s the impossible dream.”


The first party Shasta and Gina attend is the annual Halloween costume party at their favorite lesbian bar. This year Shasta chose to dress up as Bluebeard while Gina selected to attend as Peter Pan. They agreed to meet Sadie and Peter at the party, but did not know what they would be dressed as, since their friends refused to disclose the information.

After having consumed a couple of glasses of beer and having not found their friends, they figured Sadie and Peter had decided not to attend. Shasta mingled and danced with some of the women in attendance, coming back for more than one dance with one woman who was dressed as Elvira: Mistress of Darkness. Just as Elvira, this woman’s dress fit her like a glove, enhancing each of her womanly curves and upper assets. This woman was hot! And the women asking her to dance or buying her drinks attested to Shasta’s opinion.

When the next slow dance began, Shasta walked up to the mystery woman once again, their eyes locking upon the other as she did so. Without a word or breaking eye connection Shasta held out her hand, which the woman took, and gently pulled her out to the dance floor, where she wrapped her in her arms. They danced so close to one another their bodies touched from head to knees. The mystery woman’s arms were wrapped around Shasta’s shoulders, occasionally roaming back and forth or detouring into Shasta’s hair. Shasta had one arm around her lower back and the other slowly roaming the upper back, wanting to feel all of her yet not wanting to lose the firm hold. They danced a couple of more slow songs, the feel of the beautiful woman against her body driving Shasta to distraction.

When the song ended Shasta made a move so bold her heart started to beat so hard her head began to pounce. She took the woman’s hand and pulled her along until they were in a stall in the bathroom, kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow.

Their hands roamed each other’s bodies in abandonment. The woman’s hands took purchase of Shasta’s lace-covered breasts after having pushed her against the back wall of the stall and pulled the shirt-tails out from her pants. Shasta’s hands had not been idle, either. As the woman pressed herself upon Shasta’s body, Shasta had commandeered the woman’s rear, kneading the globes through the long, black, slinky dress and finding out there were no panty lines because the woman was wearing none…not even a thong.

Just when Shasta had a second to think about slithering the dress up the woman’s legs with her fingers, the woman raised her shirt and was nibbling on her breasts through her bra as her fingers were undoing the button and zipper of her pants. She then felt the woman’s lips glide down to her rib cage as her pants and underwear were pushed down. With her pants around her ankles, the lips traveled down to her belly, down to her tuft of hair. The woman knelt before her as her hands asked for the legs to spread as far as possible.

The next thing Shasta knew was the sensation of the woman’s tongue stroking her nether area. I’m so glad I trimmed myself today, she thought as the tongue roamed her outer lips, then the inner. She bent her legs and tilted her hips a bit further to allow more access to the sensitive and pulsating area. The lips took advantage of the expanded entry, sucking the inner lips in, then releasing and then sucking them in once again, continuing this process for a while, driving Shasta higher and higher.

Shasta stood there, her arms splayed against the wall and both lips inside her mouth, biting them in hope to not to make too much noise, since she could hear people within the room wanting to use the facilities. She then felt a couple of the woman’s fingers come into play, rubbing themselves against her opening. Shasta bent her knees some more, hoping to send the message she wanted them within her. Her wish came true. The woman released Shasta’s inner lips, immediately taking Shasta’s aching bundle of nerves into her mouth as she thrust two, then three fingers into her. It was too much for Shasta. Placing one hand on the woman’s head, she fell over the edge a few seconds later. She pushed the woman’s head gently from her once the stars and bright lights diminished, helping her up and placing a firm but loving kiss upon the lips that had just finished loving her. As they kissed, Shasta lifted the woman’s dress, then broke the kiss and went swiftly to her knees, the woman’s hands going to the wall to help her stay upright. Placing one leg over her shoulder, Shasta returned the favor.

Once they were presentable once again and heading back to the bar, Shasta whispered into the woman’s ear, “Come home with me.”

The woman turned to Shasta, a sad look upon her face, gave her a scorching kiss, then despite her tight dress, was out of reach of Shasta and out the door of the establishment. Shasta stood where she was, shocked.

“Hey, girlfriend, what happened?” a voice behind her asked.

Shasta turned to find Gina standing there sporting a surprised look herself. “I have no idea.”


The rest of the school year went by with Shasta always on the lookout for the mysterious woman. Since having met Sadie, that woman had been the only one to make her feel what she felt for Sadie. But her search had been to no avail, the woman was nowhere to be found.

“Are you ready for graduation, Shasta?”

“Hey, Sadie…yeah, are you?”

“Yep, I sure am.”

“I just bet. You and Peter getting married right away or are you going to wait for a while, settle into your careers first?”

“We’ve talked about it, but haven’t decided yet. By the way, are you free the day after graduation?”

“Yep, my family is taking me out for dinner graduation day, then Gina and I will be celebrating later that evening. After that, I’m free. Why, what you got up your sleeve?”

“Well, I’m hosting a dinner to celebrate. You’re a celebrant and I’d very much like for you to be there. It’s at eight.”

“Sure, I’d love to. You need me to bring anything?”

“Nope, just you.”


Two weeks after their conversation, they were seated at the auditorium floor listening to the invited speakers wishing the graduates the best of luck in the real world. Shasta was paying attention, but her mind kept diverting itself to the Halloween party and the mystery woman, as well as its eager anticipation of dinner the next evening at Sadie’s place. Once all the guests had their opportunity in wishing the graduates luck and congratulations, the diplomas were handed out. The friends loudly cheered for each other as they received theirs. When the ceremony ended the graduates walked out of the auditorium, where family and friends were able to hug and congratulate them.

“Don’t forget dinner tomorrow,” Sadie reminded as she and Shasta embraced.

“Are you kidding? Not on your life would I forget a dinner at your place,” Shasta replied, hugging Sadie a bit tighter before releasing her.

“See you then.”


The next evening, Shasta was knocking at Sadie’s door at eight on the dot, alone, Gina not being able to attend because she said she had a date. Peter opened the door and welcomed her inside.

“Hi, Shasta, come on in.”

“Hey, Pete…I guess it’s just the three of us, Gina had a date.”

“Sorry, buddy, I’m on my way out. It’s just you and Sadie. I was called in to work, we’re shorthanded at the hospital.”

“Oh, ok. Well, you have a great evening and try not to work too hard.”

“Thanks. Sadie’s out in the backyard. You guys have fun,” Peter finished as he walked out the door.

Shasta looked around the room, seeing two plate settings upon the dining table in the dining area, two lit candles making the setting look cozy and romantic.

She walked to the sliding doors, opening them and then walking out and stumbling when she saw the vision in front of her - the woman from the bar. Only this time her face was not heavily painted, revealing Sadie’s beautiful features. Shasta shakily walked up to Sadie, hands held out before her while her mouth moved as a fish’s, though emitting nary a sound.

The look on Sadie’s face was a cross between wary and amusement. She wasn’t sure how Shasta would react to this revelation, though she hoped for very favorable results. Once Shasta was within her grasp, Sadie took her face between her hands and lowered it to where she could place a bewitching kiss upon the lips she had been missing for months.

Of their own accord, Shasta’s arms wrapped themselves around the body they had been craving to hold for almost two years. Yet was the familiar body they had held only a few months before and terribly missed. Shasta’s mind came to realization, making her break the kiss before she was ready and holding Sadie at arm’s length, hoping this would keep her from kissing her again.

“Sadie, what’s going on, why the deception and what about Peter?!”

“Um…Peter’s my cousin?”

“WHAT? Your cousin!”

“Please, Shasta, calm down. I will explain everything,” Sadie implored.

“Yes. I think you better. Oh my aching head,” Shasta said as she sat on one of the chairs against the wall, placing her elbows on her knees and rubbing her eyes.

Sadie went into the house, returning shortly. “Here, here are a couple of aspirins and some water.”

Shasta gladly took possession of the items, her head was pounding. She could not believe what was happening or that it had been Sadie in that bathroom with her. She audibly moaned, her loins doing the Samba just thinking about that night. Thinking about Sadie in this outfit she now wore…and on her knees before her. She groaned.

“Shasta, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. You were about to explain what the heck is going on…”

Sadie gave her an ‘I don’t believe you’re fine’ look, but let her get away with it - this time.

“Yes, well, as I said, Peter and I are cousins. When we decided to transfer to the university, we also decided to use each other as cover…to keep ourselves in line.” She looked at Shasta to see her reaction. Shasta lifted one eyebrow as she gave a nod for her to continue. “You see, when we were at the community college, we were the ultimate party animals. We dated anyone that caught our eye, went to just about all the parties we were invited to or hung out at the bars. We became so unfocused in our goals that we almost got ourselves kicked out of school. So to get out of the environment where everyone knew us as party goers, we transferred here. Make a fresh start. No dating, a party or two during the year and a lot of studying.” She stopped to take a drink of water.

“When we met two years ago, I thought you were cute.” Shasta harrumphed at this statement. “Well, it’s true. I did think you were cute, but I also thought you safe.” With this statement both of Shasta’s eyebrows flew to her hairline as Sadie continued. “Boy was I wrong. By the end of the summer and I got to know you and knew I was in big trouble. You weren’t just cute, but also sweet, unpretentious, caring and you have a very big, beautiful heart. By the end of that summer…I had fallen for you.”

Not only were Shasta’s eyebrows up, her jaw was, figuratively, dragging on the floor.

“I fell in love with your heart. Falling in love with the rest of you was a bonus. You’re beautiful, Shasta, both inside and out. I also knew that if I acted upon what I was feeling, hoping there was a remote chance you might feel the same, we’d never graduate…at least, I wouldn’t. So I kept silent. Your dating all those women was driving me insane! I…um…I prayed that you wouldn’t fall for whoever you were dating at the time. When Halloween was nearing, I decided I wanted you for a night, even if it was just a short time. Graduation was getting closer and I wanted at least one night with you. And I also wanted to know if anything was possible between us. Wow! My imagination for our meeting that night really fell short, let me tell you. I’ve been dreaming of that night and of being with you again. Please forgive my deception. It was not meant to be malicious, just precautionary where my studies were concerned. I also ask, if you will, to allow me to prove my love for you as well as the chance to win your love and heart.”

After taking a moment to process all that Sadie had said, Shasta pronounced, “I’m sorry, Sadie, I can’t do that.” Seeing Sadie’s crestfallen look, she continued, “You took possession of my love, heart and soul the first time I laid my eyes on you.”

Sadie immediately pounced on Shasta after her declaration, almost toppling them from the chair, taking a proprietary hold on the lips she had missed these many months. After a period of loving kisses, which rapidly turned lustful, they walked inside the house and into Sadie’s bedroom, where they spent the night and many other days happily proving their love for each other.

The End


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